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I apologize for not posting for the last couple of days. There’s been so much going on. A couple of great things happened to me this weekend though. Wait for it… I MADE MY FIRST HUNDRED DOLLARS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR!!!  I can’t begin to tell you how good that made me feel!! And to know they love my products and the way they feel on their skin, is a plus.

I’m finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. When I say having the goal of living life on your own terms is hard, I mean just that. There is so much that goes into getting other people to believe in you and what you stand for; it’s a very hard task indeed. You have to build relationships, and not shallow ones either. They have to know that your intentions are pure and that you want the best for them, not just their money. There’s almost no way you’re going to get support from your peers if they know nothing about you or your brand. That’s a very crucial lesson I’ve learned in my attempts to sale books and soap. It just seems the soap is working out a little better than the book did. Believe me, it’s not because the book wasn’t all that and then some, because it was. I just know selling soap would be way easier, not to say that I’m done with writing because that’ll never happen.

The thing is, more people care about being clean and their skin than they ever would a book. So all that passion I had for writing, I still express it through my blogs but my creative thinking goes into my soap, for the time being. Cause like I always say, ” I don’t want to work for anyone anymore.” Before I just didn’t see the way I was going to exit the life of working for others. Now I have that “Out” and I thank God for it.

My Brand

Well you should know there’s no way I’m gonna to end this post without speaking about the products I sale. At the current time I only sale soaps, some are all natural with only 100% essential oils as the fragrance, others are mixed with pleasantly scented fragrance oils. Also the base for all the soaps are made only with oils from the earth; such as coconut, olive, canola, and a slew of others. 

I chose the natural way because I decided a long time ago that my living wasn’t going to impose on other living beings. I’m still a work in progress, but with every passing day I learn a little bit more. I’m happy I found soap making, because it gave me that creative release I needed. As a result I’m also able to give back to others by making soap that is cruelty free and great for the skin. 

 I don’t want to make this too long, so I guess I’ll stop here. 


Question of the Day: If there was something you could sale or offer to get out of the Rat Race we call life, what would it be?

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Dreams Never Die

  There is money out here to be made.

So many of us believe that the only way to make money is through someone else. But think about it,

“How did they start making money?”

I’m sure they didn’t start off with a lot in the bank. Many times these big companies had an idea, and they took that leap of faith.

That’s all it takes is to believe in yourself, and you will go far. Many people seem to have forgotten that or just don’t believe. It’s sad that we have so many people going to jobs they hate everyday, without taking time out to invest in something they love doing. Always know if you promote heavily and you continue to perfect your craft, the customers will come. Kick the doubt out of your mind. Even if they don’t seem to come as fast as you think they should, keep pushing. Your break through is right around the corner.

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You know how you want to write sometimes and you aren’t inspired to do so? That’s me right now. I wish I had something I wanted to talk about, but I’m not inspired by many things these days. The only thing that continues to inspire me is the hate that I have for a 9 to 5 job life. That’s one thing that I hate and have always hated, because I like to work on my own time. And you can’t do that when you’re employed by some company that decides when you come to work and when you are done and can leave. It’s like as long as you get paid for punching in and out of their clock, they own you.

If you think the way I do, this can lead to health problems; such as anxiety, high blood pressure, stress, and depression. Reason being, you know that you can do so much more with your time, but you have to work in order to pay your bills. That is the misfortune of being a dreamer. People who are dreamers/ entrepreneurs have so many ideas that go through their head in one day, that when it comes to working for an hourly wage it almost feels like you’re getting taking advantage of. You know why? Because thinkers/ dreamers/ entrepreneurs are over qualified for a lot of things. The only problem is, no one really knows what they’re truly qualified to do because their knowledge and thought process involves so many things. Also because most dreamers don’t get degrees in the things their most good at. They learn to pick up trades along the way.

So many of us have spent years on top of years in school, and by the time you graduate, that thing you got a degree in isn’t the thing you’re most passionate about. Little known fact, most people get degrees in high paying professions because it’s what they’ve been led to believe is the right thing to do. That is, if they want to guarantee they live a financially stable life. Although some people are okay with going to school for something the could care less about, there are some of us that can’t lie to ourselves.

