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Good Morning!!!


Hope you’re having a beautiful day! There are so many reasons why you should. Before you say or even think of that as a false statement realize experiencing the best out of life is a state of mind. So… with that said, life is what ever you want to make it.

I tend to read a lot of self help books. I do this because I feel the need to work on myself. I’m not going to lie and say I have everything figured out sense reading these books; but they do help me to feel a lot better about myself and situations. They help me to see the world in someone else’s perspective. This in turn helps to boost my mood, which leads to me feeling uplifted and wanting to pass that feeling on. I say this because maybe you’re someone who wants or needs to feel uplifted, and this may be something you use to bring you a little bit closer to that.

There is so much you can do when you feel uplifted and free. For my followers who’ve been with me over the years (I appreciate you all immensely) you know I always say the way the world is constructed, we are slaves to the 1%ers. I’m not saying that in a way to make you feel sad, mad or helpless. I say this because most of us go to a job we hate and  trade our time for money everyday. When we could be just as privileged as our bosses or so many others who took a chance on their selves’.

If you are like some, you might be okay with working for someone else. That’s okay if you are. But if you’re like me, you crave to be in the center of everything great. Even if that means you have to experience some things that aren’t so great. 

Your journey is your own. Don’t get discouraged if the ones around you can’t see or understand your vision. Just remember it wasn’t given to them, it was given to you. 

Never doubt yourself, because you’re capable of doing things you’ve never even dreamed possible. 

Learn the ways of the world through trial and error, when ever possible. When you start living this way, your whole life doesn’t turn out to be a long list of woulda shoulda coulda’s. 

I get that many of us live in our heads. This is even more detrimental when you’re an introvert who suffers from social anxiety, like myself. Just remember these are obstacles that can be over come. You don’t have to sit and bathe in misery (unless you want too).

You control you’re destiny. Stop giving it away!!

Live and be Limitless.


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As Always

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Trust You!




As always, I hope all is well and you are following the road less traveled, but the one that you feel in your heart belongs to you. Like I’ve said may times before; “You aren’t living unless you’re living a life of freedom and remain to be uninhabited by your surroundings.

Too many times we have been stopped from doing things we really have wanted to do because we were listening to the opinions of others. Sometimes it’s good to listen to others, but sometimes it’s not.

Let Your Brain Take the Road Less Traveled - The Human FactorMy whole life has been dictated by others. Mainly because I was afraid to take accountability for the things I chose. Cause this way I could sometimes do what I wanted, because someone suggested it and not get blamed for the outcome. But the only thing with that is sometimes people choose what you would have chosen, then other times they don’t. When that happens you’re focused with making the decision whether you are going to do what they suggest, or are you going to follow your own mind and do what you want to do anyway?

That’s why I’ve learned to follow my own advise. Don’t misunderstand me, I still ask people their opinion; but I don’t fall for the peer pressure of doing something because someone told me too. 

It’s gonna be a struggle at first, but you’ll be so happy once you learn to trust yourself. Cause what happens when you finally start following your own mind is; you stop being a follower and become a leader. In becoming a leader you also unlock you mind and finally give yourself the permission to be you, unapologetically. That is when the true beauty of living comes in to play.


Question of the day:What is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because of the opinions of others?

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As Always 

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Experience Life Through Your Own Eyes

Life is never easy. But one thing to always remember is; no matter what you’re going through, it’s only temporary. Situations and circumstance can change, it all depends on your attitude towards life. Once you’ve figure out what you want out of it, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

See many of us just live day to day, because we’re thinking; eventually I’m gonna figure this life thing out. Some of us never figure it out, we just know we’re suppose to create connections and live as comfortable as life allows. But that isn’t the only thing life is about (remember: this is totally my opinion.)

You’ll always hear me say life is about connection; which is true, but it’s also about enjoying, loving, experiences, and exploration. You were put here for an experience. Take my advice; take every spare moment you can, to bathe in all of God’s creations; after all that is what he created them for. Stop going through life stressed, when you could experience life on a whole other level.

Once you begin to open up to the real beauty the world has to offer, you could easily find yourself a lot healthier and happier. I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced this; but being still and taking in your surroundings, has the ability to bring true tranquility. Places like sitting by a body of water can be so fulfilling if you let it. This is something I love doing, because it helps to calm and clear my mind. Things that once stressed me out, have the tendency to melt away. All because I gave myself the time I need to regroup and remove myself from the chaos.

Chaos is something that makes a lot of us go crazy, for lac of a better word. I’m sure a lot of you have very demanding jobs that have or are stressing you currently. Stop the stressing and find something you can do that will put you at ease. It’s not healthy to stress. I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to check out early. I need all the years, months, days, hours, and  minutes the dear lord had intended for me.

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90% v.s 10%

Have you ever experienced a time in life when you felt, that part of life wasn’t yours?

That’s me right now. I just wish I could go back to having the semi comfortable life I had before. Granted, I didn’t like my job. But, I was use to it and I knew it backwards and forwards. At this current time, I have a job (not exactly the one I would like); but I’m grateful for it.

I went from working 4 days 30hrs to 5 days 40 hours, making the same amount or less bi-weekly. You know that had to hit me hard. It’s like a punch to the gut, every time I walk into my current place of employment. As I stated before, I feel very out of place. I’m getting a little comfortable, but I still feel like I’m not on the right path (for me). At the current time all I can do is go through it. I just have to have faith that things will get better.

I’m sure they will. But until then, I’m going to be looking deeper into manifestation and journaling. From what I’ve started to experience journaling and manifestation work. It’s all about the type of energy you have set around them. Through learning about journaling, scripting, and manifestation; I have faith life will soon be what I’ve always wanted it to be (for me).

One thing I will never forget and something you shouldn’t also is; Life is what you make it. As I’ve heard so many times before, ” Reality is 90% how you react to it and 10% what happens to you. So go through life boldly and live life with no regrets.

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