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Good Morning!!!


Hope you’re having a beautiful day! There are so many reasons why you should. Before you say or even think of that as a false statement realize experiencing the best out of life is a state of mind. So… with that said, life is what ever you want to make it.

I tend to read a lot of self help books. I do this because I feel the need to work on myself. I’m not going to lie and say I have everything figured out sense reading these books; but they do help me to feel a lot better about myself and situations. They help me to see the world in someone else’s perspective. This in turn helps to boost my mood, which leads to me feeling uplifted and wanting to pass that feeling on. I say this because maybe you’re someone who wants or needs to feel uplifted, and this may be something you use to bring you a little bit closer to that.

There is so much you can do when you feel uplifted and free. For my followers who’ve been with me over the years (I appreciate you all immensely) you know I always say the way the world is constructed, we are slaves to the 1%ers. I’m not saying that in a way to make you feel sad, mad or helpless. I say this because most of us go to a job we hate and  trade our time for money everyday. When we could be just as privileged as our bosses or so many others who took a chance on their selves’.

If you are like some, you might be okay with working for someone else. That’s okay if you are. But if you’re like me, you crave to be in the center of everything great. Even if that means you have to experience some things that aren’t so great. 

Your journey is your own. Don’t get discouraged if the ones around you can’t see or understand your vision. Just remember it wasn’t given to them, it was given to you. 

Never doubt yourself, because you’re capable of doing things you’ve never even dreamed possible. 

Learn the ways of the world through trial and error, when ever possible. When you start living this way, your whole life doesn’t turn out to be a long list of woulda shoulda coulda’s. 

I get that many of us live in our heads. This is even more detrimental when you’re an introvert who suffers from social anxiety, like myself. Just remember these are obstacles that can be over come. You don’t have to sit and bathe in misery (unless you want too).

You control you’re destiny. Stop giving it away!!

Live and be Limitless.


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As Always

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Overall goal

Hey y’all,

Hope your day has gone they way you envisioned it.

I was thinking of a goal I believe maybe a little outlandish; but I’m here for it. I have set a goal of a $50,000 profit. That is how much I plan to make by the end of this year. I know to a lot of people reading this, you may think 50,000 is a little low. It might be to most, because many have made this amount or are currently making it.

I just know it would be extremely rewarding to accumulate this much being strictly my owner boss. By accomplishing this goal it’ll give me that much more certainty that I am supposed to be my own boss.

I also would like to invite you to do the same. Think of something that you want sooo bad; then learn the steps you need to take in order to manifest it. For me I know I most likely am going to have to pull all the tricks out of my bag to get close to this goal.

I also want to say; DO NOT WAIT!!! GET STARTED NOW!! There is no better time than the present.

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The Media

Good Morning, Wonderful People!!!!!

As always I was taking a deep dive into my brain. The thought of today pertains to the media and the way they target the young. I’m sure a lot of us think about it, but we never say anything about it.

They don’t focus on people that are in or nearing their 30’s because they know that’s when the light comes on; and a lot of stupid things we use to worry about, we don’t anymore. Also most of us are set in our ways. If we don’t want something there is no way you’re going to get a 30 something woman are man to buy it.

Older people tend to understand the importance of a dollar; some more than others. Another thing, people who came from nothing, are also people who learn how to make their money work for them and not the other way around. You just have to be willing to learn, and know you don’t know everything.

That’s one reason I’m sure they target children, teens and young adults; because many industries, company, and organizations know this large group of adolescents are very impressionable. That’s why a lot of these household companies and names have been paid so much; because they know how to make what could be potentially bad for you, look good.

An ad from maybe 50 to 60 years ago, that made smoking look cool.

There are so many things American people don’t know. Not because of companies keeping information from us, but for the fact that many of us are lazy or in denial and think, “Our government wouldn’t do that to us.” Bull****!!! The one’s who run this country are the 1%. Do you really believe they care about you and your health? We do have some people that actually care. But the amount of people who do care verses the amount of those who don’t is very slim. Also, money is the name of the game. For those 1%; if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.

That’s why I believe these industries have come up with ways to make veganism cool or tolerable, for lack of a better word. I’ve said this before; being a vegan is the best way of life. But that only applies if your diet consists of at least 85 to 95% organically grown plant based foods. No manufactured foods. Just what God put here for us to eat.

