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Question of the day: Is Marriage still Necessary?


A lot of us don’t see the point in it anymore. I guess you could say I would love to be married without having to be legally bonded to the other person. Like they say marriage is a contract. I don’t know the specifics, but there’s no way I’m gonna let someone make money off of me.

I can’t lie though, I would love to be married for reasons other than security, insecurities, or finances. I’m some what of a romantic, so the idea of someone choosing to spend their life with me is a flattering thought.

I understand decades upon decades ago, it was neccessary and sometimes mandatory for women to get married to men of a particular stature because they needed security and financial support.

These days that’s a thing of the past. Even though I’m sure there’re many who still get married because of a person’s economical status, it’s less of a requirement.

Earlier I was reading a post on “Marriage”, if it was a thing of the past or if it was still necessary. The person’s stance on the matter was “No” because they believed it had everything to do with needing something from the other person.

In this post the writer made it seem as if being married is a sign of weakness. But from what I’ve experienced it can be a beautiful fruitful union if both parties are willing and ready to put in the work.

What’s sad is, people have been taught and conditioned to believe if you need someone in your life, you’re weak; that’s far from the truth. The real strength comes when you’ve been hurt over and over again and still have the strength to love and be open and honest with your other half. That’s why when most refer to marriage they say things like, “When two become one” or ” Your other half?” They say this because there’s an unseen security that comes with being in great marriage, where you understand him and he understands you.

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Who Should Pay?

In this day and age it seems there’s a power struggle going on between men and women. A lot of men and women want to be taken care of, but at the same time want to have say so over their relationships.

My view on the whole thing; everyone’s’ needs can be met if we’re on the same page mentally. The sad part is, many of us get with people because we’re more concerned with their outer than their inner. This society is so mesmerized by how well put together or attractive someone is, they fail to find out what that person’s core values are. That’s where we mess up. I’m not gonna be like, ” Dude is ugly as f*** but I’m gonna still find out what he got in his head”.

I’m gonna be honest, that isn’t my initial thought. Usually if I date someone that isn’t attractive, they end up having a quality I found attractive to make me see differently. That’s how most of my relationships went, anyway. I’ve only dated someone visually attractive, once. The reason for that; many times people who are attractive and know they are, have big heads and I don’t need those problems.

But, getting back to the topic at hand. People date who they want. They marry who they want. We can have this argument until we’re blue in the face, but we’ll never be on one accord. One reason is everyone if asked would have a different opinion on the matter. You have some women who wouldn’t mind being the bread winner; the same is true for some men. All that really matter’s is if you’ve created a strong foundation.

If both are working to keep that relationship strong, there is nothing capable of breaking that bond. It’s not about who pays for this and who pays for that. It’s more of, ‘I got you and you got me’. Everything that we bring into the household and this partnership is both ours, equally. There’s no; ‘I make all the financial decisions because I make the money’ or ‘No sex because you’re not helping me around the house’.

If you have or are in a marriage or relationship were everything feels split down the middle; I want to let you know, that isn’t what you believe it to be. True committed relationships are when you have developed a union; a force to be reckoned with. Everything belongs to the two of you. There is no that’s mine and that’s hers. So until you can be that open you’re having experiences, that will eventually lead up to a relationship (hopefully).   

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My sincerest apologizes if you’ve been waiting for this part of the story. He it goes…

“Kevall, I’m gonna need you to hold down the office for me for a couple of days.”

“Why? Where you going?”

Passion looked at him questionably because she had gone on hundreds of trips over the years and he had never taken a real interest in where she went. So this was a little off putting to her.

“Why all of a sudden you care?”

“I’ve always cared. I just never said anything. I didn’t believe it was my place to ask because we were polyamorous at the time.”

“That hasn’t changed.”

“Well.. why not?!” Kevall wanted so badly for her to realize she hadn’t needed attention from other men, because he planed to make up for all the years he wasted without trying to get to know his wife. The question still was ” Was he too late? “I thought we were working on us?”

