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Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators

32730414-stuck-in-a-rut-words-on-a-sign-in-a-hole-or-pit-to-illustrate-complacency-and-comfort-zone-and-a-neeHave you ever been stuck in a rut, and didn’t know how you were going to get out? That was me before I started writing this blog. Day after day I would go to work and hate it. Don’t get me wrong I still hate it. But finding something I like to do, that also connects  with others makes it all more bearable. Just to give you some knowledge as to what I do, that’s if you’ve never read any of my blog posts before. I work in retail, have been for over 13 years. Believe me, it wasn’t my first job choice but it gave me a check. That being said, I know that is the only reason I stayed, that and fear to try something different. But as the years passed I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I made some moves. I started working another job while still having the first. The second job wasn’t as mentally draining as the first, but it was very draining physically. I can remember days I fell asleep on the road rushing from one job, just to get ready to go to the next. I’m sure I’m not saying anything new, because half of us has, had or are either looking for our second job, right now.

hamsterThat’s the one thing you shouldn’t do, get a second job. If anything, start something you can call your own. At least you know if you make a profit most if not all that money is going to you. I’m sure your probably like, “I don’t have money to start a business!” Truth is, some of the best business owners didn’t start out with that much money either, but they still persisted and made something out of nothing. It feels like that’s what a lot of us do not understand, as long as you have a vision and passion for making that vision a reality, there will always be someone interested in what you have to say, no matter the amount of haters. Just know, you’re definitely going to have people down playing or talking negatively about your efforts to make something out of yourself.  All because they’re afraid to go after what they want, like they say, ‘Misery loves company’.  That’s what you have to remember when you start talking to people about your dreams or plans to excel in life. Don’t let negative people deter you from what you know was put in you to do.

cage Prime example, This past Sunday I reached work took my first customer and the conversation with him led to my current ventures of promoting this blog. He said, “Don’t you think it’s a little too late?” At first it got under my skin and pissed me off, but instead of getting mad I replied with, “It’s never too late.” The way I viewed his response started to affect me, but I didn’t let it get that far. Maybe it was the coffee that had me in such a positive mood or I know that I’m gonna be alright because I’m finally doing what I was meant to do. Either way I know he responded that way because most of us are taught that once you’re in a job for a long time, you should work there up until retirement and collect a check. I’m sorry, that isn’t the way my mind works. The way I see it, you can change your mind, job, interest, anything, as long as you still have breath in your body. Age has nothing to do with that, and never let anyone tell you different. Most times people talk just to hear themselves talk, and more than half of the time they’re not saying anything of value. So I say to you, if you have a dream to do something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, either because of fear or circumstance, just do it. You’re not getting any younger and you’re going to feel nothing but regret if you don’t. So live your best life  and stop allowing others to dumb you down.

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What’s In Your Food?

I was thinking of something today, and that was “Who’s healthier? A vegan or a carnivore”. I’m sure this is going to be completely off of personal preference, but it’s good to get the information out there. Me my self, I think vegans who eat the right type of diet for their body are in the best health. I’m sure there are gonna be a lot of you thinking, “Where do they get their protein?” Simple, they get it from vegetables. It’s a misconception we need meat in order to get adequate amounts of protein. Truth be told most of the meat we consume that’s suppose to provide us with protein, isn’t fully absorbed. Most of the protein from the meat is discarded. That’s why it’s best to go to the source, which is the plenty of foods that grow out of the ground.

On another note living here in America is a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the blessings that comes with living here and I also understand the misfortunes of living here. The blessings are obvious, running water, freedom of speech, free to be who you are, the endless amount of possibilities for either sex, having things readily prepared for you and so on and so on. But when it comes to the ways we’re misfortunate, I’m sure it will be looked at as a matter of opinion. Some of those ways are knowing how to grow your own food, growing up in nature, learning the world around you, and so on.

I’m choosing to look further into the way we’re misfortunate. Let’s look at ‘Not knowing how to grow our own food’. This one right here is a very important one to me. I don’t know the first thing about growing anything, but I plan to learn. While you can, I think you should too. I think it’s so important for us to know how to grow our own food and the reason why, is do to all the things that are put in our food before we get it. There are so many pesticides, splicing of genes and food made in laboratories that it makes you literally sick to really think about where your food comes from. There are so many things that are in the average American diet that a person from another country wouldn’t remotely consider food. The problem is we’ve grown up eating this stuff thinking we’re eating food when we’re really not. If you think about it, the average American diet includes at least 50% processed food. Reason being, the society we’re in wants everything in a hurry. Even when you decide to cook something for yourself or your family, your going to cut a couple of corners and get that premade sauce, margarine, or herbs, or what ever else you decide to cook with. And many times it doesn’t enter our mind what we’re eating. It’s like, we’re on autopilot when it comes what we consume.