I realize I’m going way off subject. But, this is just one example of how industries take advantage of young adolescents. Through the ages they’ve even geared something as toxic as smoking towards teens. Trying to make it seem normal and none harmful. When in reality it has and continues to cause cancer. Truth be told, there are so many things we consume daily, that aren’t and never have been good for us. Many of us don’t even eat food anymore. We eat chemicals and carcasses. I know that may sting, but it’s the truth.

Final thought: There is always going to be some new thing that are going to seem like the best thing since sliced bread. But your job is not to be tricked into consuming something, just because it is the new fad. But get it because it offers abundant value.

As Always….

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Money V.S Time

Many people probably don’t think about how much time we waste working when we are really put hear to live, have experiences, go through heartache and the high from being in love. We go through life with blinders on, only thinking about material things; some of us anyway. But that isn’t the purpose of life, that is what man has made us believe; is that the dollar is the most important thing on this earth. They have even set it up so that we think about it everyday and how we can get some more of it. There are people who go through their whole lives trying to make enough of it, because they’re just trying to get by. Working a job they hate because they have to put food on the table and pay their bills, and it’s just the way it is.

A lot of people don’t think about it, but money and everything else that can be traded for goods is just a made up currency. It has power because we let it have power. There are many people who loose their self trying to get it, because they let the possession of it control the way they view other people. Also they start to believe they can do and say anything because they have it.

When it comes down to it generally speaking, money can be looked at like food; because it’s something we constantly want. A little can go a long way, but most of us aren’t satisfied by the bare minimum. We want to have everything. See even though some of us don’t believe we have an obsession or addiction, it’s proven that we do when it comes to money.  In so many ways people who work their whole lives trying to possess it become slaves to it, especially those who work these jobs that require you to do a 80+ or 100+ hour work week. If you think about the amount of hours you have per week, you would see no amount of money is worth your time.

The real goal is to do something that doesn’t require you to dedicate all your time too, but find the balance you need to make money and enjoy life and it’s experiences. If you never thought about it, I’m gonna make you think about the time you miss out on having fun and or being with family and friends.

The average person working in corporate America works many times at least an 80+ week. Think about how much time they have to spend with their loved ones. If you break it down 32hrs give or take a week, and that’s if they sleep a full 8hrs. To some that may not seem like a big deal, but to me it does. I always believed the bulk of your life should be dedicated to what you want to do not what you have to do. I believe that’s why I commend people who have found what they want to do in this life, because they have found a way to do what they love and profit from it. In the near future I hope to be as fortunate.

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Learning To Let Go

You work and work for years, for someone else’s company. Only to find out that you could get fired for their computer’s mistake. That is close to the process that I’m facing at this time.

high bossLet me start from the beginning. I work for this big retail chain that has employed so many people, but are also quick to let go so many people. I’ve been working there for almost half my life. Not that I want to be there, but like I say, “It’s a job.” Plus I’m too lazy and comfortable to look for another one. Truth is I knew that this day would come sooner or later. Not to mention, I’ve been wanting to quit for the longest. Maybe this is my way out. I was just hoping to have something else going for myself. That’s why I have been working at tryin to grow this blog, because it’s something I love to do. Like I always say, “It’s better to get paid to do something you love rather than something you can’t stand.” At first, working there wasn’t so bad. But the longer I stayed the worse it seemed to get over the years. Before, my place of employment use to care about the people they served and the people that worked for them. When the owner died, that all changed. Now it’s all about money.

I’m sure that is what a lot of businesses are about, but that isn’t the main focus. Most companies at least have an after thought of the customers experience. This company cares nothing about the customers let alone the employees. The sad part about it is, they have realized people are going to continue to shop there because it’s a one stop shop. So, the complaining and video taping is going to do nothing. I’ve also noticed most times customers lie on employees because they’re trying to get a free gift card. That is beside the point. But they do this and they don’t seem to realize that the only thing the company is doing is pacifying them, making sure that they’re going to keep coming back to spend their money in a store that could care less about them. Some customers probably know this, but are not going to stop shopping there because of convenience. I mean really, ‘Who wants to go to a whole lot of other stores to get everything you need when you could just go to one?” Not me, but I will to prove a point.kf


But I’m getting away from the point of this whole blog. Like I said I have been working there for years and something happened that proves that it wasn’t my mistake. The company’s machine has been glitching and adding extra money on to customers cards. The good thing is, I’m not the only person that has experienced the glitches. So that helps me to have a stronger argument of why it wasn’t my mistake. This has also happened to a co-worker of mine, twice . The only thing is, her customers caught the mistake and told her, mine didn’t. So, now I’m faced with losing my job if anything else happens and I’m involved. At this point I’m asking myself if it’s even worth it. I know it isn’t. People tell me everyday that I’m too intelligent to do the type of work I do. Truth be told, I know that. I just don’t want to leave that job to go to another, because working for someone else wasn’t the plan. I wanted to have my own business. I’m not going to loose focus of that either. I refuse to loose site of what I really want for this life. I’m not going to get caught up in the negative things that this world is trying to feed me. I know that there is a bigger purpose for this life of mine. I’m just going to try to stay positive and work on bettering me. I’m just thankful that someone else has been experiencing it, so that they won’t be able to put it all on me.

