Watch “When life gets to you” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/ULe4gm-OAVw Good Morning everyone! As you know sometimes life has a way of seeming too heavy sometimes. Well for me, now is that time. I only created this video out of desperation. Mainly to relieve the pressure of obstacles I'm facing at the current time. I may not say it always; but I really appreciate… Continue reading Watch “When life gets to you” on YouTube

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Good Morning!!!!   Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!   I practice a mindset of gratitude and focusing on the future. This is what makes me happy. How I see myself and my reality are 2 different things. In my inner world I Am very aware, but I also get things done. I AM a… Continue reading I AM

Short stories

The Unknown

What's up ya'll?!   Back again with another post. Never know what I'm gonna talk about until I start writing about it. I guess I really just want it to be genuine. I understand other people would say that means I'm unprepared. but I think my realness is a plus never a negative. The other… Continue reading The Unknown

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Be Your own Boss

  This post may contain affiliate links. See Disclaimer for more information. Hey Guys! Hope everyone is well. Would you believe that I ran my course of being unhappy?  I know you're probably like, 'How are you going to say when you're going to be happy?' That's because I'm going to take a conscience effort… Continue reading Be Your own Boss