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Like You

What's up everyone? I know it's been a while since I've been on here. That is mostly due to trying to find something to do that I will love. I have find a few things that I love doing, but they don't get me paid. Just being honest. I realized a long time ago that… Continue reading Like You

Short stories


There are times in life you realize all the B.S you go through is largely because of mindset. I'm sure there have been many things you've done or let someone do to you because of your mindset. In other words, life is happening to you. You haven't learned how to make life happen for you,… Continue reading Possibilities

Short stories

Learning to never live in LACK

Good Morning good people of the internet!!! I hope life is treating you well. For a long time I wrote because I never knew how to express myself in real time. Many emotions I keep bottled up. I speak about them but I haven't found ways to overcome the emotions of fear and extreme anxiety.… Continue reading Learning to never live in LACK

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One size doesn’t always fit ALL

Often times we have days and months that feel like there's no way we can keep going. Sometimes this is do to life seeming too hard; or you're tired of living and existing in your current reality. I'm sure because I said " We feel there's no way we can keep going living our current… Continue reading One size doesn’t always fit ALL

Short stories

Summer Goals

Good Morning!!!!! Happy Fabulous Friday!!! Remember your day is only as good as you make it. It's all about mindset. As I said, today is Friday. This means I have one more week of work. I was supposed to be working summer school, but that just isn't what this summer is gonna be about. Like… Continue reading Summer Goals

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The Power of NOW

What's up Beautiful people?!!!!! I hope your day is going as well as mine. I'm not sure what the day holds, but whatever it is I'm going to concentrate on the NOW and not the past or present. By focusing on the NOW it helps me to appreciate every good thing that comes. By focusing… Continue reading The Power of NOW

Short stories

Quiting my Job?

  Good Morning!!! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and that great things are coming your way.   How many of you have wanted to quit your job? How many of you have quit your job??   I've been teetering back and forth with this decision for years. A large part if me… Continue reading Quiting my Job?

Short stories

Trusting in you

Good Morning!!!! I hope everyone out there is living their best life. I understand how easy it is to get caught up in what others want or expect. But you only have one life. Live it as you choose. This is going to be a hard thing to do; but I'm sure this summer is… Continue reading Trusting in you

Short stories

When there’s no one there

Good morning!!!! I hope you're having a great start to your day. There is so much life out there to live. This weekend was different for me because I spent it alone. As I stated before I live with my mother and her husband. So most of the time someone is always home. This weekend… Continue reading When there’s no one there

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YOU Entirely

Good Morning!!! Once again it's another fabulous day in my neck of the woods. To be honest, any and everyday I'm able to wake up with ambition, faith, love and hope in my heart is a great day to be alive. I'm sure it's hard for a lot of us to stay in a positive… Continue reading YOU Entirely