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Learning the Importance of Formalities

Good Morning My Beautiful People!!!

As always, I hope everything is going in your favor.

Well today I was thinking; “What should the topic be today?” I figured I’d write a little on the different challenges I’m facing starting my own business. I have to be honest, I didn’t think this day was gonna come. Technically I’m still working on making it a reality.Legal Formalities for the Formation of a Company

I can’t begin to tell you how happy it feels to be doing something I enjoy so much!! Even though I enjoy creating soap there are some things I don’t enjoy, now that I’m starting a real business; and that’s all the legal things that come along with it. You have to make sure that you are completely covered just incase someone tries to come for your throat.

The other thing is coming up with a name. I currently have a name; it’s Heavenly Scents by Shadrieka. I’m going through the process of changing it because 1.) it’s too long & 2.) A lot of business’ have the name Heavenly Scents. Also I’m sure because that name is so widely used I would get lost in the shuffle because Heavenly Scents is such a popular name.

If you have any pointers on the next steps I should take or want to share any of your experiences with starting your own business; Please leave a comment. 

Also if there’s something you can do well and get paid for it, do it! STOP MAKING EXCUSES!! There is no better time than the present. If you keep waiting you may loose your chance. Stop waiting and start doing. Make those dreams come true. Life is filled with road blocks. It’s your job to either burst through them or pave your own way. But never allow a person, situation, or circumstance to dictate the things you’re capable of accomplishing!!


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As Always

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Never Settle

Hope you’re having a successful Sunday!!!!

Question of the day: Why is it necessary to give your all?

That question comes to mind because as far back as I can remember every woman around me has always been expected to give their all to the man they’re with. Why?

Many times these men don’t seem to do nearly as much or give as much as the woman they’re with. It’s like you keep giving and giving until you have nothing left for yourself. Now a days they say; “Take care of you before you think of taking care of someone else.” I’m happy that’s something that’s stressed now, because it wasnt back then.

When I was growing up; hell even now women are taught to cater to their man or another woman will. I mean really what kind of s*** is that?! So you’re telling me if there’s some nasty perverted thing he wants to do and I don’t, he has the right to cheat on me?…. I think not!

If you’re with a man that thinks like that it’s time for you to throw away the whole man Honey. What’s the use of trying to make it work? Clearly if you feel differently than he does about the situation; his view on it is never gonna change…. unless he loves you and is willing to do without.

But to all my women making it who realize they’re the prize, keep doing you. The right man in time will find you. Just keep your head up and never settle for less.


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Stir Crazy

There isn’t much to write about except the infamous COVID-19. It seems to be the only thing of concern.

But I ask you do you believe what we’re getting sick from is a virus or radiation poisoning? I still have to do my research, but the video that came my way made me think.

The video I’m talking about was one concerning the G5 towers and the high amounts of radiation poisoning it gives of. Below is a link to a video depicting the effects of the G5 towers.

Tell me if you believe this could be the source of our current situation.


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Intuitive Empath

Good Morning!!!

Image result for intuitive empathI don’t know if you heard this while you were growing up, “With age comes wisdom”. That has never been more true for me than now. Growing up I always believed people will treat you the way you treat them. As a result of that I became someone that learned to go with the flow. I’ve been told that is a good thing, but for me it hasn’t been. True it has gotten me out of a lot of situations unscathed, but it has also gotten me in some things I could have done without. Things like one sided relationships and friendships.

Many times people are able to see I’m a very inviting kindhearted person because of my actions and concerns for others. A lot of times I care for other people 10x more than I care for myself. When I was younger, even up until recently I saw that as a flaw, because I would always get taken advantage of. My concern was, I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings because I know how that feels. I always wanted to make others feel heard, loved, appreciated and happy. I guess the need for that is I wanted other people to provide those things for me.

The sad thing is, I realized and continue to realize that no matter how much I give of myself, people are not going to pour into me like I pour into them. Me expecting that to happen is like expecting someone to drop a million dollars in my lap. Truth be told, I think the million would be easier to get.

I’m sure other people have dealt with giving and giving and giving, just for others to continue to come up short. I guess that’s just the life of an intuitive empath. Not sure if you know what that is or if you even believe it’s a thing. For me it is a major thing to me. It helps me to understand myself that much more. Why I like certain things and why I feel certain energize from things, places, people, wild life; you name it I feel it.

But if you believe you may possess this gift have a little and take this test to find out if you’re like me an empath.


Just know, you’re not going through life alone. There’s always someone who can relate to the trials and tribulations you’re going through. Sometimes you just have to branch out and find like minded people. Also learn not to wallow in your pain or discomfort. Allow yourself to feel the emotion then move on. You don’t thrive when you’re constantly fixated on the things that are going wrong. Things only begin to change when you put forth effort and keep a positive mind set. So if you want to live abundantly, you’re going to have to leave that negative Nancy mentality behind.

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Medicinal Daily Dose

 Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.


Looking for ways to stay healthy through this health scare?


