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Walk a mile in my Shoes

Good Morning!!!!

Did anything fun or exciting happen? If so I would love to hear about it. It’s been the same thing day in and day out for me. The only difference now is, “NOTHING!!” I’m happy to have the time to create, I just wish the circumstances were different.

See, if you didn’t know, I’m someone who is led by my emotions. Therefore, that isn’t a good thing for my productivity. As we know there are curve balls thrown at us everyday, and everyday you have to find a way to push past the things you don’t particularly care for. In a sense that’s a little harder for me.

As I’m sure if you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I live with my Ex. When we moved here he wasn’t my EX; somewhere down the line that changed. I truly believe the end to our relationship came because I decided I wasn’t gonna let him keep treating me like his daughter. I mean if we’re doing things grown folks do; where do you get off thinking you know so much more than me that you feel you need to treat me like a toddler? I am a grown woman!

Not sure if you’ve ever experienced this. I’m sure the men and women who’ve dated spouses older then them have.

NEWS FLASH: Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you know more then the next person.

That is a misconception most older people have; they believe because they’re older and have lived a little that they know enough to dictate yours. Everyone has their own path to take and decisions to make. At the end of the day you are still going to be accountable for whatever decisions you make, regardless if someone else made the decision for you. So you might as well listen to yourself 1st and every other opinion is just that, an opinion. Don’t constantly ask other peoples opinions on things because constantly taking their advise slowly chips away at who you are.

I say that because I’ve lived and experienced it; being so scared to do whatever you truly want because you don’t want to be judged or disliked by anybody. But you know what? If that person treats you different or stops talking to you after that, they never really cared for you in the first place. They only liked you because in a sense you made them feel valid.

Never feel you have to lower yourself to be on someone’s level. If you fee like that. you need some new friends.

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