“Kevall I know you would love me to be that very agreeable Passion, you met so many years ago; but things have changed… I really love living and being this way. It makes me feel so free and sexually fluid. Something I didn’t welcome at first, but as time went on I began to appreciate.”

“Why can’t you appreciate it with me?”

“I do. I just don’t want your dick to be the only one I get to hop on from time to time. I need and crave other options. Hell.. sometimes I don’t want dick; I want a vagina. So you see, I’ve become so comfortable with our setup, that I’m not just able to break away from that way of life so easily.”

“That still hasn’t answered the question.”

“Which is?…”

“Where are you going?!” By this point, Kevall was frustrated because of his fear of loosing Passion.

“South Africa.”

“With who?” He hadn’t felt the pang of jealousy in years. Even though he had never really been the jealous type, for some reason his feelings toward his wife started to intensify.



This weekend.”

“Have you booked the flight yet?”



“Why is that ‘Good’?”

“Because, you’re not going.”

“What the F*** you mean, ‘I’m not going’?”

“Just what I said.”

She was put off by his sudden need to become a take change type of guy. She wasn’t use to that at all, where it concerned him.

“From my recollection, you’re my husband; not my father!”

“I don’t have to be your father in order to demand that from you.”

“Oh, yes the hell you do! Especially if you expect me to do it!”

“Passion, what happened to honoring your husband?”

“Oh now you wanna play that game.” Passion hadn’t believed how much had changed with in the span of a couple days. Just last week he was piping some girl down in the car outside of their house. She was a little mad about it, but had not said anything because she had also done that a time or two; Kevall just never caught her.

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Short stories

Passion 4- She got her own

The night before was hectic. Passion tried to keep her affair with Jaylen quiet, but someone had already spread the word to her husband. She tried getting it out of him who it was, but it was no use, he wasn’t budging. Partly because he was pissed the guy was even in the house.

Years before, he initially asked for the marriage to be one of convenience; but at the time he believed Passion would be so in love with him, he would be doing most of the dating. Lets just say, that isn’t the way it went down. Now he was caught between a rock and a hard place, because he was the one who opened Pandora’s Box. Now to try to close it; he knew it was not going to go over well with his wife.

“Hey Babe….” Passion was doing her best at trying to keep the peace; but one thing she didn’t take too kindly to, was being ignored. Something Kevall was great at. “Oh, so you ignoring me now?!”

He was so pissed, he didn’t want to say anything to her. He actually wanted her to hurt like he was hurting; but being the mature, logical man he was he knew that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

“Passion you gotta understand; by having your little f***buddy here last night, it makes it look like you playin me!”

“Bae, that is the last thing I was trying to do. I would never do that to you; you have been to good to me for me to do you like that.”

“Thank you for saying that. But that isn’t the picture people from the party last night, are going to paint. I’m sure they’re talking s*** about us right now; really about you.”

“What you mean, ‘Me’?”

“I’m sure they’re thinking you’re dogging me out, and I’m too green to read between the lines.”

“I don’t care what no one has to say. This is my life; and you shouldn’t either.”

“That sounds good in theory; but you know how looking bad to your employees could transition into not so good attention for your business?”

“Yeah,.. I guess you’re right. Let me go and see if I can put these rumors to rest.”

“Good, you go ahead and do that; but not until you do something for me first.” It had been a really long time since Kevall saw his wife in her natural state. Usually, they would go days without seeing each other. So to see her now with out any makeup wearing his college sweatershirt, it made him fall in love all over again. “You are so… beautiful.”

“Ahhh, thanks babe. You are so sweet.”

“I’m not saying it to be sweet, i’m saying it because I mean it. You are more beautiful now than the day we got married.”

Passion had no idea how to react. It wasn’t the compliment that surprised her, it was the love and sincerity she saw in his eyes as he said it.

“And you are just as sexy as the day I met you.”

Kevall felt it was finally time to ask the dreaded question. He wasn’t sure what her answer would be, but he figured he would give it a go.