Healthy Eating

Image result for vegetarian

There are things you can do to make your immune system stronger. Exercise, and keeping your hands clean have been two main things I’ve been hearing over and over again. But there are other things you could do in this time of stillness. What you should do is take time to read about different herbs, fruits, and veggies that have the ability to potentially save your life.

Image result for herbsSome of us know this, but many of us have not taken the time to realize just how powerful our immune system could be once given the right sustenance. People who are real vegetarians understand they have to do way more then eat healthy some times or most of the time; they have to do it all the time.

To be honest I know living a lifestyle like this is a stretch for a lot of us, myself included. But it is something we should strive for. Just thinking about all the benefits of eating healthy makes me happy and motivated to do better. There are so many things that come with eating better.

Below are some of the benefits I know of first hand.

  • Energy all day long
  • Healthy more stable mental state
  • Weight lose
  • frequent bowel movements
  • Positive emotional state


Aside from the things I’ve listed, I’ve also heard eating this way 100% of the time has the ability to cure life threating illness’. I believe this to be true. The only thing about this is so many of us are food addicts that it would be extremely difficult to eat only what has grown from the ground for the rest of our lives. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, I’m only saying it would taking a lot of determination to put down everything manufactured and grow your own food.

Environmental Changes


This one is simple in theory, but is not so simple for those of use who do not have the means to have a choice.

A lot of use know that it would be better for the planet if we did away with all unnatural substances like plastic; This is one material that is causing the deterioration of the Earth. Many of us don’t think about it, because we feel like what we’re doing isn’t on a catastrophic level. Just imagine how much damage is being done when there’s over 5 billion people doing the same thing. It’s kind of scary when you think about it.

They say we have a few years before we really start to see the affects of our carelessness. I believe that it’ll start showing its self long before we begin to expect it.

But to avoid that from happening, wouldn’t you like to take a step in the right direction today?

Remember everything you do affects everyone and everything. You are never alone, no matter how much you feel you are. We are all one.

Also if you need soap or a great book to read  I have both. They are listed below

Loyalty, Love, Lies & Betrayal


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Shopify Store Coming Soon!!!!

Good Morning,

Hope everyone woke up happy and healthy this morning.

I wanted to speak about something other than the coronavirus. Although I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, I’m going to keep them to myself, for now.

Well as you know I opened an Etsy shop not to long ago. I thought at the time that was the best way to go, but it has proven to be uneventful. Mainly because all the fees that come with the platform. I know they have to pay bills too. But damn! I need to get some kind of return on investment.

I just felt like I was putting in too much work for them to be benefitting like a fat rat. I mean that may be how business works for many other people. But I’ve decided I can not do all of that and receive peons!!! So I’ve decided to move to another platform; Shopify. You know, do my on thing. I know there are going to be taxes at the end of the year, but at least I have the chance to see the profit.

Ya’ll wish me luck!!

I have never wanted something so bad and felt so close but yet so far at the same time. I know with time things will begin to work in my favor, I just have to stick with it.

The shop isn’t currently ready. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to provide an announcement when it is.

if you didn’t know, I sale handmade soaps. Many are made with essential oils and others are made with fragrances. None of the soaps are made with any type of animal bi-product. All soaps are made with natural oils such as unrefined coconut oil or premium olive oil, along with other natural oils.

As I stated on my shops front page, every bath or shower taken with a soap from Heavenly Scents is an experience. Don’t believe me? Try one.

Ever since I began making soap, it has been the only soap I’ve used. As a result of that I am constantly being told how soft my skin is and how good I smell. Sometimes people don’t even have to say anything, you can tell by how often they try to invade your personal space; which is often.

I’m not saying the smell lasts all day, but it will linger for an hour or more.

I’m hoping you will give it a try. I guarantee you will absolutely love this soap once you’ve tried it.

Don’t be a stranger. If you would like to see what I have going on checkout all of my socials. All links at the top of the blog.

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Social Anxiety!!!!

Hey everyone. Hope you’re having a lovely productive day.

My topic if choice today is social anxiety. I chose this topic because it is something I battle with on a day to day basis. I can’t say that I have been medically diagnosed, but I’m sure that is what this is.

Everyday I dread going outside of my house. Not because I hate going outside, because I love nature. I’m just not a fan of meeting and speaking to new people. Don’t get me wrong I would love to expand the number of friends I have. I just become very frustrated, flustered and uncomfortable when meeting new people.

I wish socializing came easy to me like breathing, but it doesn’t. My mind is constantly filled with negative thoughts of how my interaction with the next person is going to play out.

It’s not as if I’m asking them to do something. That is definitely not the case. It’s more of wanting them to except and love me for who I am.

I never understood it, but I always have strived for approval of every person that has ever entered my life; from my Mom all the way done to the cashier at the grocery store. I know that no one has a great relationship with everyone they every met. If they do it’s usually because they are not being true to themselves, in most cases.

So at the current moment I’m working on me and taking steps to having a better quality of life.

Who has felt like this?

If you have, it would be nice to know I’m not alone.

As always

Also if you’re interested in trying a soap that is going to leave you feeling rejuvenated visit soapsbyshad.etsy.com

Soapsbyshad.etsy. com

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Looking to relax?

