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I was watching a movie today that was all too familiar. The name of it was Baby Girl, that movie was so good! it wasn’t like there was something extra special about it. It’s just that it gave a very real example of what life’s like for children with single parents.

It starts off with the daughter getting breakfast ready for herself, her mother and her little brother. As the movie plays on, you see that this girl isn’t living a life typical of a teen, she’s living and acting far more mature than her years. Reason being, she has been taught at an early age to be responsible. I know being responsible is not a bad thing, but taught too early it could make children selfless and become people pleasers. It may not happen to all children born to single parents, but there are a large some.

So many things took place through out this movie that I could relate too. Some things I couldn’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t understand what Baby Girl was going through. I guess I should make it clear why I chose to write about it. Well, this is something so many young boys and girls grow up with; having to be the parent to themselves or their siblings because the actual parent checks out from time to time. I’m sure single parents aren’t the only ones who do this, but it’s more common amongst them. The reason for that is the parent not being mature enough to put the child’s needs before their own, and not understanding that their life is no longer their own. That’s a misconception that many first time parents have, is they’re going to be able to live life the same way that they were living it before they had their child. Truth is that is just not the way things go. If you didn’t know babies change your whole life as soon as they enter this world. 

 That’s something I think parents need to take in to account when they have children they have no intention of raising. I also see plenty parents handing their newborns’ off to their oldest child. It almost feels like they’re saying, “I had her/him now you raise’ em.” I know that isn’t what the parent thinks they’re doing; but far to many times I’ve seen young kids being parents to their younger siblings because momma or daddy wasn’t ready to grow up yet. I have one question, “Why should your child raise a baby that you decided to bring into this world?” They didn’t lay down and have the fun to make that baby. So why do they have to do the hard work raising it? I’m not talking about parents that from time to time have other important obligations and can’t watch their child(ren). I am only talking about those that frequently love to go out, have one nightstands on a regular, and think they are still free to live life how ever they choose. It’s just not fair. 

 Inconclusion, think long and hard before you bring a child into this world. Don’t feel like or think you can just go ahead and have the baby and not be there to raise it. That child needs his or her mother and father to become the best possible human being they can be. They need you to be selfless not selfish. 

Remember a good mother or father are those that are capable of putting their child’s needs before their own. So if you aren’t ready to give up a life that is revolved around you, I suggest that you don’t think or attempt to have any children until you have a change of heart. That is, if you wanna do it right.


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