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It Begins!!!

Today is the day!!!!

I am a little nervous about this, but I’m going to stick by my word and do the OMAD diet. Hoping to have some good things to report back. But, right now I’m just going off of different good reports about this diet. I’m not planning to do this for the rest of my life, just right now.


  1. No fried food
  2. Drinking plenty of water
  3. working out once per day (5 days a week)
  4. 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  5. Meals will be of a sizable portion.
  6. greens at least three times a week
  7. Sea Moss and Bladder wrack smooths at least 4 time a week

Pictures of my process during the OMAD diet will be uploaded with every post. You will have the chance to see what I’m eating and what I’m doing on days that I have the freedom to roam and do exactly what I want with out the worry of eating something every hour or couple of hours. I’m hoping this taste of something different helps me to start changing my relationship with food.
June 9th 2017

This was me last year  and the bottom picture is from March 22, 2014 not happy, but pretending so hard to be. Wanting to find love in myself for myself. From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been a heavier girl. Something I’m not and never have been happy about. I’ve tried to learn to except it. But. I know now that is just not going to be my way. It’s not like I don’t like to go out and do things with other people; my problem is fear of being judged by others because of what I look like and how I may react to different things I may do while I’m out. I don’t know when this fear of being myself started, but I’m going to do everything in my power to get rid of it. One thing I’m not going to do is blame others for the way I feel about me. Instead I’m going to concentrate on the way things make me feel.

                                                       Me back in 4th or 5th grade. 

As you can see I was never a skinny child nor adult, (Side note: I weighed 183 pounds in 3rd grade). Always wanted to be within the healthy guidelines of body fat%, but that never happened for me until now. I’m hoping this change will spark me to want to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the balls to, because I thought it would be to hard. Well, I say bring it on!!!

That thing I’ve always wanted to do is be in the fitness business, looking as good as women like Rahki Giovanni, Nayfit, ChickenTuna, and Ivy78. These women inspired me so much when it comes to the fitness industry, and I hope I do them justice with my plan to get healthy and improve my life.

Below are picture of this women who have filled me with inspiration.

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Rahki Giovanni

In no way am I saying that I want to look just like them. I’m only saying I want to have the courage to become the best version of ME.

Thanks For Reading!!


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What’s In Your Food?

I was thinking of something today, and that was “Who’s healthier? A vegan or a carnivore”. I’m sure this is going to be completely off of personal preference, but it’s good to get the information out there. Me my self, I think vegans who eat the right type of diet for their body are in the best health. I’m sure there are gonna be a lot of you thinking, “Where do they get their protein?” Simple, they get it from vegetables. It’s a misconception we need meat in order to get adequate amounts of protein. Truth be told most of the meat we consume that’s suppose to provide us with protein, isn’t fully absorbed. Most of the protein from the meat is discarded. That’s why it’s best to go to the source, which is the plenty of foods that grow out of the ground.

On another note living here in America is a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the blessings that comes with living here and I also understand the misfortunes of living here. The blessings are obvious, running water, freedom of speech, free to be who you are, the endless amount of possibilities for either sex, having things readily prepared for you and so on and so on. But when it comes to the ways we’re misfortunate, I’m sure it will be looked at as a matter of opinion. Some of those ways are knowing how to grow your own food, growing up in nature, learning the world around you, and so on.

I’m choosing to look further into the way we’re misfortunate. Let’s look at ‘Not knowing how to grow our own food’. This one right here is a very important one to me. I don’t know the first thing about growing anything, but I plan to learn. While you can, I think you should too. I think it’s so important for us to know how to grow our own food and the reason why, is do to all the things that are put in our food before we get it. There are so many pesticides, splicing of genes and food made in laboratories that it makes you literally sick to really think about where your food comes from. There are so many things that are in the average American diet that a person from another country wouldn’t remotely consider food. The problem is we’ve grown up eating this stuff thinking we’re eating food when we’re really not. If you think about it, the average American diet includes at least 50% processed food. Reason being, the society we’re in wants everything in a hurry. Even when you decide to cook something for yourself or your family, your going to cut a couple of corners and get that premade sauce, margarine, or herbs, or what ever else you decide to cook with. And many times it doesn’t enter our mind what we’re eating. It’s like, we’re on autopilot when it comes what we consume.

That’s where we’re failing! We need to be more particular when it comes to what we put in and on our body. Have you ever taken the time to look up some of American food laws? Did you know, there’s a company by the name of Monsanto’s trying to have all rights to the seeds you get from the fruit and vegetables you eat? Reason being, they’re trying to make it impossible for people to grow their own food. That way they can continue to get paid for providing you with food that if you had the knowledge and time you would grow yourself. There’s so many things going on with food. Most of the things that are taking place with food are not going to be out there for you to stumble upon, your going to have to dig to really find out what’s going. Just know, the food that your grandparents and great-grandparents grew up on is nothing like the food we’re eating today. That’s why these girls and boys are developing so quickly. Also that may be another reason why sickness is increasing.

