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Desire: Part 10

“Desire you really gonna leave me out here like this?!”

“I told you if you didn’t have something in your hands for me ,that the door was gonna get slammed in your face! You thought I was playing?!”

“Come on, let me in!”
She was tired of the games. She didn’t want to admit it, but being with Klaus made her think about all the times she was hurt and disappointed by her ex-Keith; a guy she dated the whole time in high school. Desire was sure they were going to get married and have a couple of kids; but Keith had something else in mind. Before she knew it, Keith left town; and his reason for leaving was to be with some older girl. Someone he had apparently been with the whole time he was dating Desire; so she thought.

“See all ya’ll the same!” Klaus couldn’t quite hear what she was saying but he got the gist of it.

“Babe I promise, I’ll be right back!” Klaus wasn’t sure what to get Desire, but he knew that he had to get her something. Other wise there was no chance she was going to let him in her house, let alone between her thighs.

Time passed , for Desire it felt like an eternity, because she was afraid that he gave up and left, for good. She would never admit it, but when it came down to the worth she had for herself, there was very little. She always seemed to let a mans opinion over of her overshadow the way she felt about herself. She hadn’t realized it, but she was doing it again.

Knock!!! Knock!!! Knock!! 

“Who is it?!”

“Babe, it’s me! Let me in!”

“Where did you go?!”

“Just open the door!”

Once Desire opened the door what she saw was nothing short of breath-taking.

“What is all this?!” Desire was taken aback by the amount and types of gifts Klaus presented to her.

“Well, I felt like I should get you something that shows I plan to be with you for a long time.”

There wasn’t much that could be said that could change her mind about Klaus in that moment. She thought for sure he was the man for her and she was the woman for him. All the previous thoughts of him being with someone else magically disappeared upon seeing the abundant amount of gives he took his time choosing for her.

“What is all this?!”

“Baby you deserve it. Once again, I want to apologize for making you feel that you could ever be anything less than my number one priority. I know it may be soon, but I’m really loving your spirit and I don’t want this thing to end.”

Upon becoming over whelmed with emotion, Desire was surprised to find a little something extra peaking out from his car.

“What is that?!”

There was nothing left to be said. She had seen the gift he was saving for last, because he thought she would love it more than anything else he had given her. So he walked to the car and pulled out the cutest tinniest Yorkie poo Desire had every seen in her life.

“Are you serious, right now?! Awwww!” Desire had no more words. She began to get emotional and let a few tears fall. She couldn’t stop smiling, because she finally felt the love that she so desperately searched for in men and women passed, and hoped she found it with

“What’s going on, here? I hope those are tears of joy.”

“Of course. Thank you, Baby!”

“You are so welcome. Now can we go inside?”

“Wiping happy tears from her face, she took Klaus’s hand and led him inside.  What came next was a night full of passion and ecstasy, far more intimate than either one of them ever experienced.

Short stories · story telling

Desire: Part 8

Reminder: If this is your first time reading the Desire Series please make sure to READ IN ORDER. All parts can be found under SHORT STORIES under Desire.


“Mahogany, you know I’m here for you.”

“I know. That’s why I’m trying to watch out for you; because I got yo back and  I know, you got mine.”

“I’m sorry you went through what you went through. I thank you for looking out. But I don’t think Klaus is anything like that.”
“Desire, you don’t know what this man is really like. The one good thing I have to say about him is, he has his own money. Did you ever find out what he does?”

“No. All I know is he’s the boss and can get time off when ever he needs it.”

“You telling me, ya’ll have been together for a little over a month now and he still hasn’t told you what he does?”

“Yeah. But he told me from the jump that he wanted to get to know me first before he tells me the inner most parts of his life.”

“Desire, what the f*** are you talking about?! You telling me his a** can’t even tell you where he works?! He at least knows that much about you!”

“I know. But, I’m trying to give him the time he needs to tell me when he’s ready.”

“I don’t know where you come from with this p**** s***! Grow some balls!” 

“Mahogany, can I do this the way I know how?”

“No! Because the men in Miami are a different breed, they nothing like the men you know. They cut throat!”

“Well, I guess it’s good for me that he’s not from Miami.”

“That don’t change a damn thing. He been here for a while, I’m sure he don picked up some of the ways.”

