Freaky F***ing Friday

*Must Be 18 or Older*

This section of the blog will be where all your wildest fantasies have the opportunity to come true. Who knows,…. you may learn a thing or two.

Below is a sample of what’s to come.


Your hands are touching me in ways that are foreign to me. All I can think is who is this man that knows my body so well. You reach your hands to grab my hair. Not knowing that hair pulling instantly gets me wet. How are you so in tune with me physically? Its as if we have known each other forever; instead of only a few moments. The way you’re sliding in and out of me, feels so good. I’m about to Aah!! .. Aaaah!!…. explode. You feel me, I’m on the edge and you are too.

I can no longer be reserved in the way you are seducing me, with your slow steady caresses and the power you possess in every stroke of your hips . Grinding slowly and passionately in and out, in and out of me. Feeling the girth of your swollen manhood brings me closer and closer to the brink of, Awwww !!!! ……….. Exploding.

I’m sure you already know. 

What movie did the above image come from?