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Infertility and it’s Causes




                 I wonder if people take time to think why so many women are infertile. In this day and age there could be so many causes: for one, the pollution we breathe in everyday i.e. all types of tobacco products, gas being pumped. Then you have the countless chemicals we put on our bodies daily, like perfumes, lotions, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Let’s not forget the things we ingest, like GMO foods, pills, meat, and soda.

       There are so many things we put into our bodies, it’s a wonder most of us are still a live walking this earth today. I’m sure some people are probably going to think I’m being a little extra when I list these things as reason for infertility, and not to mention, so many other things. But All I say is do your research, and you will begin to understand why what you put on and in you body are major factors as to why you are having problems with it.

I remember there was an article I read years ago, that did a study on women who ate healthy living foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains, you know things that were grown from the ground. Then there was a study conducted on women who ate foods that were what we consider as junk food and fast food, like things that were made and not grown. I’m sure we don’t realize it, hell I don’t realize it most times. But there are so many things out here we eat that aren’t good for us.

My mother always tells me about times when cheap food was expensive and expensive food was cheap. I’m sure you can guess which is which, but just incase you can’t: foods that we buy in packages now are a lot cheaper when you compare it to something like an organic non-GMO vegetable or fruit. I have a theory, I think people who are more affluent gravitate towards the foods that are good for you, because they know they make the body feel like new, if you eat enough of them on a regular basis. What that means is, there won’t be any more lethargic, unmotivated, people who have constant brain fog because of the foods they’re eating,

Also more women would be able to be fruitful and multiply. Not saying that they aren’t able to do so now, but there would be a lot more babies born, because there would be no blockages in the body, caused by things we ate or put on.

Just thought. But there have been to many women I’ve known who have gone through infertility and it’s because we aren’t eating the way we need to, to absorb vital nutrition. Like I always say when I do a post like this, “Do your research.” I rather you know for sure than take my word on it. Another thing, one you start digging you might be surprised of what you find.


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