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I’m not going down without a fight!

Hope everyone is having a very joy filled blessed day. The post below was in my drafts. There are some things that come across in this post that make me remember how it used to be. Things aren't how they used to be. Meaning I'm starting from the beginning once again. But there is power… Continue reading I’m not going down without a fight!

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Back to the drawing board

Good Morning!!!! There's always something in life that is going to through you off from your routine. For me that was Spring Break. Even though I didn't do much, I still did a lot. It's crazy that when you're not doing anything you feel guilty for not doing anything. The guilt was something I had… Continue reading Back to the drawing board

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Broken Men

                 Am I the only one that believes the way some men handle their emotions needs to change? There is a stigma with men and not being able to express their self. I know plenty people think about men and the way their emotions are going to come… Continue reading Broken Men

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(Wo)Man in the Mirror

Good Morning today is a good day. Not because something happened for me to declare it as one, but because I have a positive attitude and believe that it will be. Many days that's all it takes is for you to believe. Aside from that; how many of you have listened to people describe you… Continue reading (Wo)Man in the Mirror

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Good Morning!! It is the start of the week and I'm wishing it was the end already. Life isn't bad, but it could be a lot better. It seems like the only thing that remains constant are obligations. I think the daily obligations is what motivated me to start creating my on realities. Having so… Continue reading Writing

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The Weekend

The weekend... a time of the week a lot of us can't wait for. Most of us right now have wished the weekend was everyday of the week. Then we remember we need to work because we need to be able to live. But who said living had to be so hard? The weekend... the… Continue reading The Weekend


Settle?…… Yay or Nah

Good Morning, lovely people!!!! I hope your day is going as good as mine. Everyday I get to wake up and have a better day than the last is a good one. First of all, being single has its perks. I would be lying though if I neglected to say that I didn't miss having… Continue reading Settle?…… Yay or Nah

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What's up people?!! Hope everyone is doing more than fine. There was something that just came to mind. I'm sure if you have a pulse and you are in your mid to late thirties you've been with someone who tricked you into believing they loved you. That's one of the reasons I don't get involved… Continue reading Romantic

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Life is all about the risk

Life is supposed to be God given. So why is it we have to put so much effort into living it?...... I've come to realize living is easy, it's people who make it hard. There are so many terms and conditions we put in the way that have the ability to limit the quality of… Continue reading Life is all about the risk