Something Has Got To Change

As I’m looking at CNN’s webpage I see there’ve been 22 school shootings this year. I’m sure there’s probably more now. Why do you think that is?

List of school shootings that have happened from January-February of this year

Image result for 2018 school shootings

I think it has everything to do with the way people treat one another on a day to day bases. We treat people like we can throw them away and start over again. There are so many reasons people treat other people like crap.

A Couple Examples:

1.) They feel like crap so they treat others like it.

2.) No home training. When I say that I mean parents that let their children do whatever they want without any real consequences.

3.) Growing up playing these video games that have nudity, theft, and violence in them. Placing no value on real life.

I’m sure there are many other reasons. But I think these lead to the core of the problems we have with the gun violence. If you think about it, most kids hurt other kids because they feel unwanted, unloved, or unhappy. Back when I was growing up kids bullied you, that was a cake walk compared to now. There were a few school shootings but nothing like there is now. It almost seems like they’re trying to one up each other to get their face on the news. That’s one reason they shouldn’t put their faces on the news, because they get a high from the attention. It’s almost like they’ve won a prize or something. It’s sick, but that’s how some of these shooters think.

I’m sure the children who did these school shootings are broken in some way. They need to sit on someone’s couch and work out their problems. I’m almost positive if you were to do back round on these kids doing the shooting, you would find that most of them are the weird, anti-social ones of their schools’. For all we know life could really be hard for them. Don’t misunderstand me. In no way am I giving these killers a pass. I’m only saying there’s probably a key to unlocking the way their mind operates, and by trying to understand what they need may help lower the amount of innocent students being killed.

On another note, it’s a shame these children go to school and they can’t feel safe anymore, because truth be told the next one (God forbid) could be at their school. Kids didn’t have to worry about things like this growing up, years ago. All they had to focus on was getting good grades and having fun with their friends. These days, they have to pray they make it home alive. What kind of a world are we raising these children to be in?


I think if we made it a little harder to get a gun licenses, there would be less children shooting up schools. They wouldn’t be able to get their father or mother’s hand gun, because their parent’s wouldn’t have one to get. The reason that would be, is do to them having a school age child in the home. If you ask me gun control should have been a whole lot stricter a long time ago. I hate to say it but I have to, the only time someone seems to get any real sentencing is when the person committing the crime is of the minority.

If they judged everyone equally most of the crimes we have going on now would slow down a lot. There are white men out here now who know if they kill or rape someone of a different ethnicity all they’ll get is a slap on the wrist. By making it okay for some and not others, you’re creating an unequal playing field. One that is forever going to be skewed, and will continue to get worse and worse because there aren’t real sentences given to those who are taking lives so carelessly.

Image result for 2018 school shootings

These are a few of the victims of the school shootings from 2018

Both images were taken from

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