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Live Your Dreams

There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that is be a female weight lifter. If you go back in the archives you’ll see that this is something I’ve always thought about but never worked at. Reason being, I never believed I could do it, also I was living for other people and not myself. Now that I’m getting older I’m starting to realize more than ever, you only get one chance at life. So do what you want with it while your still here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve second guessed myself, thinking of what people would think knowing that’s what I’m working toward. I didn’t want to hear people tell me I couldn’t do it. Because it seems like when ever you want to make a change to your life there is always someone who wants to tell you, you shouldn’t because of what ever reason. I’ve learned that’s when you have to push yourself even harder, because the nay Sayers will get under your skin and make you believe you can’t do what it is you know you can.

Even if they don’t get under your skin, they’re still winning if your not pursuing your dreams and desires. In a way your still letting them control what you do with your life. Going through life, your always going to find someone that is going to tell you, you can’t do something. That’s when the fun starts when you start to prove them wrong. You have to prove people wrong so they know, anything is possible. If you ever wondered why people tell you certain things aren’t possible, it’s because they don’t believe it’s possible for them. They may not have malicious intent, but sometimes that’s the way it comes off. Don’t read to much into. Most times they don’t know any better. But one thing you must remember is no one can tell you what’s good for you, only you can do that. Most times when there is something you feel strongly about, it’s because it was put in you to pursue it. When it comes to asking other people their opinion on whether you should pursue it, of course they’re going to say ‘No’. That’ because they don’t have your vision and they don’t know what your capable of. Also it could be jealousy sometimes.That’s why you listen to yourself first, because you know what you can and can’t do.

I’m finally starting to find my own voice, so I’m definitely going to start listening to it. I’m nearing my 40s and this body building thing has always been something I was in love with. I’m finally going to give it my time and effort. I have to make this promise to myself, so I can hold myself accountable and work towards being a lot more consistent when it comes to my health and working out. It makes you feel sooo good. Also it runs in my blood. My grandfather was a weight lifter and a title holder, and I know I wouldn’t be honoring him if I never reached my potential. I already have the body structure for it. I’ve just been lazy over the years.

I’m also going to start inserting videos into my posts. As a diary to myself to mark my changes and health. If you would like to join you’re more than welcome.

Always remember to pursue your dreams. They’re yours for a reason. No one knows what your capable of, so give all you got for the rest of your days and there’s no way you can go wrong!

empowering · motivational · self-esteem · Thoughts

4 Steps To Increase Self-Confidence

Why am I not able to separate myself from feeling bad because someone may be mad at me or doesn’t like me? That has been a problem of mine for a long time. There’s something in me that wants everyone to love me. Deep down I know that isn’t possible, because someone is always going to dislike you for their own reasons. Most times it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. I guess you could say that’s something that I’m learning more and more about as I get older.

Growing up, I felt pretty much the same. I always wanted people to like me. Most times, I bent over backwards. Kids and adults treated me poorly. At the time I didn’t realize it wasn’t me who had the problem, it was the people around me. There are so many of us that just want acceptance, but you have to first accept yourself. Once you do that, it won’t matter that the next person doesn’t like you. The reason that is, is because you will love yourself so much that it won’t matter what the next person says or does. You’ll be so secure in yourself that what they’re doing won’t shake yourself confidence.

I know your probably thinking, “How is self confidence developed?” and “What can I do to improve mine?” There are so many ways to improve self confidence, but I’m gonna give you four right now.

How To Increase Your Self-Confidence:

Think Positively– Control the things you choose to think about. Most of us don’t realize it, but our thoughts control our mood. Choosing to take in positive things and information  can make you a much happier person.

Eating Clean- Eating clean brings you to a higher frequency. When you choose to eat in a cleaner way, you don’t feel weighed down and tired by the heavy toxic, nutrient deprived food you were eating before. If eating a diet high in live foods you feel alive. Don’t believe me? Try it for a month.

Exercise- I know that everyone else is saying this, but it does make a difference. I’m sure plenty of us have had that high after finishing a workout. It makes you feel good, light, and re-energized. It also helps to clear your mind. Remember you’re never too old to start anything, and you don’t need a gym membership to do so.

Surround  Yourself with Positive People- This helps sooo much! Have you ever been around someone that always has a sad story to tell? You don’t realize it, but their energy becomes your energy. That’s why you can walk in to a room feeling the happiest you ever have and two minutes later feel sad and your not sure why. It’s because your soaking up other people’s energy around you. That’s why it’s important to hang around light hearted positive people, because you become what you surround yourself with.

In the long run you’re going to become a better person. Working on yourself is something that we all should do, and don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to the point of accepting  yourself yet. It’s just a matter of time before that happens. There’s no rush. Take the time to grow into the person you want to be and know that everything is an experience you can learn from.







The Price of Employment

I know most people are not going to really be concerned with this post, but this is something I think of on the regular. I’m sure you can tell, because I’m always posting something that has to do with customers, making your own dreams come true, and the unfair treatment of employees. Sorry not sorry, this is going to be another one of those post.

I just want to ask a couple questions. Have you ever thought of the amount of work you put in for someone else’s business? Does your body hurt at the end of the day when your done working to build someone else’s empire? I know that last question probably stung, just a little. The point is to get you to expand your mind and do something meaningful you love. For those who believe it isn’t possible, I want to let you know, it is. The more unique an idea, the more in demand it might be. So if you have an idea and your not sure it’ll work, give yourself the “okay” to try it. There’s nothing wrong with trying. Did you know that’s the way most entertainers, and entrepreneurs started off? They had to receive “No” after “No” after “No” before they could get a “Yes”. Your only problem is your too afraid of failing, that’s why you have no chance of succeeding.

Kick that fear to the curb! If you don’t, you’ll be at that job you hate until you get fired or worse decide to retire. I’m sure your like, “How could retiring from your job be worse than getting fired?” What makes retirement worse is simple, you’re continuously trading your time for money. Most people don’t understand, that isn’t the best way to make a living. Some do, but are to lazy or afraid to do something about it. If that’s you, please retrain your brain to look out for what’s best for you, not for what’s easy. By looking for the easier thing to do I.e. working for someone else making more or less depending on raises or time given, you are putting a cap on your earning capabilities. Also your letting someone else be in control of your livelihood. Do you really want to do that? I think not. Who really wants to work hard with out some type of fulfillment? Not I. If your working with children, the community, or anything that is going to potentially make this world better, this isn’t for you. I understand your getting fulfillment in another way, and I appreciate everything you do.

For those of you working a job, just to receive a pay check, this one’s for you. I’m sure there will be some of you who read this post and it will inspire you to make a change. There will be others who read this post and it won’t register with them because they’re letting the weight of the world make decisions for them. Examples of thoughts: “I have to pay my mortgage. I have no time for day dreaming. Who’s going to take care of my children, while I’m out here chasing a dream?”, and the list goes on and on. The point I’m making is, working on your own terms with minimal limits allows you to make the money you desire in half the time it takes to make your average weekly or bi-weekly income. The only difference is the time you invest in the beginning to start your independent income stream will be based purely off of faith. Faith that the time spent is going to land you some type of profit.

Anything worth pursuing will take time, effort and knowledge. So please be patient with yourself. You’ll get it. You just have to give yourself the time to learn and make mistakes so you can ultimately become what you’ve always known you could be.


“Remember never let any one dime your light because they don’t understand your shine.”