“You worry to much.”

“When you seeing him again?”

“Later tonight?”

“Where ya’ll going?”

“Damn, Momma.”
“Desire, just answer the question.”
“Well, we haven’t decided yet. But, I really just want to stay in.”

“There you go with yo fast a**?”

“I’m not being fast I just don’t want to go anywhere.”
“Like I said.”

“Well, expect me to drop on by. I wanna see what Mr. Klaus is all about.”

“Because, I want to make sure he has the best intensions for my bestfriend.”

“Don’t you think I should have figured that out already?”
“No. He got yo nose wide open. So asking you to look at ya’lls relationship logically, is something you’re not capable of at the current moment. By this point I’m sure you’ve been hypnotized by the d***.”


“Ha, ha, ha, you so funny; Not.”
“Whatever. I’m not saying to be funny. I just know how this thing works.”

“Mahogany, can I give you a call back?!”

Klaus was on the other end and Desire was hot and bothered thinking about the night before.
“He’s on the other end; isn’t he?”

“How you know?”

“Because you sounding a little to happy to get off the phone. Go ahead and talk to him. But let him know, I want to meet him tonight.”


“Okay, Ma.”

Mahogany and Desire’s relationship reflected that of sisters. They hadn’t known each other for long, but that didn’t matter because their souls felt as if they had known each other forever.


Ending the phone call with Mahogany, she clicked over to speaker to her (a.k.a beautiful stranger) Klaus.

“Hey baby! Are we still on for tonight?” 

“That’s why I’m calling. I’m not gonna be able to make it tonight.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing. I just have to take care of some business.”
“What’s really going on?”

“I told you Desire. I have to take care of some business. These are the type of things that come with owning a multi-million dollar company.” 

“I understand you have to work, but this is the third time you’ve cancelled on me this week!”

“Baby, I’m so sorry. Best believe I’m gonna make it up to you.”

“What are you gonna do?” Desire was very disappointed, but soon forgot about it because if there was anything Klaus was good at,  it was making up.

“First we’re going to take a little vacation. I know you need it and so do I.”

“Where are we going?”
“It won’t matter because we’ll be in the room most of the time. All I wanna do is make love to you, and spoil you in every way I know how.”

“And I want you too. But when are we gonna go out and have some fun? It seems like all we’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks, is have sex.”

“I thought you were enjoying yourself.”
“Don’t get me wrong; I am. I just thought this would be something more than a sex thing.”
“That’s not what this is.”

“Coulda fooled me. Every time you come over here, we end up having sex.”

“That’s only because I’m attracted to you and you’re attracted to me.”
“I get that. But, you haven’t taken me any where since, what?….. About two weeks ago.”

“In do time. You know my business keeps me busy. I’m sorry I’m not able to give you the time you deserve. But I really like you, and I think something special could come from the chemistry we have.”
“I like you too. But, I’m not about to be sitting here waiting for you to show up, and you bail just when I think I’m gonna see you!”
“Patience, Monique. You will be seeing me real soon. I just have to take care of this first. 

How about we make plans for tomorrow?”

“Let’s play it by ear. I might have plans tomorrow.”

“Okay. Well, give me a call when you’re free.”

“No. How about you do that?”

“Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I look forward to hearing from you.”
Desire was pissed. She thought something was really starting to takeoff between the two of them. But every time she thought he was allowing her to get closer, he would pull back by disappearing for a couple of days at a time. But little did she know, there was a really good reason he wasn’t spending as much time with her as he did before. She planned on doing some digging for herself. She felt it was time to get to know more about him than he was telling her. So she did what any woman in a situation like hers would have done; she made a plan to follow him home the next time he came over.

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Short stories · story telling

Desire: Part 7

Reminder: If this is your first time reading the Desire Series please make sure to READ IN ORDER. All parts can be found under SHORT STORIES under Desire.

Weeks passed; Desire and Klaus got really close over a short amount of time. Neither one of them understood what was happening. They just knew they didn’t want to be apart, not even  for a second. There was something special about Desire, Klaus couldn’t quite put his finger on; something that made her stand out from the rest of the many women who tried tying him down over the years. The type of connection they shared, to a degree was deeper then any connection either one of them ever shared with one person.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

“Desire, where you been girl?!”