That’s where we’re failing! We need to be more particular when it comes to what we put in and on our body. Have you ever taken the time to look up some of American food laws? Did you know, there’s a company by the name of Monsanto’s trying to have all rights to the seeds you get from the fruit and vegetables you eat? Reason being, they’re trying to make it impossible for people to grow their own food. That way they can continue to get paid for providing you with food that if you had the knowledge and time you would grow yourself. There’s so many things going on with food. Most of the things that are taking place with food are not going to be out there for you to stumble upon, your going to have to dig to really find out what’s going. Just know, the food that your grandparents and great-grandparents grew up on is nothing like the food we’re eating today. That’s why these girls and boys are developing so quickly. Also that may be another reason why sickness is increasing.

I’m still doing research own what these GMO foods do to the body. From what I’m learning the affects aren’t good. But if you want to learn more and get more references so you have some where to start from, you can refer back to a post a did about a year ago called  The Health of a Nation. In that post I’m swaying more towards veganism there also, but there is information about what GMO’s are and also different movies and documentaries you could watch to get a clearer understand what GMO’s are and what they can do to the body. I hope this caused you to think about what your putting in your body. We really need to start thinking about this stuff if we want to live to see old age.

Below is a slide show of the way GMO’s affect the body and also how meat is prepared before it hits your grocery stores





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Unfair Judgement

Truth be told everyone is different from the next person in some form or fashion. Whether it be height, weight, hair color, shoe size doesn’t matter. Hell, identical twins are different. That is why I don’t understand why life and daily encounters for people of color have to be so unpleasant. I know that we are the most different in appearance but that doesn’t mean that we deserve to be looked at as less than or as thieves, killers or what ever else others may see us as.

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I can’t name how many times I have been followed around in a store by an employee or fellow shopper because of my skin color. To be honest it makes me not want to shop at places I don’t see people who look like me. It’s harassment, but it’s next to impossible for a person of color to make something like that stick. I mean really, we all know that if there is a discrepancy between someone of a fairer compliction and a pigmented person that person of fairer skin has almost a 90% chance of coming out on top. Doesn’t matter that they were wrong. That is what has me disgusted with this world that we live in.

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I’m sure that you have seen the countless amount of times that black men have either been arrested, shot, threatened, or killed. How could you not? It happens almost daily. It’s sad that parents of black little boys and girls have to teach their children how to be docile and obedient in hopes to make sure they make it home alive. I would say, “what is this world coming to?” but things have always been like this. The only reason that we are not still blind to the way this world works is simply do to another chief calling the shots. I know many other people would have wanted to keep a democrat in office. I was one of those people who thought voting democrat would make a difference. I now realize that everything happens for a reason. At first I was against having our current president in office. I still am, but I have begun to look at his presidency in a different way. I believe by having our current president in office it will force us as the minority to look more to each other and to stand on our own two feet. I know that it has always been harder for people of color to be successful with out the help of other nationalities. That is why I believe so many of us date outside of our race (acceptance ). I understand that may not always be the case but sometimes it is. One thing we need to learn is, to except ourselves for who we are and take pride in that.

Doesnt matter how educated you become, how much you make or like them you try to be. Some of them will only see an animal when they look at you. Just know that other groups of people would not be able to come to you and disrespect you and other people like you if you had pride in your self. A lot of us don’t know how to obtain that pride. It’s simple, pick up a book and read about your people. The more you read about how great your ancestors where the more pride you will begin to have and the more you will want to do with your life. Once you know you came from greatness and that your ancestors beginning was not derived from only slavery it gives you a sense of pride and purpose. Lead with purpose and let prejudice fall to the waste side.

Pictures are courtesy of :http://verysmartbrothas.com/vsb-meets-luvvie-and-were-all-judging-you-if-you-dont-buy-im-judging-you/, http://addictionblog.org/treatment/prejudice-and-addiction-in-treatment-settings-how-can-clinicians-face-personal-bias/

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Confidence is not something that I have ever had, but i am working on changing that. I think it’s because I have gone through so much in this body. Looking the way that I do. Getting picked on and teased because I didn’t look like a lot of the other children. Some one always seemed to have something to say. Whether they were trying to mask it with kind words or being rude. Saying things like you have a beautiful face. All you need to do now is lose the weight and you will be beating them off with a stick or how did you manage to let your body get so badly out of shape. It really doesn’t matter how it is said because in the end the whole point is that you are not beautiful the way that you are, well in they’re opinion any way. What I realized is you don’t have to be the way that someone else thinks that you should be, because if you go through your whole life trying to please people you’ll never please the person that truly matters, yourself.  If your fine with the way that you look and your happy with yourself that is all that really matters. If you chose to have a little extra meat on your bones, keep in mind that it  doesn’t mean that you are less of a person. It just means that you are going to encounter some ignorant people in your life that are going to try to tell you to change. What they say doesn’t matter the only thing that really matters is how you feel about you. Forget everyone else.