I love you all, and I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day.


Thanks For Reading!!

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To the women out there; Have you ever dated someone that makes you question why you’re with them in the first place?
I have, and it wasn’t pretty. I don’t know what made me think of this, but I was thinking about an ex today. That man wasn’t worth the time nor the effort I put into him. He was a F#%*boy if I ever saw one. Everything about him should have made me run the other way, but I didn’t. Something in me always allows me to give people chance after chance, regardless if I already know how they are. I’m always hoping they’ll change for the better. That was the case with him, I thought eventually he would want to do better by me. But that never happened. If anything things got worse. There was time after time I went through hell and back because of this man. Ask me “Why?” I still wouldn’t know til this day. At first I thought it was love, but the older I get the more I realize that it was anything but that. I think it was either because of the sex or because I didn’t want to be alone or maybe even a combination of the two. Either way that relationship or situationship, whatever you want to call it, didn’t serve me as much as it served him.

I’m telling you, I was green (open/ too trusting). When I was younger I thought relationships were easy. I was sooo wrong. If I was being honest with myself, I could have prepared my self for the type of f%#&ery that was coming my way. But no, I didn’t do that, because I thought things were going to be easier for me because I knew what I didn’t want. I was wrong about that too. I was so wrong that I ended up dating the same type of man I didn’t want. Not for a couple of months or year. I dated that man for over EIGHT years close to NINE! We were together from the time I was 19 to 28. The one thing I can say is, he taught me a lot when it comes to being in a relationship. Because of him, I now know what I’m willing to put up with and what I have to walk away from. no-time-for-fuckboys-women-s-t-shirts-women-s-t-shirt

Now I can look back on my experience with him and understand that it was not suppose to be forever, even though I wanted it to be. Not because I loved him, but because I didn’t want to be alone. When I was younger, I never was the popular attractive girl. I was the friend of the popular attractive girls. I was cute, but not the type of girl guys wanted. At the time I thought that was a bad thing. Now that I’m older, it really doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’ve realized being attractive isn’t everything. Being smart trumps being attractive any day. If your persuasive, charming and smart, the world is your oyster, there’s almost nothing you can’t do.
If I had the chance to talk to my younger self, I would tell her, “Everything will work itself out. What is for you, is for you. No one can take that from you.” Knowing that would have stopped me from trying so hard to please those that could care less about pleasing me. It would have also saved me a lot of money. I can remember so many times this one ex in particular always hit me up for money. I thought I loved him, so I gave him money almost every time he asked for it. I don’t know why, but I always felt guilty if I couldn’t give him what he asked for. Over time my relationship with him turned into me giving and giving and giving, without getting anything back in return. I’ve realized now that people are going to treat you how you let them. At the time I didn’t have standards, that’s why he was able to use me the way that he did. If I’m honest with myself and you, I was his pay master. Like I said, I paid for almost everything he ever asked for. Looking back on it, it really pisses me off to think he took advantage of my kindness, low self-esteem and love for him. Like I said he was a f%#*boy if I ever say one!
I guess by putting my experiences out there, I’m hoping to save a lot of young girls and women from unnecessary heartache . If you have someone you’re with and you feel like they don’t appreciate you because they constantly cheat, begging for money, trying to pressure you into doing things that aren’t in your best interest, lie, disappear and any other bad thing I didn’t cover. Run as fast as you can!!! Just know that isn’t the last man that is going to come your way. You are going to find love, just give yourself time. Learn to love you first, so you know how he’s suppose to love you when he comes. There’s no rush, that right man will come when he’s suppose to. You don’t have to go looking for him because he will find you.

