Unfortunate Misfortune

  I wonder if people take the time to think? Most times it seems like people act without thinking. If more people tuned into what they know is right and stop doing things to get a rise out of people this world would be so much better than what it is . There are to … Read moreUnfortunate Misfortune

Looking In The Mirror

Do I have to apologize for the way you made me feel?…. Shouldn’t it be you giving me the apology? That is what anyone with common sense would believe. But you, your to into yourself to realize what your doing and have been doing. There seems to be no end to your destruction. I often … Read moreLooking In The Mirror

Living Fearlessly

I always wondered, ‘Why is it most of us don’t go after what we really want in life?’ I think  it has a lot to do with feeling limited. I may be wrong  but it just feels like limitations are the culprit. We shouldn’t feel limited but society has a good way of making you … Read moreLiving Fearlessly

Perms….. Safe or Unsafe?

Relaxer- A relaxer is a chemical treatment designed to permanently alter the hair’s natural texture into a straightened state. A lye-based relaxer contains the active ingredient sodium hydroxide ( a chemical also found in drain cleaner). A no-lye relaxer contains potassium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. Relaxers straighten curly hair by breaking down the bonds in the hair … Read morePerms….. Safe or Unsafe?

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