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Dreams Never Die

  There is money out here to be made.

So many of us believe that the only way to make money is through someone else. But think about it,

“How did they start making money?”

I’m sure they didn’t start off with a lot in the bank. Many times these big companies had an idea, and they took that leap of faith.

That’s all it takes is to believe in yourself, and you will go far. Many people seem to have forgotten that or just don’t believe. It’s sad that we have so many people going to jobs they hate everyday, without taking time out to invest in something they love doing. Always know if you promote heavily and you continue to perfect your craft, the customers will come. Kick the doubt out of your mind. Even if they don’t seem to come as fast as you think they should, keep pushing. Your break through is right around the corner.

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Pieces To A Puzzle

Trying to be something other than the norm is a struggle. It seems like the harder you try the more you are fighting to blow that cap off of everyone’s perception of normal. If there was anyway that some of us could become something more than what we are with out a struggle I believe a lot of us would be just that. But the reality is achieving something that is difficult to obtain is a gift in its self. Think of something that has been difficult to get or do and then think of how much more you appreciated it simply because you had to work to get it. That is the same thing with living life the way you want to. Doing the things you love and want to do, you have to make a decent living in order to live the way that you see fit. That means doing what you love rather than doing something purely based off of convince or income.

I said that to say, when your doing something that involves your purpose and passion it will never feel like work because believe it or not it is the reason your here living life influencing situations and people only as you know how. I have always believed that we were given this life to add to each others lives.

Have you ever felt like you were a piece to a puzzle? I have. I think that we all are pieces to a big jigsaw puzzle called ‘life’ and we are just trying to find out where we fit. By doing what your passionate about it helps you to take your natural place in life. The confusion comes when we start to let others dictate the way they want us to live our life. Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles doesn’t matter who it is they don’t have that right to dictate your life. They’ve already lived thiers and done with it what they pleased. So it is your turn to do the same. As long as it is not causing anything or anyone else harm do what’s in your heart. Be your own person, live life and feel every moment of it.

  Another thing to keep in mind is there is always a way to make money from something you love doing. If your the best at it and love doing what you do there is always going to be someone that needs someone that specializes in what ever it is you've decided you love to do.