The only way to go is Up

The way my life turned out is not the way I ever imagined it. I thought life was a lot easier than it actually is. I thought as long as you wanted it, it was yours for the taking. It is in a sense, but you have to prove that you want it. It's not… Continue reading The only way to go is Up

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Summer Time

What's up Everyone?! I hope life is treating you kind. As most of you may already know, I work for a school. Have been with the school district for a good amount of time. I've been faced with a dilemma. Which is; Am I going to be returning next year? I've been teetering on the… Continue reading Summer Time

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Trust You

Good Morning!!! Hope everyone is well. At the current moment there are so many things going through my mind. To be honest I do this to myself. Things could be so much easier if I just trusted myself. Over the years there have been so many things I wanted to try; but didn't go all… Continue reading Trust You

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Anti-Social People Person

What's up? How are ya'll doing today? I'm sure you're looking at the title and you're like, " Does that even make any sense?" To be honest, I wouldn't have known anything like this existed if it wasn't me going through it. It's not fun, let me tell you that. It's like I love and… Continue reading Anti-Social People Person

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Feeling Enlightened

Hey everyone!!! I hope you're having a great day, year, life;all that good stuff. I thought I would leave you all some inspirational words. Sometime we need words of affirmation and inspiration to help us through. Often times we are ripping and running so much we don't take the time for ourselves to know what… Continue reading Feeling Enlightened

Short stories

Do what you want always. This sounds simple enough, right?... Well, this is a simple statement but is only obtainable when you're completely comfortable with who you are. I believe this is so hard for a lot of us because many of us have become shells of ourselves. Too often we let the outside world… Continue reading

Short stories

First Day Back

Getting ready trying to keep the over thinker at bay. To remind you guys, I haven't been at work since March. For some this may not seem like a big deal. For me though it's the biggest hump I'm gonna have to get over; especially because my seclusion which became my normal is not gonna… Continue reading First Day Back

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Never Settle

Hope you're having a successful Sunday!!!! Question of the day: Why is it necessary to give your all? That question comes to mind because as far back as I can remember every woman around me has always been expected to give their all to the man they're with. Why? Many times these men don't seem… Continue reading Never Settle

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Authentic Living

Good Morning!!!!! There are a lot of things I could chose to write about; Covid-19 (I'm sure we're all tired of hearing about that, I know I am), love or the lack of it, My Ex getting on my last damn nerve! (That one came in a really close second). But I'm not going to… Continue reading Authentic Living