Good Morning. I hope your day is starting out with a bang! Today is not the day for me. I wish that we still were on spring break. It was so nice not to have anything to do and to actually enjoy my home. For 1 whole week I was allowed to just be and… Continue reading Monotony

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I don't know my place in this world. It seems I never have. I give and give until there's nothing left for me. Sometimes I feel my heart is working against me. Saying things like, "You have it so give it." OR "Do it! You have the time. You have the ability to help them,… Continue reading Lost

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Mediator/ Empath

Empath- A person who's able to feel emotions/energy on an intense level. Good Morning!!! From what I've come to understand, empaths are strong. At times, I'm not going to lie, I hate my empathic ability. Reason being, it makes me vulnerable to other people's emotions. It also doesn't help that I'm an INFP. Meaning, I'm… Continue reading Mediator/ Empath

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Screwed Up

Good Morning!!! I know it's been almost a week since I've posted. I can kind of blame the season for that. So many things to do and so little time to do them. But I hope all is well and you got what you wanted from who you wanted it from. Now for the topic… Continue reading Screwed Up