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Passion: more than a feeling

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 “Mmmmm… Your lips feel so good on my skin. Knowing you, has come with many benefits.” Passion said looking down at Jaylen. Who moments before was immersed in all of her glorious juices.

Passion was a woman of many faces. Her love for sex always seemed to over power any emotion. She never would admit it, but she was addicted to the pleasure and closeness sex brought. Many times it didn’t matter with who. Woman or man did not concern her. The only thing that mattered was getting that fix. So naturally when Jaylen was hired, she instantly made him her concubine.

“I agree Ms. Whitaker, it has.” Jaylen managed to say in between slurps.

Knock.. Knock… Knock…

“Ahh… Be with you, in a minute!” Passion was caught of guard. It was approaching 10pm, and because of the time, she believed everyone went home for the night.

Who could that be?!” Jaylen said in a whisper to avoid being heard. He was just as surprised as her; even a little more so, because this job was the only thing keeping him from being on the street.

“Shhhh… whoever it is, will here you!” Passion was surprised, but she knew how to play it cool. She had been caught to many times before, not to learn a thing or two from her sexual escapades.

“Are you okay in there Mrs. Whitaker?!”

Rosalind, is that you?” Passion walked over to a desk with plenty of monitors on it. Checking the camera right above her office door, she saw it was indeed Rosalind. “What are you doing here, so late?”

“I wanted to finish up some work for tomorrow…. Can I come in?” 

“I’m sorry Roz, but I really have to finish this. Why don’t you go on home; and we’ll talk in the morning?”

“Okay, Boss. See you in the A.M. Have a good night.”

Passion continued to watch the cameras until she saw Roz exit the building.

A couple seconds later

“Are you for real?! You got my heart pounding so damn hard, right now!”

“What are you so worried about? I told you, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. As long as you keep pleasing me like you have been; you’ll never have to worry about employment ever again.”

“Ms. Whitaker, you know I have way more to offer than just that. I came to work for this company because I really believe I have something to offer.”

“Oh you have something to offer, alright.” Passion said as she looked at his lips, licking hers, becoming moist all over again.

“Dammit Passion, I mean it!”

“Oh I know you do.” And like the true lioness she was, she commanded his submission. “But that is no way to speak to you boss; is it?”

“I thought we were more than that. At least I hoped we were. It’s been six months, I’ve been working with the company, and you promised me that creative director position, a few months ago!”

“And you believed me?…. Ha, ha, ha. You really think that I’m going to give someone I just met, that type of control; not to mention that big bump in pay?”

“I thought you liked what we have.”

“Oh, I do. But not enough to be dickmatized by it!…. If you haven’t realized, this is a company I’m running here; not a charity! If you want that position, you’re going to have to work hard, just like everyone else!…….” Passion peeped the game he was trying to run, the first night they met; a little over six months ago.  “Oh, I know… you thought because we’ve been messin around, you could just ask me for what ever you wanted, and I would make it happen…..” Even though that is what he assumed would happen; he didn’t expect her to put two and two together so quickly.

“I’m sure you thought because I’m  a little older than you and a woman, you would be able to play me. Sorry to inform you; I won before you even began. I knew that your little young a** was flirting with me because you believed me being a woman would constitute an easy take over for you. But I’ve played this game more times then you have. Every time I come out on top; sometimes literally and other times financially. And I’m gonna tell you now, this isn’t a game you’ll win. Now, can we get back to you pleasing me?!” Jaylen took a little to long to get back to the task at hand, so she interrupted his thoughts. “Ah…. that wasn’t a question!”

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Mr. Grey

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How many of you have watched every movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy ?

I have, and I loved part 1 and 2. I tried to get my Mom to watch it. She thought that she wasn’t going to like it, because the only thing she could focus on was the domination and not the actual attraction, care, and tenderness Christian showed to Anastasia. When she watched it the first time to her it seemed like abuse, but once she watched it again by her self and was able to see all of the tiny little details that make up their relationship, she was able to understand.

submittingWhat makes me want to speak on these movies is, I watched one of them last night. Those are the only movies I can watch over and over again; Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker. The connection that Christian and Anastasia had was one you would love to experience at least once in your life time. Most people thought it was about domination and sex.

showerTrue, they all had plenty of sex in them, but it was about something deeper. The love Christian had for Anastasia grew, in what most people would consider a short period of time. The reason that happened was her ability to see deeper than just the surface image he was trying to emulate (I swear, creators/ intuitives  have that ability to see things in a situation or person that can’t be seen by the average observer. I guess that’s what makes most of us so passionate). For Mr. Christian Grey, meeting Anastasia Steele was like a breath of fresh air. He had never had someone that truly cared for him, outside of his family. Everyone that he ever met always respected, or feared him because of the amount of power and money he had. Women agreed to being his submissive for that very reason. Hoping if they do everything he says, they will get the chance to be Mrs. Grey. But little did he and they know he needed something a lot different.walk away

Meeting Ms. Steele, (as he referred to her when they met) was a shock to his system. She was the source and he was the Energy. Having someone that got him without really knowing him, made him curious to learn more about this girl who saw through that façade  of him being an asshole. Getting to know her proved a little difficult for Grey, because he thought he knew what he wanted until she showed him what he needed. Knowing her made him realize that all those years of dominating was nothing like having a woman who had a strong will, and was able to think for herself. Slowly, he learned there is no master when it comes to love.

For those of you wondering why I didn’t speak on Fifty Shades Freed, it’s because I didn’t really care for that one. I guess you could say that I’m more of a romantic, and Fifty Shades Freed had plenty of action in it. Also, I believe I didn’t care for it because it meant that, that would be the last time I got to see a love like that on screen, that is until someone else can make something like it or better.

Inclosing I would just like to say; if you haven’t seen it and you’re a romantic like me, “What are you waiting for?”

ana and christian

If you Rather read it, here are links where you can purchase the books

Fifty Shades Freed– The last in the series

Fifty Shades Darker– The Second (My personal favorite)

Fifty Shades of Grey– The beginning of a beautiful love story



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