Short stories

Wolf in Sheeps clothing

Have you ever had that time in life that just seems to be filled with a big ball of frustration, pain, discomfort and shame?

That’s me at this current moment. It seems I’m always the one who takes a person at their word. Then later on finds out all they were was talk, they meant hardly anything they said.

I’m sure you know what I mean the ones who make you feel comfortable with the way things are then once they get what they want they’re on to the next. I hate people like this.

Somewhere down the line I told myself I didn’t want it to be more than what it was; but my soulful nature allowed me to want more. I new the whole thing was a bad idea but I went through with it any. I truly believed I went through with it because I was given attention I had been deprived of for a long time.

But you learn something from everyone you meet. And I gotta say “Boy, did I learn alot”.

If you’ve gone through something similar please make sure to leave a comment below. Maybe we can get through this pain together.

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