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The Pressure!

Good, Good Morning, My Beautiful People!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and finding different things to keep you busy that’ll pay off in the end.

Have you ever felt that you were trying to be your true authentic self, but there’s something holding you back, you just don’t know what it is?

I’ve felt that way for a long time. There are things I would love to do but don’t because I’m so concerned with how people would perceive me. I’m sure a lot of us go through these feelings on a regular; but it’s up to you to not let them take over your actions.

Ever day I have tried to be more of myself. I tell you, it has been a whole lot easier because there hasn’t been many expectations. Mainly because I’m not around a lot of different people everyday since this quarantine started. In many ways it has been a great thing for me because I suffer from extreme anxiety; always have ever since I was a little girl. And as you may already have guessed I’m an introvert; so spending time by myself is A okay with me.

But, the great things that have come out of being under quarantine are being able to spend time with family and really getting to know me. There’s so much I didn’t know about myself. I mean, I know we’re with ourselves’ everyday; but many time we really don’t take the time to get to know us. That may sound a little crazy but it’s the truth. Many of us go through life just existing, not really taking into account what we truly want and how we would love to live. We endure unfortunate things daily. That’s why I’m sure many of us only know how to do one thing; and that’s survive.

The reality is; there is so much more you can do other than survive. Try living, that is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. Give yourself permission to be exactly who you’re supposed to be, without a second thought to what the next person may say. Keep in mind, you are the only one living in your skin; there for you are the only one accountable for your actions and happiness.

 Never let your happiness depend on someone else’s idea of you.

Question of the Day: What steps are you going to take that’ll help you live care-free?

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As Always

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