Many millennials’ are finding ways around the 9 to 5, and I applaud them for that. At times it seems like it’s easier for someone born in the 90’s to get ahead. I understand that we all can get out here and put our own self on, but some times you don’t have that confidence to take it there. Another thing, if you’re someone who looks to others for validation it’s going to be extremely hard for you to get out there and start doing your own thing. I’m sure that’s what’s stopped me so many times, because I was looking for someone to validate me. Take a Q from me, that is not the way to go. If you want to be successful you have to go out and do what ever it is your heart desires, without the thought of someone disapproving. No matter how good you are, there’s always going to be someone telling you that you’re trash. That’s why you have to believe in yourself and your peers will follow.

  For example, I had a customer, her and I were talking for a little while, and she mentioned she was on vacation. Then some how the conversation led to me talking about wanting to get a job online. When I said that, I realized it was something she couldn’t understand. She looked at me like I had three heads. At the time I didn’t understand why she was opposed to it. But soon I understood she couldn’t understand it because it wasn’t an avenue she was capable of taking when she was younger. So something like working from home to her seemed lazy and not a real job. But, I came to my own conclusion, what other people think about what I choose to do is no longer my concern. Truth be told, what they think isn’t going to further my financial freedom or pay my bills. So I have to do what is right for me and trust my own instinct and passion, as you should.

You only get this life once, while you’re in it, find a way to live it the best way you know how.



The Price of Employment

I know most people are not going to really be concerned with this post, but this is something I think of on the regular. I’m sure you can tell, because I’m always posting something that has to do with customers, making your own dreams come true, and the unfair treatment of employees. Sorry not sorry, this is going to be another one of those post.

I just want to ask a couple questions. Have you ever thought of the amount of work you put in for someone else’s business? Does your body hurt at the end of the day when your done working to build someone else’s empire? I know that last question probably stung, just a little. The point is to get you to expand your mind and do something meaningful you love. For those who believe it isn’t possible, I want to let you know, it is. The more unique an idea, the more in demand it might be. So if you have an idea and your not sure it’ll work, give yourself the “okay” to try it. There’s nothing wrong with trying. Did you know that’s the way most entertainers, and entrepreneurs started off? They had to receive “No” after “No” after “No” before they could get a “Yes”. Your only problem is your too afraid of failing, that’s why you have no chance of succeeding.

Kick that fear to the curb! If you don’t, you’ll be at that job you hate until you get fired or worse decide to retire. I’m sure your like, “How could retiring from your job be worse than getting fired?” What makes retirement worse is simple, you’re continuously trading your time for money. Most people don’t understand, that isn’t the best way to make a living. Some do, but are to lazy or afraid to do something about it. If that’s you, please retrain your brain to look out for what’s best for you, not for what’s easy. By looking for the easier thing to do I.e. working for someone else making more or less depending on raises or time given, you are putting a cap on your earning capabilities. Also your letting someone else be in control of your livelihood. Do you really want to do that? I think not. Who really wants to work hard with out some type of fulfillment? Not I. If your working with children, the community, or anything that is going to potentially make this world better, this isn’t for you. I understand your getting fulfillment in another way, and I appreciate everything you do.

For those of you working a job, just to receive a pay check, this one’s for you. I’m sure there will be some of you who read this post and it will inspire you to make a change. There will be others who read this post and it won’t register with them because they’re letting the weight of the world make decisions for them. Examples of thoughts: “I have to pay my mortgage. I have no time for day dreaming. Who’s going to take care of my children, while I’m out here chasing a dream?”, and the list goes on and on. The point I’m making is, working on your own terms with minimal limits allows you to make the money you desire in half the time it takes to make your average weekly or bi-weekly income. The only difference is the time you invest in the beginning to start your independent income stream will be based purely off of faith. Faith that the time spent is going to land you some type of profit.

Anything worth pursuing will take time, effort and knowledge. So please be patient with yourself. You’ll get it. You just have to give yourself the time to learn and make mistakes so you can ultimately become what you’ve always known you could be.


“Remember never let any one dime your light because they don’t understand your shine.”