story telling


Dreams can be some really beautiful things, but they also can be very scary, horrible, and emotionally intolerable. Some people have changed their whole lives’ around because of a dream or dreams. For the longest time I never understood it. Now I do, mainly because I had a few dreams like that also. I tell you, that dream scared me to the point of everyday for a week, waking up trying to find ways to perserve my life just a little bit longer. I’m not that old, but when you grow up watching and reading News about the most recent person dying or being killed. It’s made clear to you that your life is not your own and could be taken from you at any minute. As many people that know me personally know, I’m a very humble person. That dream broke me down so far that it gave me a newer sense of being humble.

 The one thing that dream made me realize was I would be very disappointed and empty if I never had the chance to share my work with the world. It motivated me for a solid week. Should have been longer, but the effect of it wore off when the week ended. Not because it lost its scary edge, but because as the days passed I forgot the details more and more. I’m sure that dream was the Creator’s way of letting me know that I need to be putting to use the gift that was given to me. As I write this a realize writing is the thing that I was put on this Earth for. I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of stories that have come to me in dream form over the years. The only reason they have not been told is because I never had the conviction to make it happen. I didn’t realize the gift that I had with words. Now I know that everything I went through happened to make me a better writer. With out the things that I have gone through, I don’t believe that I would be able to express myself so clear through writing.

Lastly, dreams are sometimes a mirror of your reality. They often times give you signs that you should follow. I’m sure a lot of us have had dreams of life ending and we never get the opportunity to live it the way that we wanted. That sadly is a lot of peoples reality. You know why? Because many of us have been scared into submission. Do you know how they are able to do it? Through your finances. Many of us don’t realize that the ones with the upper hand have the money and power to control the masses. They’re the reason that your working a job that you hate. I can’t lie, I’m also one of these people. But the older I get the more it bothers me living a conventional life. I ask my self one question every year and that is, “Shadrieka, how would you feel if you were to die right now?” Every year I’m never ready, and I know that is do to not sparking positive change in the world. My purpose here has not come to pass. As I’m sure you would love to be making a positive change also. Ask yourself, “how is it going to happen, if I don’t make it happen?” Learn to stop being so concerned of what another person thinks of you. Be your own person. If you see that something either needs to be added or changed about this world,you go out and be that person to make it happen. There is no gaurantee that someone else will. The Creator gave you that vision for a reason. So learn to share it with the world more often.

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