“Babe, how would you feel… about us shutting all our “friends” out, so we can work on us?”

“What you mean?” She knew exactly what he meant. She was actually trying to buy some time, so she could find a nicer way to reject the idea.

“Come on Passion, you know exactly what I mean. I’m happy with having only you. “I only want you.

I realized that the other night.”

“Are you serious? We’ve been married for twenty plus years. Doing this polyamory thing for the last ten; and now you want only me. ”

“You’re saying it like it’s an inconvenience to you.”

“Well… it is? Can I think about it?”

“I don’t see what’s to think about. I’m your husband, and you love me; right?”

“Of course I do. But Momma’s having to much fun, and I don’t believe i’m done playing yet.”

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Desire: Part 11

“The next morning……

“Good morning, Love. How did you sleep?” Desire almost wanted to pat herself on the back for a job well done. Remembering just a few hours prior she was making him, say her name. She must have tried every trick she ever learned to make him cum. But instead everything she did to bring him closer to orgasm seemed to bring her, closer. She was getting more and more aroused by the pleasure she was giving, but Klaus being the man he was couldn’t let her have all the fun; so naturally he took back control. He started with a gentle kiss behind her ear, then worked his way down her neck and then to her breast. By the time he reached her flower, she was sopping wet with nectar. Every flick of his tongue sent chills up and down her spine, and every kiss seemed to make her want him inside her even more.

“I slept pretty good.” Klaus said as he had a smile on his face that spread from ear to ear, remembering the activities that took place the night before.

“So, what do you wanna do now?” Desire was hoping they would be able to spend the whole day together, so they could have time to get to know each other on a deeper level. But Klaus had other plans.

“What time is it, Babe?”

“A little before 10.”

“What?! I gotta go!”  Klaus quickly sprung into motion. Trying to get home as quick as possible, because he didn’t want his wife to notice he hadn’t been home all night. But little did he know, his effort to get home before she noticed was just a waste of energy, because the night before she took the liberty of putting a tracker on his phone.

“Where are you going?!”

“I’m sorry, Babe. But, I really have to go. I have a meeting in the next hour I have to get prepared for.” Lying came so easy for him; sometimes he lied so well he almost believed his self.

“When are you gonna finally tell me what you do?!”

“I told you; when the time is right.”
“I don’t understand why it isn’t right, right now. You act like we haven’t been dating for the past month. It’s not like you don’t know me. Hell, we’ve been f****** practically since we met!” Desire was becoming desperate to find out his line of work. She didn’t understand his reason for keeping what he did for a living as a secret from her; he knew why. He wished he could tell her, because he was really starting to feel something real with her. But he knew the truth would bring a holt to what ever they could become in the near future.

“Babe, I will tell you soon. Okay?”

“Okay. ” Desire began to pout because she wanted to know why everything had to be so top secret with him.

“I’ll call you when I get out of the meeting. Okay?”

“Alright. Make sure you do that.”

As Klaus got ready to leave he noticed his wife’s car outside of Desire’s house. Panic surged through his whole body at the thought of Sheila catching him there; but he had to play it off.

“Are you expecting someone?”

“No. Why?”

“I see someone walking to the door.”

“And, what is that suppose to mean? I thought you had to go. What’s stopping you now!”

“Babe please understand if I meet one of your friends, I don’t want it to be like this.” Klaus wasn’t quite sure if the reverse psychology was working but he was just taking shots at the air hoping something would stick.

“What are you talking about? Like what?”

“I rather them see me when I’m not in a rush.”

By now Desire had seen who was walking to her door and she wasn’t sure how she was going to get her to leave.

“Don’t worry about it. Give me a minute I’ll let you know when you can come out.”

“Okay, Babe. I’m not trying to be rude, but can you make it quick. Thanks” He said as he smacked her butt, retreating back into the room.

Desire had no clue what she was going to say, but she kept in mind to make it quick, because she didn’t want her man to miss out on making his money.

