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Blessed is that person who realizes their own potential and does something with it.

Many of us have talents others would kill for; and do nothing with it because they have lost that ambition along the way.

Don’t ever feel like you have nothing to offer the world. Even when you think all hope is lost, there is still something you can bring to the table. There are no throwaway people, just people who don’t share the same interest or values you may.

Always know you are valuable, and you deserve a seat at any table you set your mind too.

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Coming To A Site Near You

See the source image Ahhhh!!!!!! I can’t believe it! My book is going to be out very, very soon! I can’t believe the day is quickly approaching. I will be a published author, ya’ll! I knew this day was gonna come eventually, I just didn’t know it would be so exciting!! I’m finally getting my work out there for other people to see. It’s been a long time coming. I’m so happy that I’ve found my direction. I always knew I wanted to do something with writing, I just wasn’t sure what that something was gonna be and now I know. It’s an amazing feeling, realizing you’ve found your calling. I just hope that this book sales and I’m able to write full time. That has always been my dream. Soon I hope to make it a reality.



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