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We except gifts from our significant others, when we know they’ve done wrong. Reason being, we want to forget it just as much as you want us to.
Even though you want to forget it, you can’t give in so easily, make that ass work! Don’t lay down and take it, because it’ll be done again and again and again.





It’s something so much of us crave for… We want it so badly that most of us will endure so much ill treatment just to get it. Well… that is a false notion many have; many of us believe any attention shown is a form of love, when that isn’t the case. I know women and men now, who believe because their significant others coming home every night means they love them and only want them.

There are 24 hours in a day honey; if he or she wanted to cheat on you they’re going to cheat on you. Forget them coming home to you at the end of the day. Like we all know, we always, even if we don’t have the time, we’ll find the time to do that thing we really want to do. Just in this case, that thing is a another person.

Another thing; wearing rose colored glasses, believing this person is all that and then some, because they’ve been nice or taken you a couple of places. Especially if you’ve only been dating them for a couple of months. As I’ve found out, it fades. Not saying that everyone is like this, because I’m sure there are people out here who love going to new and exciting places. I just didn’t end up with one of them. That’s why I always say take your time getting to know someone before you let them into all of your business (Women especially). Once you say too much, it can’t be taken back. They heard what they heard and you said what you said. 

The reason it’s important not to say too much; people have a tendency to use your words against you. At the time you could just want to share something personal, because you want to feel more connected with them….. I get it….. But, DON’T! You don’t want all your ex’s to know all your secrets…… Right?

Well back to the topic at hand…. LOVE

A four letter word that when experienced is filled with so much emotion. Without it, many of us feel lost and alone. A lot of us would allow ourselves to be manipulated, beaten, and taken advantage of just to have someone to say they love us. 

For many of centuries women and possibly some men have gone through the really horrific side of “love”. Being made to feel they’re less than because they’ve decided to be vulnerable, or because they’re mate was the provider. To anyone who finds themselves in a relationship like that, I take my hate off to you. I don’t believe I could ever deal with that type of mistreatment. It takes a lot of strength to be in a situation like that. I know we like to say: “He’s weak or she’s weak for staying with them”, but that’s strength. Strength you could be using for something much better than getting disrespected, ignored, or beaten. 

Inconclusion, love from another may come with time. But the only love that matters is the love you give and receive from yourself.


As Always….. 


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Watch “Beware!!!” on YouTube

There are people who come into your life who make you feel like they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Then when you get to know them you start to think it’s more like sour milk.

I’m sure if you’ve been in more than one relationship, you’ve noticed people can be cruel. That’s something I have tried to refuse to believe, but the longer I’m on this earth I realize that it’s not something I can ignore.

What I’ve come to realize is there are going to be people who show you that they can “act” one way, but after your guard is down that’s when they begin to show you who they truly are. I swear it seems like I’ve come across every type of asshole there is! I guess you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Please don’t feel like what I’m saying is bashing anyone in any way. I just really wanted to talk about what’s going on with me. I don’t know if you know; but I use this site as a diary. Somewhere I can jot down the way I’m feeling or what I’m going through at the current time. In many ways this blog has been my life saver, and I’m so grateful for it. There are people out here who don’t know how to express what they’re going through. That’s why I’m so grateful to places like WordPress, YouTube, and Snapchat for providing places people can express themselves.
There are times you just don’t know what to do. Then there are times you know what to do, but you’re not trying to get landed in jail (Lol). Sometimes those emotions hit you so hard that’s all you wanna do is act on them. Then you remember, “Damn! I can’t do that…. I’m not trying to be Big Bertha’s b****”.
Seriously though, if you have someone in your life that is bringing you to that negative head space, you’re going to have to try to find a way to get away from that person; because their negative energy is going to continue to put you in a funk. I don’t know about you; but I’m not trying to be sucking up those toxic vibes.

Love ya’ll always!!! Have a blessed day!!!