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Question of the day: Is Marriage still Necessary?


A lot of us don’t see the point in it anymore. I guess you could say I would love to be married without having to be legally bonded to the other person. Like they say marriage is a contract. I don’t know the specifics, but there’s no way I’m gonna let someone make money off of me.

I can’t lie though, I would love to be married for reasons other than security, insecurities, or finances. I’m some what of a romantic, so the idea of someone choosing to spend their life with me is a flattering thought.

I understand decades upon decades ago, it was neccessary and sometimes mandatory for women to get married to men of a particular stature because they needed security and financial support.

These days that’s a thing of the past. Even though I’m sure there’re many who still get married because of a person’s economical status, it’s less of a requirement.

Earlier I was reading a post on “Marriage”, if it was a thing of the past or if it was still necessary. The person’s stance on the matter was “No” because they believed it had everything to do with needing something from the other person.

In this post the writer made it seem as if being married is a sign of weakness. But from what I’ve experienced it can be a beautiful fruitful union if both parties are willing and ready to put in the work.

What’s sad is, people have been taught and conditioned to believe if you need someone in your life, you’re weak; that’s far from the truth. The real strength comes when you’ve been hurt over and over again and still have the strength to love and be open and honest with your other half. That’s why when most refer to marriage they say things like, “When two become one” or ” Your other half?” They say this because there’s an unseen security that comes with being in great marriage, where you understand him and he understands you.

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Mothers Day

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Mothers day is quickly approaching. To be honest, the only reason I remember is do to the constant reminders on TV. I told myself I was going to be ready this year because I wanted to get my mother something good. Like all great mothers, she deserves the world and more. But since I’m not going to be able to give her that I figured I would start with something I can afford. Like a kindle, a gift card to Mac (Doesn’t matter which one, because she loves both) or a nice peace of art. As you can see, I’m still not quite sure what to get her.

So if you’re like me and not sure what to get your Mother for this special time of year; here are some suggestions.


Great gift for those who love to read.

Fire TV

Save money and get your Mother something she’s going to love. This Fire Tv comes with a 20% discount and offers apps and movies that will give your mother hours and hours of enjoyable streaming.

Unlimited Grocery Delivery

This by far is one of the better gifts. Especially, if your mother or that special woman is someone who is busy or can’t get around like they use to. This subscription would be the perfect addition to their life. One less thing to worry about. It’s only $14.99 a month. But if you didn’t want to pay it monthly you could pay the whole year and not have to worry about it until it’s time to renew.

I think I might use this one for myself.

Kindle Unlimited (One free month)

As you can see I love my books. This is proof. KindleUnlimited is perfect for those who love to read or be read too. And the great thing about it is the 1 month free! You have a whole month to decide whether you like it or could do with out it. So there’s no commitment!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and have gotten an idea of what you would like to give your Mother on this special day.

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