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Good Morning!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I have to say, I’m feeling GREAT!!!! There are so many things I want to do. But when is there not so many things I want to do. The great thing about me feeling this way is, it lets me know I’m back to myself. Something I’ve been praying for, for a while.

Now that I’m back to myself I need to make somethings shake. The problem is with me; I want to do so many things, but I don’t know the actions to take to bring them alive. Over the years there have been so many things I’ve started. Things like a soap business with Grade A soap. The only thing I have No clue how to market it. I definitely know how to spend the money to create it though. Then there’s the book I published Loyalty Love Lies & Betrayal. I published that almost 2 years ago, but the sales are nothing to write home about. Then there’s my podcast Elevated Living and my YouTube channel Lulus Lavish Lathers.  These two are also things I could be working on to generate money. But to be honest all I really know how to do is start things. I never seem to have the focus or motivation it takes to keep it going. But I have a strong feeling that is going to change. Mainly because I really do not want to work for anyone anymore.

The reason I haven’t made it in any of the things I’ve tried yet is….. FEAR. Fear of being in the forefront. You know how you want to be well of but not famous? That’s me. I want the payoff from it, I just don’t want the attention that comes with it. But the longer I sit with this and let life pass me by it becomes more apparent being in the forefront is exactly what I need to do.

My apologies for the short post. But currently this is the only thing on my mine. If this happens to be something you’re also dealing with, maybe we can figure this road block out together.

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Have you ever just wanted to be free??….

You know, the type of freedom that we should have been born into. I know we aren’t slaves, because we get paid for our services in one way or the other, but in many ways working for someone else getting paid way less than you deserve and being okay with that, not believing that you deserve more and not understanding that there is another way of life; your mind in that case is enslaved by the metrics of this system.

I know we all have to work to make ends meet, but the one thing you can never forget is there is a greater purpose for you to be on this earth other than giving your youth, years, essences, and everything you possess to make someone else’s establishment that much greater. Although many employers won’t let you know this; people who put their job before everything are the ones they tend to keep at basic level; this is do to them understanding that the little people who are willing to do what’s necessary are the ones who contribute the most. Many times these are the same people that they tend to keep at entry level because they feel they’ll be more of a benefit to that company in their current position.

Image result for freedom entrepreneurThe people who are usually bumped up are those that are unapologetically themselves, and are not going to break their backs to make someone else look good.

That’s why it is imperative to create something for yourself. If you’re giving all this time and energy to someone else’s dream, you can devote the time you’re not there to something you love and can begin to make a profit off of.

Just an F.Y.I there is going to be risk in anything you do. So you might as well go big or go home. The greatest benefit is your freedom. Who doesn’t want that?

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Looking for a book that will keep you highly entertained, with it’s drama and love triangles Loyalty, love, lies, and Betrayal is the book for you.

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Bettering Me

Good Morning,

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Hope all is well…. As I stated before I will be starting a skincare business. It’s in the works. I’ve been trying to figure out what I was going to market for the longest time. I have a book out here and also a t-shirt store, but that isn’t where my passion lies. I’m thinking this next venture is going to be the one I stick to. It seems like it could eventually become something I love doing; and that is all I want. It seems like you’re more inclined to work when it doesn’t feel like work. I’m sure that’s what we all are striving for.

As far as the process, I’m still looking for a name and logo. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something this weekend. That’ll be the time I can actually sit still and think of something creative. My only problem now is buying all the supplies. When I first decided to do this I had no clue that it was going to be such an expensive start up. But if you don’t try you won’t succeed.

So as I always say; If you have something you’ve been wanting to do that will release you from the chains of working just to get paid, do it. It’s going to be hard at first but the feeling you get from having control over your finances (knowing you set the tone for how much you get paid) is priceless.

              As Always, I thank you for taking time to read this post. Also if this inspired you it might inspire someone else so please pass this around and help this blog to grow and be great.

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Check this out at


I’m finally a published author y’all!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I thought this day would never come!!!

I didn’t realize how hard it was gonna be to let one of my babies go free out into the world. I’m still a little uneasy about it. But, I’m happy that you all will finally get a chance to read one of them in it’s entirety.

As always….

LOYALTY: Love, Lies, and Betrayal