Knock!!! Knock!!!! Knock!!!

“Hold on!” She had no clue what she was going to say, but she was sure something was going to spring to mind.

“Open this door! I know he in there!”  

“Sheila? What are you doing here?”
“Monique don’t play dumb! You know why I’m here!”

“I promise you, I really don’t know why you’re here.”

Sheila gave her some time to cut the act, but soon notice the confused expression all over her face.

“Are you for real?! You don’t know that the man you f***** last night is my husband!”

In that moment Desire felt as if her whole world came crashing down around her. Here she was feeling all the butterflies and flutters of the heart; just to find out that the person she decided to finally whole heartedly give herself to was nothing but a philanderer. And what made it even worse was the fact he was the husband of the woman who broke her heart. Sure she wanted to hurt Sheila in the worst way, but not like this.

To Be Continued…….

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Desire: Part 9

Reminder: If this is your first time reading the Desire Series please make sure to READ IN ORDER. All parts can be found under SHORT STORIES under Desire.

Sheila, I told you I have to work tomorrow!…..That’s why I stayed home today; I wanted to make sure me you and Bobby spent time together. Since you’re always complaining that we never see each other.” Klaus was getting irritated with Sheila and her clinginess. He already canceled things with Desire, and was mad for it; taking it out on Sheila.

You act like we get to spend time together all the time! I’m only asking about tomorrow, because you say you want your son to see what a healthy marriage looks like. It’s not like one day out of the week is gonna do it for him.

If you didn’t plan on giving this your all; Why couldn’t we make plans to get divorced when I asked you about it?!

“Because, at the time, I was sure we could work this out.”

We probably could work this out if you were willing to try! But, you don’t even want to do that! The effort always has to come from me. Why is that, Klaus?!

Why are you sitting up here lying like that!”

Really, I’m lying right now?!” Sheila had tears in her eyes. She wanted so badly for their marriage to work; but Klaus seemed to refuse to put in any real effort. He assumed, but never knew he was the only man Sheila ever loved.

So, I guess because you pick one day out the F****** year to be with your wife and kid, that makes you a great husband and father?! Guess again. You are going to have to work hard at this just like you worked hard to get and keep your business. It’s not gonna come easy. You should know that by now!”

“Why do I even bother?! You’re gonna find something wrong with what ever I do any way. What’s the point?” Klaus felt he was giving it all he could. He loved Sheila, but he fell out of love with her a long time ago. His reason for staying was mainly his son, and Sheila was reliable. He knew she would take care of his house and his child just as he would. Also in his mind it was cheaper to keep her. There was no way he was willing to pay alimony.

“The point is, I’m tired of feeling like I’m working on us, when you could care less! I knew we were too young to get married, but I loved you! I was pregnant with your child and I loved you more than I loved myself!

What happened to us?”

“I don’t know what happened to you. I’m the same man you married.”

“I think you need to check again; because you’re nothing like the man I married! The man I married loved me and was there for me whenever I needed him. I don’t know who you are.” Sheila said while looking him up and down.

“Oh, okay since you don’t know who I am it won’t matter if I go!”

“Take yo a** on! You not doing me any favors!”

Bobby was in his room trying to block out all the screaming and arguing; something his parents did a lot of that past year. They believed they were doing him a favor by staying together, but all he wished they would do is get a divorce. He felt things would be better for them and for him if they just called it quits.

Ring…. Ring…Ring

“Hello? Who is this?”

“You deleted my number that quick baby? Damn!”

“This you, Klaus?”

“Yeah, who did you think it was?” Klaus was getting a little jealous, because Desire didn’t recognize it was him on the phone.

“Nobody in particular. I was sleep.”

“Oh, okay. Is it alright if I come over?”

“I thought you said you had some things to do at the office?”

“I did.”

“So? Uh…. What happened?”

” I got a colleague to take care of it for me. I wanted to take out my special girl.”

“Oh, now I’m your special girl. What happened a couple of hours ago; when we had plans to meet tonight and you cancelled on me because you had to do work that was more important than me?!”

