Where I’ve been 

What I’ve noticed when it comes to writing is it is hard to do when you don’t have any time or energy to be creative.  These last couple if weeks have been hard for me to do my weekly writing sorry for that. I just haven’t had the mental energy to write. I hate that … Read moreWhere I’ve been 

Pieces To A Puzzle

Trying to be something other than the norm is a struggle. It seems like the harder you try the more you are fighting to blow that cap off of everyone’s perception of normal. If there was anyway that some of us could become something more than what we are with out a struggle I believe … Read morePieces To A Puzzle

HSPs’ Is this you?? 

Being a HSP (highly sensitive person) has its ups and downs.  I sometimes  hate the fact that I am so sensitive because situations and people get to me a lot easier than I would like.  By being such a sensitive person I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. That can be a good … Read moreHSPs’ Is this you?? 

Know your worth

When did it become acceptable for men to insist that their woman let them have more than one woman?  I could understand if they both were getting something out of the situation, but that isn’t the case most times.  The reason that is, is do to the man of the relationship wanting his cake and … Read moreKnow your worth

Burdened Urban

Why is it when you go into a lower income”urban” area you see at least 2 or 3 cop cars while your just passing through?!   I’m sure that if you were to pass through a wealthier less diverse suburban area the amount of law enforcement would be scarce.  I remember days in my neighborhood … Read moreBurdened Urban

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