Be your own lover before you can be his

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yellow_guy_crazy_hg_wht1 I swear, moving is becoming the thorn in my side! I wish that we could just find a place, ALREADY! It has been three months since the robbery. Since then, we’ve been looking for apartments. To my surprise, it’s proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it was. There are so many factors that go in to moving. First of all, if your moving with someone it’s so hard to agree on something. That’s what I find to be our biggest problem.  If I say, ‘Babe, I like this.’ He says, ‘Babe, I don’t like that. Keep looking.’ I’m sure that we have looked through just about every listing in West Palm Beach area. We just can’t agree on anything!

Side note: If you were living with your girlfriend or wife would you make her start paying rent? Let’s say that you all have been together for years and now you have to move. Would things change because you moved? And if they did, what would be the reason for the change? For the women reading this: How would you feel if your husband or boyfriend decided he needed you to start pitching in with the rent? Well for me, it came as a surprise. Imagine, I’m here thinking that I have time to build my business, using the money that I’m saving while he’s taking care of the big bill (rent). Then he springs that on me. I’m fine with it now, because I realized that him asking me to help with rent means he see’s us staying together. What caused me to come to that conclusion was, he has never taken this step with any build valueof the women he dated before me. And it’s not like he’s a young crump snatcher. He’s in his 40’s, so I know what we have has to be serious. Even if that isn’t the case, I’m still fine with it. I’ve been raised to depend on myself. I just figured, while I have the opportunity to build something of value that’s what I should do.




I’m happy we’re taking this step, even though it was a little forced. I’m ready for the new beginning and the added responsibility. My only hope is for success and happiness to come our way. And it wouldn’t hurt to get that nice upstairs apartment with a balcony and washer and dryer.

love looks










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What’s In Your Food?

I was thinking of something today, and that was “Who’s healthier? A vegan or a carnivore”. I’m sure this is going to be completely off of personal preference, but it’s good to get the information out there. Me my self, I think vegans who eat the right type of diet for their body are in the best health. I’m sure there are gonna be a lot of you thinking, “Where do they get their protein?” Simple, they get it from vegetables. It’s a misconception we need meat in order to get adequate amounts of protein. Truth be told most of the meat we consume that’s suppose to provide us with protein, isn’t fully absorbed. Most of the protein from the meat is discarded. That’s why it’s best to go to the source, which is the plenty of foods that grow out of the ground.

On another note living here in America is a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the blessings that comes with living here and I also understand the misfortunes of living here. The blessings are obvious, running water, freedom of speech, free to be who you are, the endless amount of possibilities for either sex, having things readily prepared for you and so on and so on. But when it comes to the ways we’re misfortunate, I’m sure it will be looked at as a matter of opinion. Some of those ways are knowing how to grow your own food, growing up in nature, learning the world around you, and so on.

I’m choosing to look further into the way we’re misfortunate. Let’s look at ‘Not knowing how to grow our own food’. This one right here is a very important one to me. I don’t know the first thing about growing anything, but I plan to learn. While you can, I think you should too. I think it’s so important for us to know how to grow our own food and the reason why, is do to all the things that are put in our food before we get it. There are so many pesticides, splicing of genes and food made in laboratories that it makes you literally sick to really think about where your food comes from. There are so many things that are in the average American diet that a person from another country wouldn’t remotely consider food. The problem is we’ve grown up eating this stuff thinking we’re eating food when we’re really not. If you think about it, the average American diet includes at least 50% processed food. Reason being, the society we’re in wants everything in a hurry. Even when you decide to cook something for yourself or your family, your going to cut a couple of corners and get that premade sauce, margarine, or herbs, or what ever else you decide to cook with. And many times it doesn’t enter our mind what we’re eating. It’s like, we’re on autopilot when it comes what we consume.

That’s where we’re failing! We need to be more particular when it comes to what we put in and on our body. Have you ever taken the time to look up some of American food laws? Did you know, there’s a company by the name of Monsanto’s trying to have all rights to the seeds you get from the fruit and vegetables you eat? Reason being, they’re trying to make it impossible for people to grow their own food. That way they can continue to get paid for providing you with food that if you had the knowledge and time you would grow yourself. There’s so many things going on with food. Most of the things that are taking place with food are not going to be out there for you to stumble upon, your going to have to dig to really find out what’s going. Just know, the food that your grandparents and great-grandparents grew up on is nothing like the food we’re eating today. That’s why these girls and boys are developing so quickly. Also that may be another reason why sickness is increasing.