“Desire, I don’t need this from you too.”

“What you mean me too?!”

Are you coming over here because your other b**** got something to do?!

“Why does it have to be all that?!”

“Baby, I’m only saying that work was getting on my nerves…..”

So you trying to say I’m getting on your nerves?!

“Who is this? I know this is not my beautiful Queen, Monique.”

“Oh yes it is. Your Queen is just getting tired of being second, third, fourth, and fifth! This is what happens when the Queen isn’t able to see her King because he cancels on her repeatedly!”

“Baby, I told you I’m sorry about that. Listen, I’m outside your house right now. Are you gonna let me in?”

“Depends….. You brought me something?”

“You gonna have to open the door to find out.”

“If I come to this door and I don’t see nothing in your hands, I’m slamming it in your face.”

“Baby, don’t be like that. Open the door! I promise I got something good waiting for you.”

“Okay, I’m comin.”  Desire took the time she needed to make herself presentable before letting Klaus in.

Knock… Knock… Knock

“Chill! I’m coming!” Desire was happy he came, but there was no way she was gonna show her excitement to see him. She couldn’t do that; then he would know he had her nose wide open for him. She had to continue to play the pissed off role so she could get what she wanted. She had no idea how long she was going to last, but she was willing to try.

Upon opening the door, she saw he had nothing in his handles.

“Hey, baby.”

“What did I say?”

“What you talking about?”

“Oh, now you got amnesia! You think I’m playing.” Desire had to let him know she wasn’t playing games.

“Baby, baby, baby! Wait!” Klaus tried to stop what was inevitable; the door being slammed in his face.


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Balancing Act

“What am I gonna do?! Your husband gets back tomorrow!”

“What are you talking about? You act like things are gonna change. You know no matter if he is here, I’m always gonna come and see my favorite girl.”

“That’s the thing Sheila, I’m tired of being your favorite girl! I want to be your one and only. What is it with you?!….. You say you wanna be with me, but you keep running back to this tired, sick sloppy, excuse for a man.”

“Joseca, stop being like that! I told you; we will be together when the time is right!”

“And when is that gonna be, huh?! You’ve been singing this same song and dance since I met you; that was over 5 years ago.”

“Baby don’t be like that. You know I got love for you.”

“Oh, so you got love for me, huh? But when he’s beating your ass you love me, right?!”

“Don’t be like that, Baby.”

“I knew you were no good! I don’t understand why I gave yo ass a chance! My friends told me you were nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. Damn, I wish I would have listened to them!”

“Come on, you can’t mean that?!”

“Damn right, I do!”

Joseca, don’t be like that! Like I told you; We will be together, when the time is right.”

“Well if that time ain’t right now, I don’t know what to tell ya.”

Serious?! you gonna throw away what we have, just like that?!”

By now Sheila’s eyes were filled with tears. Joseca had no clue if Sheila was crying because she loved her and didn’t want to loose her, or she was afraid of loosing her as a friend.

“Sheila, STOP CRYING!   Everytime I try to be done with you, this is what you do! I’m tired of this!”

“Baby, I’m sorry that it’s taking longer than you or I expected. But just give me a little more time.”

“Like I said I gave you all the time I’m gonna give. There is no way that I’m gonna give you another second, another minute, or another hour.

Call me when you’ve made up your mind. By that time it might not matter.”

And with that, Joseca left Sheila to give some real thought to what she really wanted. She was afraid Sheila may pick her husband; but thought if she did, there was no way Sheila deserved her in the first place.

Weeks passed, and still no call from Sheila. By then Joseca thought for sure things were over; so much so that she started up something new with a very attractive guy on her block.

Photos Provided By: https://www.mfah.org/art/detail/81323?returnUrl=%2Fart%2Fsearch%3Fshow%3D50%26classification%3DPainting%26page%3D8, https://www.pinterest.com/maggieawrites/vampire-noir-after-dark-seduction/?lp=true