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How To Write Well (Simple Formula) - Early To RiseIf you are one of my continued supporters I thank you for coming back. As you’ve seen consistency is a true struggle for me. That is mainly because I have a very difficult time writing if there isn’t any emotion tied to it. That’s why most of my posts have been sporadic over the years. I’m really trying to let go and just let it flow, because this in many ways is my therapy. Writing has helped me tremendously over the years. It’s so comforting to be able to get your feelings out using just a paper and pen.

During these last few days I’ve been feeling extremely off kilter. I’m not sure what it is, because the slightest change throws me off. I kind of feel like I’ve spent to much time alone. To be honest I have quite a few issues. I’m not crazy or anything like it. I just feel like I’m going crazy sometimes. I believe my problems come into play when I start to over analyze situations and people; that is something I do often. Noticing Empath Characteristics | HubPages

Many times I’m not sure if I feel this way because it’s the way I truly feel or could it be I’m picking up on other peoples emotions that are around me. I find myself always stuck between 2 emotions. I’m usually pretty happy but if I’m around someone who is talking about something sad or full of anger I tend to take on those emotions. I’ve always felt that was my flaw. As far back as I can remember I was never a normal child. I always excepted people for who they were, never what they looked like or what they had; and I do the same thing till this day.

I guess I struggle with being empathic because there are so many things that come with that. Especially if you don’t know how to protect your energy. I’m sure that’s why I’m not enjoying this gift; because I don’t know how to use it. At times it helps me to develop a deeper connection with people, because I’m able to put myself  in their situation and truly understand where they’re coming from. Other times it’s just “exhausting!!!”

What Are You Available For? How to Protect Your Energy and Honor Your  Boundaries — Chanee MomokoSometimes I wonder if my life would have turned out differently if I didn’t have the same people in my life. I wonder if I would have been this deep feeler. The other thing is my girls (goddaughters) have a touch of me in them. All three of them have displayed some of my traits. Of course they have their parents traits but I can see mine peeking around the vail. I feel extremely blessed to know a little bit of me rubbed off on them.

Lastly, if you’re an Empath and you have figured out how to protect your energy, please leave a comment as to what I can do to gain control over my life and emotions.


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Intuitive Empath

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Image result for intuitive empathI don’t know if you heard this while you were growing up, “With age comes wisdom”. That has never been more true for me than now. Growing up I always believed people will treat you the way you treat them. As a result of that I became someone that learned to go with the flow. I’ve been told that is a good thing, but for me it hasn’t been. True it has gotten me out of a lot of situations unscathed, but it has also gotten me in some things I could have done without. Things like one sided relationships and friendships.

Many times people are able to see I’m a very inviting kindhearted person because of my actions and concerns for others. A lot of times I care for other people 10x more than I care for myself. When I was younger, even up until recently I saw that as a flaw, because I would always get taken advantage of. My concern was, I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings because I know how that feels. I always wanted to make others feel heard, loved, appreciated and happy. I guess the need for that is I wanted other people to provide those things for me.

The sad thing is, I realized and continue to realize that no matter how much I give of myself, people are not going to pour into me like I pour into them. Me expecting that to happen is like expecting someone to drop a million dollars in my lap. Truth be told, I think the million would be easier to get.

I’m sure other people have dealt with giving and giving and giving, just for others to continue to come up short. I guess that’s just the life of an intuitive empath. Not sure if you know what that is or if you even believe it’s a thing. For me it is a major thing to me. It helps me to understand myself that much more. Why I like certain things and why I feel certain energize from things, places, people, wild life; you name it I feel it.

But if you believe you may possess this gift have a little and take this test to find out if you’re like me an empath.

Just know, you’re not going through life alone. There’s always someone who can relate to the trials and tribulations you’re going through. Sometimes you just have to branch out and find like minded people. Also learn not to wallow in your pain or discomfort. Allow yourself to feel the emotion then move on. You don’t thrive when you’re constantly fixated on the things that are going wrong. Things only begin to change when you put forth effort and keep a positive mind set. So if you want to live abundantly, you’re going to have to leave that negative Nancy mentality behind.

