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Good Morning !!!!

As always I hope everyone is doing well. I’ma tell you one thing; I feel so much better then I’ve been feeling in the last couple of weeks! I guess you could say my body and mind needed the rest. I feel a little guilty saying that, because we’ve only been back in school for about 3 months. I shouldn’t feel bad about saying that though. I’m sure there are a lot of  people just as grateful for this break as I am. There’s probably teachers out there already planning their Summer vacation.

Well… Like I told you all before there’re going to be some things I’m going to be working on bringing to life. First I need your input.

First is:

Which play should I work on producing first?

  • Desire- A tale of  a very gullible girl, who falls in love with someone who appears will never love her back. Not realizing everything she thought she knew was a lie and sh*t was gonna hit the fan a lot sooner than she ever expected.


  • Loyalty: Love, Lies & Betrayal- My first self published book. A tale of  a homosexual couple who has problems just like anyone else. Centered around Jacoby who is an owner of a multimillion dollar record company. But has failed to realize everything he has is due to his loving somewhat crazy husband Stacy. Things start taking a turn for the the worst when Stacy gets wind of just how giving and generous Jacoby has been and has continued to be to his female counter parts.

If you’re interested in either book, minimal entries to Desire can be found here on or if you would like to read Loyalty: Love, Lies & Betrayal in its entirety grab a copy Love Lies & Betrayal.

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As Always 

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Overall goal

Hey y’all,

Hope your day has gone they way you envisioned it.

I was thinking of a goal I believe maybe a little outlandish; but I’m here for it. I have set a goal of a $50,000 profit. That is how much I plan to make by the end of this year. I know to a lot of people reading this, you may think 50,000 is a little low. It might be to most, because many have made this amount or are currently making it.

I just know it would be extremely rewarding to accumulate this much being strictly my owner boss. By accomplishing this goal it’ll give me that much more certainty that I am supposed to be my own boss.

I also would like to invite you to do the same. Think of something that you want sooo bad; then learn the steps you need to take in order to manifest it. For me I know I most likely am going to have to pull all the tricks out of my bag to get close to this goal.

I also want to say; DO NOT WAIT!!! GET STARTED NOW!! There is no better time than the present.

Also checkout what I got cooking over on Where I have a list of natural soaps that are great for your skins. 


Checkout my recently published book Loyalty, love, lies, and Betrayal on Amazon. A book about love drama and  everything in between. Reward yourself with this amazing read.

One more thing…. If you’re interested in reading something that is a little naught check out PASSION.



There is always something you want to do that other people aren’t going to agree with. The key is to do it anyway.

 How are you going to know if it’s right for you if you don’t try it? If you have people in your life trying to tell you what to do with it, look at their life. If they’re not living the type of life you always dreamed of, there’s no reason to listen to their advise. That’s like the blind leading the blind. How could someone who works a 9 to 5 tell someone who’s dream to become an entrepreneur is a lazy life style. Of course that is what they’re going to say, because they don’t understand it.

Most people can’t imagine being able to make money from the comfort of their home. So of course they are going to have some resistance. I know most of the people I know do. Even though we have examples of people making it online everyday.

I chose entrepreneur because that’s what I’m striving to be at this moment. I’ve been working at it for a very long time. My only hindrance is, wanting to make sure what ever I create and market for consumption is going to be the very best product for potential buyers. What’s also not working in my favor is the fact I’m a procrastinator. That one thing there has had me miss out on a lot of opportunities. I’m trying to get a handle on it so I can change it, because by breaking my procrastination habits it’ll help me to become the best version of myself.

I’m sure I’m not the only procrastinator out here.

If you’re a procrastinator like me or have been a procrastinator; what are some things you’ve done to help you break the habit? Also, how bad would you say you level of procrastination is?

As Always…..

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Easy or Hard. Is it a choice?

So much we go through in life. It has me thinking, “Do we really have to experience half of the things we go through?

What do you think?…. Is it necessary for some to have life so hard and others to skate on through it?… Or is how people think of and view their life, the cause of the way life seems to pan out for them?….


What are your thoughts?

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