“Mahogany, stop that. You act like we didn’t just see each other a couple days ago.”

“That’s because we haven’t. I don’t know if you’ve noticed; but you haven’t been to work in over a week.”

“It hasn’t been that long! Has it?”

“Desire the last time I saw you it was Saturday! And today’s Thursday.”

“Mahogany, stop being so dramatic.”

“I’m not being dramatic. Is it that new guy of yours that doesn’t want you working here anymore?” Mahogany got angry at the thought of Klaus; since the two started dating Desire seemingly put her friendship with Mahogany on the back burner, and she blamed him for that.

“He doesn’t want me to continue to work there; but that isn’t the reason I haven’t been to work, lately.”

“So what is?”

“To be honest, I just have been having so much fun with Klaus and decided to take a couple days off.”

“You coulda let a b**** know.”

“You right, I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. So when do you come back?”

“Not sure. But when I do, you will be the first to know.”

“Monique?” Desire knew from Mahogany’s use of her real first name that this conversation was changing from playful to serious.

“Yeah, Sis, What’s up?”

“Please make sure that if you do stop dancing, it’s your decision and not his. Just remember this thing you have with him is fairly new. Also, even if ya’ll happen to be together for years and you think you know him; never do anything that you haven’t come to a decision about first. Follow your own mind; make sure you’re taken care of.”

“Girl, why are you being so serious?”

“Because I know the Signs.”

“What, ‘Signs?”

“A woman in love.”

“Who said I was in love?”

“No one had too. Like I said the signs are there.”

“I’m not in love! I just like spending time with him.”

“Monique, there is nothing wrong with being in love. I just want you to make sure he feels the same way about you. Because, I know what it’s like to love someone. Doing everything they ask or tell you to do, all because you love them.”

“Who you talking about? Rich?”

“Nah. I’m talking about the guy who would have been my first child’s father.”

“First child? You where pregnant before?”

“Yeah. Two times before.”

“Who was the guy? Some older guy I met at the club, when I was 16.”

“What the f***, you doing in a club that young?!”

“You know I didn’t have the easiest start in life. If I wanted to eat I had to find a way to make money; and stripping was the only thing a b**** could do to make some fast cash.”

“I’m surprised they couldn’t tell you were just a baby.”

“Desire, you know how it is. The better you look, the more you can bring in. They weren’t thinking about how old I was. They were thinking about how much money I could bring in. Besides it was my own fault.”

“I understand that. But you had adults around you who should have cared enough to know where you were. Maybe if they were more concerned with their daughters whereabouts, you wouldn’t have met that awful man.”

“What’s done is done. There’s no way to change what happened. All I can do is learn from it, and I did. That’s why I’m hoping I can save you from going through what I went through.”

“Was it the owner of the club?”

“No. It was actually his brother. I should have known never to get with anyone like him. But when you’re young you do some dumb s***.”

“What was so bad about him?”

“At first, nothing. He was the perfect gentleman. Then as time started to pass and I lowered my guard; it seemed like he went from bad to worse. Sometimes that could happen in a couple of seconds. I never knew what version of him to expect.

There were times he would beat me because I didn’t look at him the way he thought I should be. There were even times he made me have sex with other men because he was too lazy to get a job. Let me remind you; he had a job when we got together. But seemed to get ‘let go’ 6 months after us being together. I know now, the only reason he had a job was because he was waiting for easy prey like me to come a long. And that all happened because I let my love for him, over power the love I had for myself.”

“I hear you. I can’t believe you went through so much; and your not even thirty yet.”

“Yeah, I would have been 17 with my first child. But, he made me get an abortion because he wasn’t sure if the baby was his or one of the random men he had me sleeping with, for cash. Truth be told I really wish I wouldn’t have let him pressure me to get that abortion. Because, I don’t see children as accidents; they’re blessings.”

“Now, I understand why you were so happy when you got pregnant.”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t be able to conceive again. One, because God gifted me a child and I had the audacity to send that little blessing back, and two, the person who did the abortion wasn’t a real doctor. She was one of my ex’s friends wife.”

“And you let her operate on you?!”

“I thought she was a doctor! After all that’s what he told me.”

“I can’t blame you, you were a baby. How were you suppose to know?”

Part 8 Coming Soon!!!

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