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Mediator/ Empath

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Empath- A person who’s able to feel emotions/energy on an intense level.

Good Morning!!!

Image result for INFPFrom what I’ve come to understand, empaths are strong. At times, I’m not going to lie, I hate my empathic ability. Reason being, it makes me vulnerable to other people’s emotions. It also doesn’t help that I’m an INFP. Meaning, I’m someone who place’s others feelings and wellbeing before my own. The over all picture of having this personality type may seem like it’s a good one to have, but it could also be seen as a burden. Burden because that means you won’t ever come first for you, because innately you’re wired to care for others before you’re able to care for yourself. I’m not sure if this behavior can be unlearned, but I at least need to get the order correct.

In reality, who is going to care more for you than you care for yourself? NO ONE! Maybe your mother or father, but that’s as far as that road goes, most of the time. So who better to be an advocate for you, than you? I’m not saying to be selfish, although sometimes it’s needed.

Don’t allow your energy to be sucked dry by ENERGY VAMPIRES; the people who’re seemingly going through something, but not really. Yeah, stay away from them. You can always tell who they are; they are those people who wake up negative emotion in you, seemingly for no good reason at all (regularly). The sad part of being around or interacting with someone like this; you feel completely depleted after you’ve encountered them.


Although INFP, HSP and Empaths are similar, they’re also different. So what that means is, no matter what personality type you are, you’re still capable of being an empath or Highly Sensitive Person. I just happen to be a Mediator/ Empath and HSP which go hand in hand.

Also if you would like to take a free quiz to find out what personality type you are, make sure to click the link below.

Myers Briggs Personality

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More Money More Problems

I was thinking of writing another part to Desire, but decided there are other things I should be talking about or want to talk about. For one, I’m so tired of living for other people. I didn’t realize until I got older that was what I was doing. I kind of knew, I just didn’t think much of it, until I realized how unhappy I was. Everyone around me told me to go to school. I know I could have gone to school and things would probably be much better for me, but then again no one can see the future, but God. There are times I wish I was more out going. Maybe if I was, I would probably have made it to where I want to be in life.

Most of us don’t realize how hard it is to make it. You know, doing something you really love? I thought once I put my mind to wanting to be an author and really work at it, the book deals where sure to come. The thing I didn’t take into account was getting eyes one my work. That’s what I’m having trouble with now. Everyday I have more and more people coming to check out my work, but not the amount needed to make it doing what I love. Honestly sometime I rather type than talk. I feel more fluid getting out my feelings and creativity that way.

There are other reasons I want to be a writer/ author; like living my days the way I choose. I know people say “Money isn’t everything.” Usually the people who say that are the ones with it. I’ve realized the more you make, financially life will be easier for you, but in every other way it will be harder. It’s almost like your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. At least that’s what it feels like. But, getting the chance to be a writer full time would be a dream come true. Reason being: I get to do what I love, be free to go and do what ever I choose, and I have the chance to get the alone time needed to create. I hate that being around people drains me. That’s not to say I don’t love or like people because I do. I just have the annoying blessing of empathy and by the end of the day my emotional battery is completely drained. Just yesterday I went to work, worked for only 4 hours and was exhausted by the time I got off. Mind you, I haven’t been to work for the past three days.

Sometimes I wonder how I got into the types of jobs I had. Most of them had to deal with direct interaction with large groups of people. I love hearing the stories that my customers tell me. Sometimes you can’t tell what someone has gone through until you give them the chance to speak. That’s probably why it’s so hard for me to pass judgement , because you never know what someone had to go through to get where they are. It may not look like much to you, but it may make a world of difference to them.

In closing I just want to say, life is hard and even harder if you aren’t a self assured, driven person. Even harder if you add being an empath to that.


