Short stories, story telling

One Night of Sin

Damn, pickings slim. I should’ve never let Rene talk me into coming to this whole in the wall club in the first place. All I want is a tune up; and I’m not about to bag an ugly dude. All though ugly dudes do tend to give the best dick. Hmmm….

Nah, I think I want to have some fun tonight. Damn! Baby girl looking kinda good over there.

“Ang what you wanna do?”

“I don’t know about you, but I need a release in the worst way.”

“Damn, girl! It’s only been 2 months.”

“Nah, it’s been five.”

“Ohhh.. I’m sorry!… But didn’t you just break up with ol’ dude a little over 2 months ago?”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we were having sex in the months before the breakup. Shit, before I moved out we hadn’t been talking for at least two of those months. So you know we weren’t f****ng.”

“Well, you don’t have to talk to get some.”

“Says who?!”

“S***, you think I talk to Jayson every time I want some?”

“For real, girl?… What you do?”

“If I want it, I take it. Simple as that. Technically it’s mine anyway, it’s just attached to his body.”

“How you figure that?”

“Ah.. Excuse me.”

Angela hadn’t seen him when he entered, but she was happy he saw her.”

“Ahh…. Yes.” She said acting as if she was annoyed, but in reality she was pleasantly surprised to see him in front of her.

Him not taking kindly to her tone, contemplated leaving her where she stood, without another word.

“Oh, sorry to bother you.” With those words he turned to walk away. He hadn’t made it an inch before she caught his arm.

Something I’m working on. Thought?

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