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With great struggle comes even greater rewards

Hey yawl. Hope all is well.


I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but it just feels like a thorn in my side!

You know how you work and work, and it still seems like you’re still not working enough? Like no matter how many hours you dedicate to your job, you just can’t seem to make enough. That is especially true if you don’t have a degree or a special talent or personality people are willing to see or engage with. Yep, there are many of us who partake in working a jobs we know are, for the lack of a better word ‘pimpin’ us. Well, that is what it seems to feel like when you get your check. This is especially true if you’ve put in extra time, hoping for time and a half. Then find out all that does is make more taxes come out of your check.

I swear, I get happy just to get disappointed. I’m sure my realist are thinking “If you hate it that much; why not leave?” See the problem with this is, if you leave you have to make sure you have something that is going to give you the same amount, preferably more. Many times that isn’t easy to find. Even if you are able to find something that pays more, most likely it would be hard to get or you’re not qualified.

Long story short, if you want to elevate yourself, you’re going to have to elevate and change your thinking. Only positive and open thinking provokes change.

Final Thought 

I know many times life isn’t easy (Mine damn sure isn’t). But once you begin to take more risks and stop being so by the book, it proves to be way more rewarding than you could ever imagined it could.

Like I’ve heard so many times before, “With great struggle comes great reward.”

Be patient your time is coming. 



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Hurt People

Have you ever thought of some of the things you’ve gone through in this life? How did it make you feel to experience some of the situations you’ve gone through? Would you change any of the choices you made? Also do you sometime ask yourself; ” Why me?”


I have asked myself those questions time and time again. When I was younger I didn’t understand why it was necessary for me to go through so many things that caused me pain. Every time something happened to me I always wondered: “What was the reason for the hurt?” As you may imagine I had a lot of talks with God. Thinking that there was a reason he was allowing so many bad things to happen to me. It felt like he was either allowing my heart to get broken over and over because he wanted me to learn something from those situations or it was my choices that were causing me to get hurt; either way it was God teaching me something.

It’s funny how you get older and things that use to hurt to think about, don’t bother you as much as they once did. I think the reason for that is the constant things we go through allows us to see things in a different light. For instance, if you had or have someone in your life that is or was treating you bad; you learn that sometimes people do cruel things because you’re everything they want to be, or they’re unhappy with themselves. So naturally because life isn’t working in their favor, they try their hardest to rain on your parade, because like they say; hurt people hurt people.

There are so many people in this world that have gone through unimaginable things; many times because of another person. But many times this person is hurting someone else because that is all they know. Other times people hurt other people to make themselves feel better, because life isn’t going so well for them. When you have someone that wants to see you hurt, learn not to take it personal because there is something in them that is very broken that needs to be mended before they can ever be happy for you. Some people will find the bad when there is only good. I understand, because for a long time I would do the same thing. Not so much with other people, but when it pertained to me.

I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve gone through. I’m sure it’s not as much as others, but I’ve gone through things just the same. And I feel God gives you tests so you can appreciated your reward(s) when he presents it to you.

Like I’ve heard so many times before: ” With great suffering, comes great reward.

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