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Credit= A game? or Debt?

Good Morning!! These last couple of weeks have not been the best. But with God's help they will get better. There isn't a lot that I've been focused on. It's really only been one thing I've been focused on for the past... almost 3 weeks now; and that is getting another car. The problem is… Continue reading Credit= A game? or Debt?

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LuLu’s Lavish Lathers

Good Morning All!!! I know there's a lot going on in the world. But through it all, I hope you manage to find a way to smile. Granted it's very easy to lose sight of the great things that happen everyday. For what ever reason, it seems like the bad always overshadows the good. For… Continue reading LuLu’s Lavish Lathers

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Shopify Store Coming Soon!!!!

Good Morning, Hope everyone woke up happy and healthy this morning. I wanted to speak about something other than the coronavirus. Although I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, I'm going to keep them to myself, for now. Well as you know I opened an Etsy shop not to long ago. I thought… Continue reading Shopify Store Coming Soon!!!!

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Ride or Die

There is a concept that many women have been introduced to over the years, and that is being a ride or die for the man their with.   To be honest I fell into the trap of thinking that was the way to be. But as you grow up a light goes off, and you… Continue reading Ride or Die

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Healthy is a life style....   The first thing a lot of people think of when I say 'Healthy is a lifestyle' is their food intake. Although that is one aspect of healthy living it isn't the only one. Healthy living consists of having great influential people in your life, positive thinking, being excited to… Continue reading Adulting