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Trust You!




As always, I hope all is well and you are following the road less traveled, but the one that you feel in your heart belongs to you. Like I’ve said may times before; “You aren’t living unless you’re living a life of freedom and remain to be uninhabited by your surroundings.

Too many times we have been stopped from doing things we really have wanted to do because we were listening to the opinions of others. Sometimes it’s good to listen to others, but sometimes it’s not.

Let Your Brain Take the Road Less Traveled - The Human FactorMy whole life has been dictated by others. Mainly because I was afraid to take accountability for the things I chose. Cause this way I could sometimes do what I wanted, because someone suggested it and not get blamed for the outcome. But the only thing with that is sometimes people choose what you would have chosen, then other times they don’t. When that happens you’re focused with making the decision whether you are going to do what they suggest, or are you going to follow your own mind and do what you want to do anyway?

That’s why I’ve learned to follow my own advise. Don’t misunderstand me, I still ask people their opinion; but I don’t fall for the peer pressure of doing something because someone told me too. 

It’s gonna be a struggle at first, but you’ll be so happy once you learn to trust yourself. Cause what happens when you finally start following your own mind is; you stop being a follower and become a leader. In becoming a leader you also unlock you mind and finally give yourself the permission to be you, unapologetically. That is when the true beauty of living comes in to play.


Question of the day:What is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because of the opinions of others?

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As Always 

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Live out Loud

Good morning. As always, thanks for coming to check out my post.

I was checking out the way some entrepreneur minds’ work, and it fascinates me! There are people out here who know how to make money off of every and anything. I love it! They’re getting there life! That is where I’m gonna be in the next year.

What I’ve learned from people like this, is golden. They had the courage to take their life by the balls and do what it is the have always wanted to do (live out loud). People like that are something special because they have learned ways to not let life restrict them. I’m always talking about what to do to live the life of your dreams. I talk about it but I don’t live it, and that’s a problem. I realize that is a conflict of interest because in order for you to want to try the tips I’ve given, I would have to walk a mile in my own shoes first. So as a promise to you and myself; for the rest of 2019 I am going to do what I feel is in my heart to do and what is going to make me feel better. I know what that is, but I don’t know what it looks like, just yet. So, in a couple of days I’m going to sort through my life and make a plan of action to start living the life of my dreams.

Like I always say you have to live your life because it’s not going to live for you.

Also, I’m very interested to find out about all my people out here who live their lives’ out loud. What are some of the things you’ve done to be able to live the life of your dreams?

Signed: A connoisseur of  freedom

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