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As I’m sure you know, if you’ve been on this blog before; I always have a way of taking things from my life and making them applicable to you all, well at least I try to. This time is no different.

I took time to look at myself and really evaluate what I wanted from this point forth. I realized I don’t want the typical things women my age would want. Like being or getting married and two or more children with a pet or two. You see, I took a different route. I tried getting a husband in  hopes of starting a family when I was 18 leading up to recently. When in reality I should have been focusing on my career. Thinking that I would have the chance to better myself while I was with my husband and had my many kids, but that’s not the way things worked out.

I found out life is a whole lot harder than what grown ups back then made it look like. There aren’t abundant amounts of chances given to every and anyone. You have to take what you want, you can’t wait for someone to give it to you; you’ll be waiting forever if you think that’s gonna happen.

In short life is a beast and sometimes you have to fall down a couple of times, get a couple of  scrapes and scars before you finally understand the lesson you were being taught. There is no shame in learning late. The same comes when you take all the experiences from your life and you didn’t allow them to do what they were intended to do, which is teach. 


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Finding you

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Good Afternoon, Loves!!

I pray life is treating you well…

Self love– regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

This is one thing every person should have for themselves but don’t. Many times people or situations, cause you not to feel this for yourself. That’s the reason we have so many negative things going on in the world.

A lot of people have begun to feel complacent with not feeling good about themselves. That is definitely not a head space we need to be in. Regardless of the things you’ve been through in life, you have to learn to move past the pain, find the silver lining (there’s always one). I know sometimes the bad may out way the good, but there still is good.

I’m not sure why negative affects stay with us longer than positive ones. But you have to allow yourself to get out of that negative head space, so you can thrive and start living life with purpose instead of technicality or responsibility. Try turning that negative thought process around.

Instead of thinking, “I hate my life!” think ” I love my family. I’m so happy they were placed in my life.” or “I’m getting older. I have nothing to show for it. At this point life is pointless. No career, husband, or children.” you could say, ” I have my freedom, and I’m excited to see what beautiful blessings God has for me, because what is for me, will soon be mine .”

See the problem with most of us these days, we want everything right now. If we don’t get it when we think we should, we start to spaz out. We start to believe our time for success is never coming, we’re never going to get married, we’re doomed to live a life of poverty, we’ll always be a loner; I could go on forever. Truth is, we have so many fears, that we’re allowing them to run our lives.

You’re always going to have some fear. The key is to use it as fuel; not an excuse to not achieve your greatness. Let that fear propel you to be the best singer, songwriter, writer, actor, doctor, lover, teacher, activist.

What ever you have passion for, let your love for it guide you. Through doing what’s in your heart, you find the way back to you.

If you need further help getting out of that rut; here are a few books that are guaranteed to get you back on track. The key is to practice what you learn in these books, daily.

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As Always, Love you’ll

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Money V.S Time

Many people probably don’t think about how much time we waste working when we are really put hear to live, have experiences, go through heartache and the high from being in love. We go through life with blinders on, only thinking about material things; some of us anyway. But that isn’t the purpose of life, that is what man has made us believe; is that the dollar is the most important thing on this earth. They have even set it up so that we think about it everyday and how we can get some more of it. There are people who go through their whole lives trying to make enough of it, because they’re just trying to get by. Working a job they hate because they have to put food on the table and pay their bills, and it’s just the way it is.

A lot of people don’t think about it, but money and everything else that can be traded for goods is just a made up currency. It has power because we let it have power. There are many people who loose their self trying to get it, because they let the possession of it control the way they view other people. Also they start to believe they can do and say anything because they have it.

When it comes down to it generally speaking, money can be looked at like food; because it’s something we constantly want. A little can go a long way, but most of us aren’t satisfied by the bare minimum. We want to have everything. See even though some of us don’t believe we have an obsession or addiction, it’s proven that we do when it comes to money.  In so many ways people who work their whole lives trying to possess it become slaves to it, especially those who work these jobs that require you to do a 80+ or 100+ hour work week. If you think about the amount of hours you have per week, you would see no amount of money is worth your time.

The real goal is to do something that doesn’t require you to dedicate all your time too, but find the balance you need to make money and enjoy life and it’s experiences. If you never thought about it, I’m gonna make you think about the time you miss out on having fun and or being with family and friends.

The average person working in corporate America works many times at least an 80+ week. Think about how much time they have to spend with their loved ones. If you break it down 32hrs give or take a week, and that’s if they sleep a full 8hrs. To some that may not seem like a big deal, but to me it does. I always believed the bulk of your life should be dedicated to what you want to do not what you have to do. I believe that’s why I commend people who have found what they want to do in this life, because they have found a way to do what they love and profit from it. In the near future I hope to be as fortunate.