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Have you ever just wanted to be free??.... You know, the type of freedom that we should have been born into. I know we aren't slaves, because we get paid for our services in one way or the other, but in many ways working for someone else getting paid way less than you deserve and… Continue reading Metrics


Free Shipping on Purchases over $35

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read Disclaimer for more info. Shop SoapsbyShad.etsy.com for all your soaping needs.   Good morning Good People!!!!   How is your morning going?..... I hope just as well as you want it to be. Hopefully you're somewhere making money, sleeping or spending time with someone you love.  … Continue reading Free Shipping on Purchases over $35


Looking to relax?

Hey good people!!! I hope every day feels like a blessing and all of your dreams are coming true or will eventually.   As I've stated many time before, I have started somewhat of a soap company. Well that is what you can consider it for the time being, because soap is the only thing… Continue reading Looking to relax?