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Gym Journal Entry #3

I’m starting to really love the gym. I love the way working out makes me feel! By the time I finish a workout I feel like I can do anything. There is so much inspiration that comes with moving your body vigorously for an hour a day. I’m starting to like going so much that’s I believe I’m going to start going more than once a day. That may just turn out to be my new hang out spot. It makes perfect sense, it makes me feel good, I’ve always loved figure/ body building models and I’ve always been extremely into fitness.

I’m sure if you’ve read my blogs before, you know there are a lot of things that I’ve tried before that I’ve thought were my thing. True, I’m extremely indecisive, but the beauty of that is, I’ll never get bored, I’ll always be interested in more than one thing. The question now is, “Which one thing should I pursue?” or “Should I continue to pursue them all?” Since I do have love for a lot of different things. But, one secret about me is, I’ve always been interested in three things all my life and they are writing, health, and the way you can manipulate the body to look the way you desire, through working out and nutrition. I believe the only reason I haven’t pursued a career in the fitness industry yet, is do to insecurities and worrying about how other people would perceive me once I took on a more muscular frame. I still have those worries, but the older I get, I realize it’s not how other people see me it’s how I see myself. Like they always say, “Different strokes for different folks.rahki.jpg

This is @Rahkigiovanni my fitspiration. I love her!!! I think I gravitated to her because she doesn’t have the normal body structure of someone that is in her profession. She’s muscular, but she still has  her feminine curves. I thought in order to be a body builder I would have to sacrifice a feminine figure for a more masculine one, but she’s definitely proven that’s not the case.

In closing, I just  want to remind whoever’s reading this, what you say about yourself trumps whatever someone else has to say about you. After all you’re the one living this life and experiencing everything that comes with it first hand. “Why shouldn’t your thoughts and decisions matter?” Look for fulfillment inside of you, first, and never allow yourself to get lost in what someone else wants, because when it’s all said and done, you’re the one that’s going to have to deal with the consequences of the decisions you made based off of another person’s opinion.

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My Journey To Get Fit

Day 10

Going to the gym has started to become something I love. I’ve always liked working out and seeing the result of the effort I put into my body. But there’s something different that happens when you have a work out partner. As I stated before my mother is my work out partner, truth be told we both needed this. I’m just happy that we’re doing it. The way that I feel when I finish working out is exhilarating!

blowThere’s no other feeling like it. But there are some that come close, one for example is eliminating processed foods and meats out of your diet. I can’t say that I’ve done it yet, but that is the next thing I’m going to work own, because I want to be a vegan by the time I hit 40. I have about 4 more years before that happens, so I gotta get crackin. Although I’m not a vegan now, I have been before. To be completely honest it was the best I’ve ever felt. I had abundant amounts of energy, my eye sight was clear than it’s ever been, I felt happy and optimistic all the time. It was a feeling I didn’t want to come down from, but had too. Reason being, my body wasn’t having it. I had gone 2 solid months eating only the things I prepared. Thinking that I was doing something good, I soon realized that my body couldn’t keep up because of how rapidly I changed my diet. Two months in and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, then one night I start to have pains in my upper right abdomen. I had no idea what was going on. Naturally I thought  the pain would pass, but it didn’t. It increased. Even though I felt pain, I did nothing about it. I went to work as usually and the next night I told my mom that I would go to the hospital the next day if it didn’t pass. Then that next day, the pain had not left so my mom took me to the hospital. I got X-Rays done and it came back that I had a gallstone lagged in my small intestine, that would not pass. I had been dealing with that pain for three days before I decided to something about it.

Long story short, I’m okay, as you can see, I didn’t die. I thank God I didn’t. But, that is something you constantly here every time your doing something that isn’t wide received, like giving up animal products and going vegan for your health, the health of the world and animals. When that happened to me, people in my family believe it happened because I stopped eating meat. I think it happened because my body was so use to me giving it trash to digest, that when it was forced to reprogram itself and get use to digesting that are good for me, it freaked out, and as a result of that my gallbladder was removed. Did it have to be removed? I don’t believe so, because the gallstone had already passed by the time I was scheduled to have surgery. Once I became a patient, the doctors made me believe that getting rid of it was the only way I could guarantee something like this wouldn’t happen again. They didn’t tell me my diet was the cause of my poor health.underconstruction

So naturally when I got out of the hospital I was hungry, because from that Saturday til Tuesday I hadn’t eaten anything for fear of the gallstone not passing and them possibly having to do emergency surgery because my intestine burst. My diet was nothing but liquids, that was no fun. So, once I got out I started eating meat again because it was the easiest thing to get too, after all 99% of all fast food and dine in restaurants glorify their meat dishes before they would ever glorify a veggie dish. I don’t know why. But, I’m guessing it’s because meat lasts a whole lot longer than any fruit or vegetable, and that’s the American way, right?

Even though I fell of the vegan wagon, I plan to get back on it real soon. After all, I am way to sensitive to eat a once living being. Also, the health effects of going vegan or tremendous!! Its the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’ve had struggles with getting or staying healthy please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Quest To Get Healthy

Day 5

I feel so good! I miss this feeling. I know you’re probably like, “What is she talking about?” Well, I’ve been going to the gym since this past  Saturday, and it has made a world of difference in how I react to the world and myself. Usually, I’m so depressed and don’t want to do anything. Mainly because I feel like no matter what I do, there is no way for me to gain true happiness. I know the happiness has to come from with in, in order for no one to be able to take it away, but that’s something I struggle with. For so long I’ve allowed others to determine how I feel about myself, that’s going to change. I’m going to learn to take full responsibility for my feelings and actions, something I should have done a long time ago.

I can’t explain how good it’s made me feel to get up and workout. Granted, everyday isn’t easy getting out of bed at 5 in the morning, but it’s well worth it. Knowing that I’m helping my body get in the best shape of my life is like trying something knew. You’re not sure if you’re going to like it once you do it, but at least now you have the experience. This is especially true for me, because I have been a big girl all of my life. I’ve never experienced being skinny or even slim thick, if that is even a real thing. All my life I have been bigger than everyone my age. When I say bigger I don’t mean 20 pounds or 40 pounds heavier, I mean 50 to 100 pounds. Let me give you an example, in 3rd grade most kids were maybe 60 to 80lbs. Me on the other hand, I was 183lbs in third grade! I thought maybe I had an inactive thyroid, but that wasn’t the problem. What turned out being the problem was the food I was eating, everything I ate was processed. fit

I didn’t learn until later what processed food did to the body. Let’s just put it like this, it’s not good. That’s why I’m trying to change my ways now, while I still can. I don’t know about you, but I want to live for a long time. And not like how these other people are (Existing). I want to be up and getting around like a 20yr old until the day I die, living life the way I choose, not the way others expect me too. Living on your own terms is and always will be the true definition of life.

Make sure to check back in with me, because I plan to do a before and after every month, so you can see the difference working out has made in my life. By watching my journey I hope to inspire you to take one of your own, and it doesn’t have to be fitness. It is anything that you’ve always wanted to do but never have because you never seemed to have the time or the energy.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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