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What is it with people trying to pin things on the soft spoken?! That really pisses me off! I go through this a lot, as I’m sure other people such as myself do. The problem is I have so much to say in my head, but it never seems to make it to my mouth. I’m always afraid I’m gonna hurt someone’s feelings. I know, I shouldn’t be worried about that because they weren’t worried about hurting mine. But I have a problem with treating people how I would like to be treated, even if they don’t show me that same courtesy.

There have been so many times I have bitten my tongue in regard for the next persons feelings or because I’m afraid of how it would negatively impact me. When I tell you, the people at my job be trying it, they be really trying it, managers especially. There have been so many times I have been threatened. It seems like some of them get drunk with power, because some of them like to pick on someone like me. If you don’t know, I am a very soft spoken, compassionate, empathetic person. At times those are things I like about myself, but other times I wish I was rough around the edges. I’ve realized because of these qualities people learn how to manipulate me easily, that’s what I hate the most. It almost feels like there is no place in this world for people that feel and care as deep as me. I say that because I always seem to get taken advantage of because of my openness. I can’t help it, I wish I could. But I’m learning I’m not the problem, the people around me that are doing the manipulating are the problem. I just have to love my flaws and learn to navigate this world, because it’s not going to bend for me. The problem now is learning to bend without breaking.


If you go through these same struggles, please shoot me a comment and maybe we could try to come to a resolution with each others help. And for those of you that are able to stand your ground, please give me some tips, so that I can learn to do the same.

I also wanted to thank you all so much for the support. Because of you I always have something to look forward too.

Have a Beautiful Day!



The Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Wow!! That’s all I can say when it comes to what the island of Puerto Rico has gone through since Hurricane Maria. It’s been almost a year and all power has not been restored. I’m not quite comprehending how this could be possible. They’re apart of the United States right?…..

The people of Puerto Rico should have been treated as more of a priority. There’s no way those people should still be experiencing hardships because of something that happened almost a year ago! If we had someone in office that led with compassion and empathy these problems would have been taken care of a long time ago, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now what these people are faced with is trying to find other people that are willing to donate and help get the island back on it’s feet.

There have been a countless amount of people who I speak to daily, who tell me they had to pick up and move to the states because it became unbearable to continue to live without all the amenities. And this is coming from people who have lived and grew up there. Imagine how emotionally painful and stressing that could be, moving because you can no longer bare the primitive way you had to revert back to living, because your government is doing you and the land a disservice. I have an idea of why the government isn’t in a rush to fix the destruction Hurricane Maria caused. I’m thinking it could be, either they want people to abandoned the land they own so that it can be seized, they don’t have the man power for the repairs, the government and it’s leader aren’t concerned about the wellbeing of the people, or it could be a combination of, they aren’t concerned about the wellbeing of the people and they want to seize the land to make profit off of it. That’s one thing that I’ve noticed that’s very prevalent with the American society. Without monetary gain most people won’t budge, doesn’t matter if it’s the morally right thing to do.

Acts of kindness these days are few and far in between. You know why that is? It has a lot to do with being so busy with daily tasks and chores, that we lose focus of what should be taking place, which is human connection. Everyone is so worried about their self and loved ones they don’t allow too many people in. That in turn makes us cold and unaffected by tragic things that happen to strangers, over time. Also there are so many scams out there, that programs the average person to always be on guard for someone who’s trying to take advantage of their kindness.

When it boils down to it. The U.S Government has done the people of Puerto Rico a huge disservice in every way. It’s like the fact they’ve had over 4,000 deaths because of this catastrophic event doesn’t faze the leader of this supposed free land. Like the lives lost didn’t mean anything. It’s so sad that you can plainly see the lives lost didn’t mean anything to our “President”. Through his actions you see he could care less about the people (including the people of the states). It appears the only person he’s concerned about is his self, his children and wife. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it.

Below is a link to an article questioning the actual death toll of the people lost to this tragic event.