I’m still doing research own what these GMO foods do to the body. From what I’m learning the affects aren’t good. But if you want to learn more and get more references so you have some where to start from, you can refer back to a post a did about a year ago called  The Health of a Nation. In that post I’m swaying more towards veganism there also, but there is information about what GMO’s are and also different movies and documentaries you could watch to get a clearer understand what GMO’s are and what they can do to the body. I hope this caused you to think about what your putting in your body. We really need to start thinking about this stuff if we want to live to see old age.

Below is a slide show of the way GMO’s affect the body and also how meat is prepared before it hits your grocery stores






The Price of Employment

I know most people are not going to really be concerned with this post, but this is something I think of on the regular. I’m sure you can tell, because I’m always posting something that has to do with customers, making your own dreams come true, and the unfair treatment of employees. Sorry not sorry, this is going to be another one of those post.

I just want to ask a couple questions. Have you ever thought of the amount of work you put in for someone else’s business? Does your body hurt at the end of the day when your done working to build someone else’s empire? I know that last question probably stung, just a little. The point is to get you to expand your mind and do something meaningful you love. For those who believe it isn’t possible, I want to let you know, it is. The more unique an idea, the more in demand it might be. So if you have an idea and your not sure it’ll work, give yourself the “okay” to try it. There’s nothing wrong with trying. Did you know that’s the way most entertainers, and entrepreneurs started off? They had to receive “No” after “No” after “No” before they could get a “Yes”. Your only problem is your too afraid of failing, that’s why you have no chance of succeeding.

Kick that fear to the curb! If you don’t, you’ll be at that job you hate until you get fired or worse decide to retire. I’m sure your like, “How could retiring from your job be worse than getting fired?” What makes retirement worse is simple, you’re continuously trading your time for money. Most people don’t understand, that isn’t the best way to make a living. Some do, but are to lazy or afraid to do something about it. If that’s you, please retrain your brain to look out for what’s best for you, not for what’s easy. By looking for the easier thing to do I.e. working for someone else making more or less depending on raises or time given, you are putting a cap on your earning capabilities. Also your letting someone else be in control of your livelihood. Do you really want to do that? I think not. Who really wants to work hard with out some type of fulfillment? Not I. If your working with children, the community, or anything that is going to potentially make this world better, this isn’t for you. I understand your getting fulfillment in another way, and I appreciate everything you do.

For those of you working a job, just to receive a pay check, this one’s for you. I’m sure there will be some of you who read this post and it will inspire you to make a change. There will be others who read this post and it won’t register with them because they’re letting the weight of the world make decisions for them. Examples of thoughts: “I have to pay my mortgage. I have no time for day dreaming. Who’s going to take care of my children, while I’m out here chasing a dream?”, and the list goes on and on. The point I’m making is, working on your own terms with minimal limits allows you to make the money you desire in half the time it takes to make your average weekly or bi-weekly income. The only difference is the time you invest in the beginning to start your independent income stream will be based purely off of faith. Faith that the time spent is going to land you some type of profit.

Anything worth pursuing will take time, effort and knowledge. So please be patient with yourself. You’ll get it. You just have to give yourself the time to learn and make mistakes so you can ultimately become what you’ve always known you could be.


“Remember never let any one dime your light because they don’t understand your shine.”  

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New Ventures


            I’m ready for life to change for me. I know things are not going to be the same, there’s no way they can be. I’m praying for big positive changes to come in to my life. I’m finally finding things I’m interested in that I want to do. This is a big turn around from the way I use to think. For me, life was just ample opportunity to have free time. That was before I started learning of ways to make money online. Truth is, I’m still learning. But it’s nice to know there are other ways to make money other than going to someone’s establishment making them money while your making peanuts.

 I’ve realized the people that reap big benefits are the ones who take risks. That’s a lesson  I’m learning more and more everyday, and it’s actually fun learning all the ways there is to make money without leaving your home. I’m still researching, but I promise once I find something that works, I will definitely let it be known. The one thing I’ve noticed about these online business’ is there’s a lot to learn if you want to go into business for yourself. It’s not as easy as a lot of online business owners like to make it seem in the beginning, if it is there’s a problem. With any business you have to study it first and get all your ducks in a row before selling. There are going to be countless hours invested learning about the business. Once that happens it may become a little easier because you’ve learned enough about it to want to learn more. Another thing to keep in mind is, the internet is constantly changing and improving. So that means you’re going to have to keep up with the changes of the market if you want to make sure your business is going to continue to do well. There’s no such thing as autopilot, at least not in my vocabulary, because there’s always ways to improve.

“Always remember, never let anyone dim your light because they don’t understand your shine”