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Yep, I Can Feel It, I'm Going To Lose My Shit. GIF - GoingToLoseMyShit HeathLedger TheDarkKnight GIFsHope everyone is doing well and this quarantine isn’t getting to you in the worst way. I really hope you’ve found some way to cope with the monotony of our NEW everyday life.

Alcohol sales up amid coronavirus pandemicRecently I heard alcohol sales have spiked. “I guess so; there’s nothing to do!” Well there are thing to do, it’s just that they aren’t things that require you to attend different events unless it’s virtual. Also people who already have internet business’ or have wanted to start a business in the past have taken this opportunity to do so.

Another thing, there’s going to be a S*** load of newborns at the top of next year. I’m sure if you’re stuck in the house with your spouse there’s going to be some hanky-panky going on. What "demographic decline"? American women are having plenty of ...

The funny thing is, the “Government” started off trying to control the population. Supposedly we have to many people on earth. But then again they didn’t want women to get abortions. To be honest trying to figure out their end game is giving me a headache. I’m sure that’s the way they want it to be, because if you can’t predict their next move how are you going to intercept their agenda? I guess that’s another question for another time.

We’re playing Chess not Checkers

Women beat expectations when playing chess against men, according ...

Well I would love to know how you all feel about all these different things that have been going on in the world. Please make sure to leave a comment.

Question of the day: If marijuana was legal in your state would you be a regular consumer? Why or why not?

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Stir Crazy

There isn’t much to write about except the infamous COVID-19. It seems to be the only thing of concern.

But I ask you do you believe what we’re getting sick from is a virus or radiation poisoning? I still have to do my research, but the video that came my way made me think.

The video I’m talking about was one concerning the G5 towers and the high amounts of radiation poisoning it gives of. Below is a link to a video depicting the effects of the G5 towers.

Tell me if you believe this could be the source of our current situation.