The fun is in the details

Good morning, everyone!!!! I hope life is and continues to be prosperous for you. Recently things have started to look up for me. I’m actually starting to have some form of a life. There are things that I have realized I like. Matter of fact I’m smiling ear to ear just thinking of the fun … Read moreThe fun is in the details



Want to do more, but it feels physically impossible. When I have you reminding me every second of every minute, that you’re here. Why are you here again? Oh yeah, because Eve took a bit out of that damn apple! She did it. It wasn’t me! Now because of her every 28 to 30 days … Read moreCramps

Ride or Die

There is a concept that many women have been introduced to over the years, and that is being a ride or die for the man their with.   To be honest I fell into the trap of thinking that was the way to be. But as you grow up a light goes off, and you … Read moreRide or Die

Fall down 9 stand up 10

Good Morning!   Hope everyone is doing well.   As I’m sure you know, if you’ve been on this blog before; I always have a way of taking things from my life and making them applicable to you all, well at least I try to. This time is no different. I took time to look … Read moreFall down 9 stand up 10


Healthy is a life style….   The first thing a lot of people think of when I say ‘Healthy is a lifestyle’ is their food intake. Although that is one aspect of healthy living it isn’t the only one. Healthy living consists of having great influential people in your life, positive thinking, being excited to … Read moreAdulting

Starting a business..

Good morning!!! Hope all is well….. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I know life isn’t supposed to be this hard?” If you haven’t, I know you’re life is going a whole lot better than mine. But for the people who have thought this to themselves, I would say drastically change you circumstances. One great … Read moreStarting a business..

The story of Us

We had been fighting for months. Me trying to make things right, him pulling away. It seemed that this cycle was never going to end. All I wanted is for things to go back to the way they use to be; but I knew they wouldn’t because he didn’t want them to. Part of me … Read moreThe story of Us

Who Should Pay?

In this day and age it seems there’s a power struggle going on between men and women. A lot of men and women want to be taken care of, but at the same time want to have say so over their relationships. My view on the whole thing; everyone’s’ needs can be met if we’re … Read moreWho Should Pay?

Is sex the glue?

Often times we go through relationships, not realizing  sex is a key factor. But what if you’re with someone and all they do is want sex from you without putting in the work? Is it still your obligation to engage in sexual activity with this person? Or is it important to stay connected mentally so … Read moreIs sex the glue?

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