Go the Extra Mile

Have you ever known you could do something better with your life? Or You work hard with your head down because you don’t want to be noticed; but you want the recognition?

This seems to be true about a lot of us. I’m not going to speak about anyone else’s experience except for mine, because I know what I’ve dealt with. Just like I’m sure you know what you are or have dealt with. So many times we put ourselves in the way to be taken advantage of; whether that be financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, or all of the above. Many times we do this because we are afraid of being uncomfortable in the spot light. That is one of the reasons I believe many of us don’t want to have our own business’.  Because we only want to be praised for the good, or, we don’t want to risk failing, or we’re lazy, or we don’t believe we can do it. What I say to that is: “How are you going to find out if you don’t try? There are endless possibilities to life. The first one starts with you. Know that. The more you are conscious of your part in your own life, the better it begins to be.