story telling


Weight is one thing that almost everyone struggles with? No matter what size you may be, there is always something that you would love to change about your body. For instance, you wanna gain a little weight because you want to have thicker thighs or a bigger butt or you wanna lose weight because you feel your thighs are to big. What ever the case people are always trying to change something about them self. Why is it hard just to love the body that you were given (myself included)? As long as your healthy and happy. Why change? I truly think that it is because society makes us believe that we don’t look good enough. There are always commercials and pictures of women that are stick figures compared to the average woman.

I’m in no way saying that you should let yourself go. All I’m saying is that if you are happy, healthy and pleased with your life and the people you have in it, why create problems in you mind that to everyone else are nonexistent? The questions that you should ask yourself before doing anything to change you are: Am I doing this because I want to? Is this the best thing for me? and Why am I doing this? If any of those questions are not answered with you being the main focus there is no reason to make that change or commitment.

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