I’m still doing research own what these GMO foods do to the body. From what I’m learning the affects aren’t good. But if you want to learn more and get more references so you have some where to start from, you can refer back to a post a did about a year ago called  The Health of a Nation. In that post I’m swaying more towards veganism there also, but there is information about what GMO’s are and also different movies and documentaries you could watch to get a clearer understand what GMO’s are and what they can do to the body. I hope this caused you to think about what your putting in your body. We really need to start thinking about this stuff if we want to live to see old age.

Below is a slide show of the way GMO’s affect the body and also how meat is prepared before it hits your grocery stores





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The Number One Killer

Many people believe that GMOs are a gimmick to get you to pay more for your fruits and vegetables. Actually GMOs also known as Genetically Modified Organisms are very real and they pose a huge threat to us daily. I’m sure many of us don’t know and are not concerned with finding out what a GMO is. But we have to do better with how we treat our bodies. Some people are not even sure how food plays a huge part in our longevity and how alive we feel daily. If this is you, you have plenty home work to do. Don’t feel bad because this was me just a couple of years ago. Now I’m starting to change my view points on what I consider food. There are things that we all eat daily that have not and will never be considered food in another country. That is because by nutrition standards it has no health benefits just empty calories that if injested frequently will help you to gain a lot of unwanted weight.

Just the other day I was watching a show that featured some doctors and a man by the name of Jeffrey Smith. They happened to be doing a show on GMOs and how they can affect the body. Some of the ways were infertility, autism, accelerated aging, cancer, damage to the pituitary gland and the list goes on and on. I’m starting to think that “the powers that be” are putting these poisons in our food because they want population control. I mean really, Why else would there be toxins in almost everything that we reach to consume? There are other options of NON-GMO, Organic, natural, or Organic and NON-GMO in one product. The problem is most people do not know the difference, that’s why Organic and NON-GMO are so expensive ( because people think that it is all the same thing and they don’t take the time to learn of the healthier options also sometimes people just don’t care). If we started to buy Organic and NON-GMO frequently the prices would go down and GMO foods could be banned. I’m sure if you are only thinking of yourself you probably won’t make the change but think about the people that are closes to you. Do you want them to come to you crying one day because they’re infertile, or developed cancer or have to have a hysterectomy because they have large growths in their uterus? I’m sure you don’t. I know I wouldn’t. But unfortunately I have had someone close to me go through something like this. It was not easy to deal with. The whole time I tried looking for natural ways to cure this person. But I knew that even if I did find the magic herb or herbs to make everything better that it was up to that person to change the way they saw food and want to make that change to save their ‘life’.

The hardest thing is to know how to help someone, give them that information and they not use it for the betterment of them self. I’m hoping that by reading this it will grab your attention and make you want to make this change from GMO to NON-GMO and or Organic foods. At first it will be a little expensive but once you get the hang of it you will find spots that sell Organic and NON-GMO for next to nothing. Please be conscious of what you eat. One other thing GMOs are also the cause of obesity. That may be the reason that so many of us are fat and getting fatter as time passes. The truth is that our body doesn’t know how to break the foods down. The reason for this is because man decided that he wanted to play God and inject different genes into the different fruits and vegetables that are grown, for example: insect genes into potatoes and strawberries or viruses into the corn.

Apparently this is why America is so sick. Where not eating real food. Most of us eat things that are dehydrated, chemically processed, or loaded with sugar. The foods that we should eat more of are things grown out of the grown with out the aid of Round up or Monsanto. I know that if we took the time to grow most of our own food we all would be a lot healthier. There would not be so many of us dying from hypertension, heart disease, and cancer just to name a few. Take action and stop playing the victim. At anytime you can decide to change your diet and feed your body what it needs instead of what “you” want.

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Confidence is not something that I have ever had, but i am working on changing that. I think it’s because I have gone through so much in this body. Looking the way that I do. Getting picked on and teased because I didn’t look like a lot of the other children. Some one always seemed to have something to say. Whether they were trying to mask it with kind words or being rude. Saying things like you have a beautiful face. All you need to do now is lose the weight and you will be beating them off with a stick or how did you manage to let your body get so badly out of shape. It really doesn’t matter how it is said because in the end the whole point is that you are not beautiful the way that you are, well in they’re opinion any way. What I realized is you don’t have to be the way that someone else thinks that you should be, because if you go through your whole life trying to please people you’ll never please the person that truly matters, yourself.  If your fine with the way that you look and your happy with yourself that is all that really matters. If you chose to have a little extra meat on your bones, keep in mind that it  doesn’t mean that you are less of a person. It just means that you are going to encounter some ignorant people in your life that are going to try to tell you to change. What they say doesn’t matter the only thing that really matters is how you feel about you. Forget everyone else.