Hey good people!!!

I hope every day feels like a blessing and all of your dreams are coming true or will eventually.


As I’ve stated many time before, I have started somewhat of a soap company. Well that is what you can consider it for the time being, because soap is the only thing I sale at the current time.

Getting this business of the ground won’t be easy, but I’m completely up for the challenge. I have to say I believe in my brand because all the products I use are beneficial to the skin and the health of the over all body. Give it a try.

This soap is not the typical soap you get from a grocery store. No, not at all. The soaps I make are capable of helping you physically or mentally. It all depends on which soaps you choose to purchase.

Soaps in my Etsy Story

Pictured above are Army Fatigue, Spearwood, and Ancient Egyptian a.k.a Ancient Rain b.k.a Egyptian Rain.

Benefits of Army Fatigue– Was mad with Coconut oil Olive oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, and many other oils that benefit the skin and the health of the body.
If you’re interested to find out the exact ingredients check them out at SoapsbyShad.etsy.com
Eucalyptus – Heals wounds, Removes mental exhaustion, treats fever, removes intestinal germs, relieves inflammation, treats joint pain & soothes tired and sore muscles.

Each soap carries very different but specific healing or soothing qualities. If you are interest or know someone who is please make sure to share this post with anyone who may be interested.

SoapsbyShad.ETSY.com is the link if you’re interested. At this time, FREE Shipping for anything $35 or more.

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5 Tips to change your habits for the better

Image result for change habits

Good Morning!!!!!!!!

Todays post is going to be about being comfortable in your own space. 

Recently I was watching a show, I believe it’s called family reunion. Well anyway, this episode was about being happy with who you are. I believe there are a lot of us who aren’t completely happy with who we are. We’re always trying to get better, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to appreciate who you are because who you are is what’s allowing you to think bigger and expound on your personal development.

There have and are still many times I have to remind myself of this same thing. If you’re not careful wanting to alter who you are can become an obsession, that has the ability to lead to a state of depression. That’s if you don’t do anything about it.

That’s one of the main reason we are told to make small changes to achieve our goals, no matter what that goal is. What’s going to happen if you change your habits to fast, it’s going to start to feel forced and unmotivating. Then you’re going to become frustrated because the changes aren’t happening fast enough. So take your time and it will happen eventually.

5 Tips to change your habits for the better

  1. Start slow– This is not a race. The quicker you make the process, the faster you fail.
  2. Consistency– In order for there to be any change, you’re going to have to be consistent and intentional about your change for the better.
  3. Focus– This is needed to make any kind of change. You loose focus, you loose your motivation. To avoid this from happening take time out of every day to focus on why that one thing is important to you. This will motivate you to keep going.
  4. Set Goals & milestones– This will help you to stay motivated for the long run. And other than just feeling good about your accomplishments, you’ll be proud of yourself because you manage to stick with it.
  5. Rewards– This gives you an incentive to accomplish your goals other than the end result. Being rewarded for doing something has always made the task at hand a little easier, because you knew you were getting something for your hard work. It’s one of the biggest motivators.

Final Thought 

If there is something you want to do, but you’re like me (easily unmotivated) you have to find a system that works. This is one I believe will. I’m gonna try it out and let you know what happened. I suggest you try it also. I would love to know what happened.

I hope you all have a beautiful blessed day.

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Hey Good People!!!


I know it’s been a while since I’ve last made a post. Reason for that is I am trying to get a brand and company off of the ground. I’m not sure if you remember a couple of posts ago. I was talking about getting into skin care. Well I kind of have. Everything isn’t really set into motion yet. Well… on my part it kind of is.

It took me forever to find something that was worth my time and I think that I have found something other than writing that I enjoy doing; and that thing is making soap!!! I never thought that I would enjoy it so much, but I really do! So because I enjoy making it so much I’ve started to sell it!! The only thing now is getting buyers. I know that this is going to be the hardest task, because people don’t trust just anyone or thing being sold over the internet. It’s a precaution and good thing for them, but it’s terrible for me. Because I back my product 100%!!!

Every oil that goes into each bar of soap is meant to only increase the health of your skin. I use things like organic virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, canola oil, Shea Butter and a list of other things that have been proven to be good for the skin and your over all health. I also am a big consumer of essential oils. Some of the soaps are scented by fragrances, but many are by essential oils. Because I don’t know about you, but I want to be enveloped in something I know is going to benefit me in the long run.  

Through out this post are pictures of different soaps I have created over the months. Some are in my Etsy shop (SoapsByShad.Etsy.com) and others are soaps that are soon to be displayed. If you are interested, please make sure to click the link and you’ll be taken to my shop.

Also if you want to leave a comment or just want to communicate somewhere other than on my blog I also have other social medias

They are:

Facebook: HeavenlyScentsbyShadrieka or L.O.W.W which is also on Facebook. Which stands for Love of the Written Word.

Instagram: heavenly_cents

Also it would be extremely appreciated if you would pass the word along. You will not regret it.