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Good Morning!!!

Hope life is going well and all things are prosperous.

You know how you meet someone and you believe only that person can give you that feeling? Well recently I met someone that is very attractive sexually. I’m sure when I say that most people would believe I mean visually. Nope that’s not what I’m talking about. You know how sometimes some people just have that aura about them that makes them seem like the best thing since sliced bread. Well, this man had that thing.

There were a lot of things I did not like about him, but there were also a lot of things that turned me on beyond belief! As I am not in the business of bashing anyone, I am only going to list the qualities I enjoyed; which are; his strength, arrogance, and dominance. I know I could probably find that find that in any men. But there was just something about this man that made him that much more appealing. I’m sure it was because he had a no holds barred attitude. If there was something he wanted to say or wanted, he did not hesitate to go after it.

I guess you could say, that’s something that was missing in my last relationship. Supposedly love was there, but I never felt it. I fooled myself in to believing it was there. But you know how sometimes you’re bored and you go through your text messages? Well, I did this recently. I started looking over the text messages between me and my Ex and realized, he checked out a long time ago. I was the one holding on for dear life.

Friends and family keep asking me why am I still continuing to live with this man. I answer straight and say; “I’m not ready to give up my independence.” See, once this lease is over and done with, I want to know I can take care of myself with out the assistance of any one. That’s why I’ve been working on trying to build a brand. That’s also the reason I’ve been trying to busy myself with meeting other people so that my situation with him does not take me over.

I’m positive there are other women and men who have been through this. If you have please let me know if you believe I’m getting through this in the right manner or should I have left yesterday.

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 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is real-monsters.jpg What is it with this world these days? People think you’re weird because you don’t want to cheat on the person you’re with. I thought that was a good thing; to be faithful. I guess many people don’t believe it’s possible to be faithful to one person. There are men and women out here trying to get people caught up in this cheating game. Trying to make you feel like it’s normal to have sex with someone that isn’t your significant other. I don’t know where they learned that, but it’s never okay to sacrifice someone else’s feelings for your temporary pleasure.

 If you feel like you can’t be happy with one person, why waste their time? Let them find happiness with someone else, because it’s clear you’re not ready to give what it takes to make a relationship work. I believe that’s what a lot of people fail to realize, is when you decide to enter into a committed relationship, it’s supposed to be only you and that person you decided to enter into it with. That is not the time you decide to get with someone else because you think your girlfriend/ boyfriend is going to be with you regardless of what you do! In many ways that could be considered as manipulation. Reason being, you know they love you and care about you, so you figured you could do what you did because you’re sure you’re going to get away with it because this person loves you and doesn’t want to go through life without you. But, I want you to think of something….. What if that person knew their worth, and decided they’re not going to forgive and stay with you because they love themselves more than they love you? What if they decided they were going to leave because the act you committed was something that showed them exactly how you felt about them?

 See the problem with most of us is, we like to test and try others, just to see how far we can go; but sometimes in the process we loose what we hold dear, because we’re trying to be greedy and have our cake and eat it too. If the person you chose to be with is something special  and you know you may never find someone like them ever again in life; show them how much you care. Stop letting this music, media and friends influence you to make bad decisions, where you end up broken hearted. Your relationship is really no body’s business but you and that person. Also when he/she leaves you because you thought you could be slick by doing them wrong; either by cheating, physically, verbally, or mentally abusing them; you have to deal with the pain of seeing them go. All because you thought pleasing you was more important then loving and being true to them.

 That’s one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of men, they ‘Commit’ then later down the line, cheat. Sometimes a few weeks to a few months after they committed to their spouse. Most times they do this because they know you’re a good person and they don’t want to loose you. But, I feel like if you’re not ready for someone like me, you need to let me go, so I can find my Mr. Right. I don’t need to be sitting up underneath someone who isn’t and doesn’t plan on doing right by me (I’m using men as an example because that is what I date. But I’m sure there are women out here who do the same thing). I always felt like; what’s the point of putting me through all that pain, when you could let me go and you have you’re fun, guilt free?This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cheating-poem-712x1024.jpg

 Some women and men can stay with someone who is constantly doing them wrong; all because they have faith one day they’re going to change. I guess we all go through that period of believing that a person will change if they love us enough. But the reality is, they’re only going to change for themselves. Sure you might be a factor as to why they are changing, but you’ll never be the sole purpose.

Love of self is #1 everything else is secondary.

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