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Know your worth

When did it become acceptable for men to insist that their woman let them have more than one woman?  I could understand if they both were getting something out of the situation, but that isn’t the case most times.  The reason that is, is do to the man of the relationship wanting his cake and eating it too; but not wanting his woman to indulge in the same practices with other men.  I feel if I have to suck it up and deal with you having sex with other women you should have to do the same if I want to introduce another or other men to our relationship. 

 It’s just plain ol selfish to make a woman feel like she has to lower her self to be with you.  All because you want to  take dips in other ponds.  I’ve always known relationships to only be  structured for two people (romantically anyway). I understand that other countries believe that men have the right to take on other wifes or mistresses solely because they are the providers; that doesn’t mean it’s  right.  

  Most times I think men like to take care of women because they love that sense of control and feel that they have the right to tell their woman what she can and can not do.  Ladies if you don’t like giving up your power please learn to be independent and only give up a little bit of that when that man has proven himself worthy of being something significant, like your husband.  Watch him for at least three years or until he puts that ring on your finger and marries you.  Take your time, also carry yourself with  respect and confidence.  When men see that a woman has unwaivered confidence for herself and her body they take note and step their game up in attempts to get her.  The other thing to keep in mind is never let him treat you like you deserve less than what your worth, and that is a commitment, loyalty,  and companionship

   Know that until he decides to marry you and be everything you need in a man their should never be a life altering compromise.  If a change needs to be made;  you decide that for yourself.  Do not let feelings of guilt and fear play a part in your changing for him.  I can almost guarantee that if you do, your going to be kicking yourself later on.  Also get to know you and your wants and needs before you become someone’s woman. You owe it to yourself.

Learn to be your own everything before you can become someone else’s nothing.,,,80012.0.html

story telling

Burdened Urban

Why is it when you go into a lower income”urban” area you see at least 2 or 3 cop cars while your just passing through?!   I’m sure that if you were to pass through a wealthier less diverse suburban area the amount of law enforcement would be scarce.  I remember days in my neighborhood were i would see sheriffs riding their bikes with bullet proof vest on and a gun on their hip sitting comfortably in the  holster.  Many times these sheriffs would be there pulling people over for no particular reason, issuing tickets for minor infractions , and harrassing young black males. There were many things that happened in my neighborhood and neighborhoods like mine. But there is one time in  particular I remember. It was  these boys that the police had laying face down on the neighbors lawn. The boys had not done anything but attempt to walk to the corner store after night fall.  The only reason I believe these boys were let go and not further harassed is do to my mother standing out side of her house to make sure that they did not get hurt any further.  Regardless of the many times the police told her to go back in her house. I can almost guarantee if they had been of another more excepted ethnicity they would have never gotten harassed the way they did.  I also have friends that have been bothered countless amount of  times because of the color of their skin.  I know that the racism is do to lack of understanding or just blatant ignorance.  But something has to change.  Why do I have to tip toe around the dominant society?!  While they get the freedom to always be theirself?!  I want to experience a life like that also.  Living carefree and opinionated with no restraints or filters.  I don’t want to  feel odd or uncomfortable every time there may be a chance the person I am talking to may not like me purely based off of the color  of my skin.  I understand everyone does not have that negative view of black people.  But the truth is,  you never really know who has your back until their’s  is put up against a wall.  

 Another thing,  “why do we have police in areas patrolling people they are incapable of relating to?!”   That is when you experience the biggest and potentially the deadliest situations.  If you haven’t experienced or lived through misfortune like the people of the community your serving,  How are you going to have any interest in making it better? 

 Misunderstanding  sometimes plays a big role in the reason that so many brutal and horrific things happen in lower income neghborhoods. That isn’t the only reason for these deaths there are other factors. Like the lack of background checks. They should be done on  police and sheriffs who patrol lower income areas,  and stop giving that job to just any ol’ body.  We want to live and feel safe too.  Instead of being in constant fear that we’re one pull over away from the end of our lives.  

 Many times it seems like we  have been labeled the burden of mankind. But you and I know that isn’t true.  I deserve the same amount of respect that you would want me to give you.  I know that all Caucasians aren’t racist I’m just speaking to the ones that are. Just give me that chance at living abundantly as you and your family have for hundreds of years.  Stop trying to dim my light because you can’t understand my shine.