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One Meal A Day…. Could you handle only eating once a day?

One Meal A DayOne meal a day…….

Can you do it?


I always wanted to try doing one meal a day. The only problem is…. I love to eat! Food for me is like that good friend that gets you to try new things, even though it may be illegal, and gets you in trouble…..  You love them for it at the time, but it could land you in jail. That’s my relationship with food. It’s always good going down, but the consequences shows up on that scale or that extra layer of fat on my thighs. By doing this one meal a day, I give my digestive system the time it needs to digest the food I previously ate. Whether that was a couple of weeks or hours ago.

I’m going to start this little experiment next Friday 11/30/2018. By that time I should have gotten all of the cravings out of my system. This experiment will last for 1 month. I’m not exactly sure what  I’m going to be eating, but I will be sure to post the guidelines I’ll be following, and I’ll also include a before picture and progress pictures once a week while doing this process. I’m not sure if I’ll lose anything, but I sure hope so.

Eating Once a Day Benefits

More energy

Better sleep

Weight loss

Eat whatever you want (has to be nutritionally balanced)

Better mood


The benefits above come when eating once a day because your organs have the time to rest. I’m sure a lot of us don’t think about all the work our bodies have to do to keep us going everyday. I know, I never thought about it, until I started to read and care more about my health.

 Eating whole plant foods works the organs as well. But, by eating foods that were grown, you’re taking in life. So that isn’t nearly as taxing as eating a hamburger with extra cheese, bacon, breaded bun, mayonnaise, a side of heavily fried fries and a large 32oz soda. Eating things like that offer little to no nutritional value, because they weren’t meant for us to consume, at least not all the time. Truth is day after day, month after month, year after year we get sicker because we are more concerned with what tastes good that we could have right away. I’m not saying you have to eat healthy all the time, just that our diets should be 80% of what we need and 20% of what we want, at least to keep a good balance.

 The other thing is inactivity; that’s something that plagues a lot of us. It’s like if we’re not working or doing something for someone, we don’t know what to do with ourselves, well at least I don’t. Inactivity is a big problem for me. It’s not like I don’t have things to do, I have plenty to do. I just find myself vegging out in front of the TV whenever I have a free moment, and that’s not good. By going through this process I hope to gain motivation and inspiration to do the things I have in my mind to do. Another thing I’m sure will happen through this process, gaining willpower. Something I never had before.


                                                                                  Thanks For Reading!!






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