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Being of Service

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There’s something I’ve been doing for years that I’ve become really good at. That thing is being other people’s right hand. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I want to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong there are benefits to making someone else look good; sometime physical and sometimes emotional.

There are those of us that have become so good at this, we tend to do it seamlessly. Many times because we enjoy giving to others. For a time I enjoyed doing this. This was do to always needing approval from my peers and employers. But as of now that is not the current head space I’m in.

Sometimes the people you’re building up only look at you as your job title and nothing more. Then you have others that are able to see you for who you are. That type of relationship can become great, because the person who’s getting the help realizes how imperative it is to have you on their team. Then there are others who act as if they appreciate you. Then you find them doing or saying something that shows they see you as beneath them. This typically occurs when that person has more financially stability than the person who’s helping them.

This is a concept that I’m all too familiar with. That being said; I would love to blame that person for their actions, but it isn’t their fault. It’s mine for allowing that type of treatment. If you don’t know or if it slipped your mind, “People only treat you the way you allow them to.”

Inconclusion, helping others feels good, but only when it’s appreciated, not expected.

If you’ve experienced working in situations such as this, leave a comment on how you dealt with it or if you dealt with it.

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As Always

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         Working with the general public….  That’s a job in its self.  There are so many different personalities temperaments and smells you have to endure.  Most people think working with the public is a breeze.  The ones that say that don’t work with the public. I know it may seem like a piece of cake.  But believe me it’s not.  In order to deal with some of these people you have to humble yourself extremely and think of the consequences so  you don’t loose your job. 

       I’m sure those of you that have worked for big retail stores know how it is.  Many quit because the pay doesn’t equate to the amounts of aggravation or constant disrespect because some customers  take that saying “The customers always right” to the head.  The pity is you run into people that think like this,  and it makes your job that much harder.  Some think you have to take what they dish out because your job is to service them.  That’s where the confusion comes in, we provide a service.  In no way are we your servants.  I wonder if consumers think of the way they handle people in service positions.  I think some consumers consider the feelings of the person servicing them and others don’t.  

  A lot of people complain that their server was rude or disrespectful. But did you stop to think if she or he was giving you the same energy that you gave them? Or it may not even be you that they want to give attitude to your just the recipient because the original target is no longer there.  What ever the case it’s almost never as personal as some of us may think. 

      I believe if servers were treated with more respect and had more of a voice people would be a lot happier to go to work rather than dread it.  

   I have been working in retail for about 15years and the more time passes the ruder people seem to become.  I’ve had customers make fun of my hair to my face,  throw books at me,  talk to me like I was nothing,  look straight through me and recite their order as if they were talking to a machine rather than a person. The point I’m trying to  make is most servers are not rude.  They show that side of them  as a defense mechanism in order to handle the many things they have to go through in a day. 

       Take a second and think, How would you act towards the general public if they did to you any of the things I listed? Would you quit,  stick it out or retaliate? 
Leave a comment and let me know how you would handle this